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Buying your favorite groups' albums can sometimes be really difficult, especially for those living abroad. Still, there are ways to legally download the albums in a way that actually benefits the groups you want to support! While there are many music sites such as Bugs, Melon, Naver Music and more, most of these sites require a Korean registration number and bank account to be able to buy the downloads. As international fans, we have to find other ways! Here are my suggestions: +1. Melon, Olleh and Bugs cannot be used as international fans who do not have any way to verify their account. While you can make an account on Bugs, it is not possible to charge the account with any foreign payment, so you will not be able to download +2 Streaming 1 minute previews does not count towards the charts, so don't bother spending your time doing this. +3. Soribada has an English website, and music bought on this site does count towards the charts, but often, new albums are not immediately available on the site. On the English Soribada site (, you can simply sign-up and purchase songs. Most songs are $1.29, and you can then download from the site. Streaming music on the site does not count toward music chart totals. +4. You can also buy the music on iTunes. Not all songs are available on iTunes outside of Korea, but if the song is available, you can buy it here. The profits from these songs do go to group's company, but I don't believe that they count toward music chart rankings. Still, its an easy way to legally buy your favorite group's songs! So, those are the ways that you can buy the music downloads online as an international fan! If you have any questions about a particular site, please let me know!
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I normally use iTunes, but if I'm going to buy physical albums I use sites like which count for some charts :)