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It is hard to visit New York without paying a visit to renowned landmark that is Grand Central Terminal. The majestic building, located on 42nd Street and Park Avenue, is one of the busiest train stations in the world serving over 80 million passengers a year! However, its name causes quite a bit of confusion...Grand Central Station? Grand Central Depot? Grand Central Terminal? Well, at some point, they were all correct. The original building from 1871 was Grand Central Depot. After undergoing renovation and expansion, in 1901 it was renamed Grand Central Station and shortly after, when the new building was unveiled in 1913, it was renamed Grand Central Terminal - so there you have it, Grand Central Terminal it is. Arriving in Grand Central Terminal is an experience - there's something magical about it. The elegant Beaux-arts architecture makes it wholly deserving of its landmark status.
@saharhyunjoong when did you go there? I just love NY- can't wait to go back!
i have been thr its amazinggg :-)
@saharhyunjoong like a month ago it was amazing i took alot of pics i love the historical roof architecture i wass zooming in lol to take but it wouldnt come out clear but grand central terminal is definitely one if the coolest historical ones 2 check out 4 sure u shd come back i live in Ny nd nvr have enough of it :-D its always fun ti be in the city :-)