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Pre-Voting for Inkigayo!

Inkigayo has a pre-voting period before the show airs, and then also relies on things like album sales and SNS votes! First, let's learn how to vote for the next week's episode of Inkigayo. +1. Make sure you phone is compatible with SBS’ current chart ranking score system ( +2. Download the M&TV Talk App by searching “Infobank Corp.” on the App Store for iPhones. Android users can search “M&TV Talk” on the Play Store. If you're having trouble: Android: iPhone: +3. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you need to make an account. Scroll to the last page and click the right button. (Image 2). +4. Follow instructions on images 3 & 4. +5. Then they’ll ask you to provide your phone number to text you a verification code. Make sure to change your country if you need to, then enter your phone number into the first box. [It may not send right away, I came back after a few days to have them send it again and it worked then.] Once you’ve received your 4-digit code, fill it out in the second box and click the 확인 button. (Image 5). +6. You’ll be redirected onto the home screen. Click the main banner on the top. (Image 6). +7. Scroll down until you see your group's name and click 투표 next to it. +8. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your vote, so click 투표하기 (the yellow button) on the left. To learn more about how to help with SNS (Social Networking Services) scores, check out this card (
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