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Hi, I'll be guiding you through a process to write a resume that will astound employers and elevate your successes when networking and job searching. I'll be adding my thoughts with each step in this 6 step process. Some initial thoughts: - It is NEVER too early to write a resume - Putting effort into a resume helps you stand out after you've talked in person to a representative/contact - Resumes reflect YOU, there is no cut and dried way to have a perfect resume, it should tailor to YOUR strengths. - The image of yourself that you establish with you resume is both powerful and long-lasting, a negative image if done wrong, but an extremely good image if done right. All of these points sound good, but let me back these up with some evidence of a good resumes' effectiveness. My personal resume has details about my studies in China, my passion for languages and of my love of sailing. I'm a Mechanical Engineer. None of these things apply to my field. Yet at every career fair and every network event and every interview I've been to, it is these points that come up in conversation and paint a better picture of who I am. Communicating how I handled situations in China and while sailing helped me land interviews and jobs that had seemed beyond my grasp. Let's see what some good effort can do for you!
@sailingperson this is really helpful info! I know that a lot of people like to follow a template thats too rigid, but you're right that personal flair can really improve a resume if done well.
Tips from me for better resume writing. Writing your skills and how it can be helpful to the company in future. General resumes, include skills only, without depicting how it will help to the company.
@caricakes I've heard of a similar story that a roommate told me, where a friend of his got hired to Google after talking to the interviewer about how he created an entire gameboy advance from scratch just so he could play pokemon on something he made himself. Got him the job. The project showed his interest and his skills
I have been to a couple of resume workshops and it seems like companies are now much more interested it who you are as a human being. A Google employee told me that one girl got a job with them because she mentioned that she liked a interesting dog breed and it caught the hiring manager's eye! Good to see life experience is just as important as business experience.
@sailingperson It seems obvious in explanation, but I think many people fear being too creative or stepping too far out of professional bounds while planning their resumes.
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