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After seeing the Empire State Building, I suddenly knew why everyone had said no trip to New York was complete without a visit – it really was a sight to behold. We had fantastic weather for a trip to the top – as you can see; absolutely clear skies so the views were stunning! We went on a Monday morning so thankfully, there weren’t really any queues. Bradley joked that one advantage of queueing was that you learn a lot from reading the information boards…guess I missed out. We arrived in the foyer and went straight up to the security area before proceeding directly to the lifts… Having looked online in advance, we realised there wasn’t much point in us getting the NY City Pass ($109) and opted to just pay for all our tickets separately. We got the Main Deck & Top Deck tickets which came in at $46 each and was definitely worth it-you’ll see why~ When we arrived at the Main Observatory on the 86th floor, the views were astounding. My friend had been there many times but even he admitted how much he loved coming back – in his words “watching everyone scurry about and feeling like you’re observing them”….hmm, that doesn’t sound at all controlling…! We actually went all the way up to the 102nd floor where the views were, of course, still amazing but for me, didn’t quite match the feeling of first arriving on the 86th floor – maybe my brain was still trying to process the views from there! The 102nd floor observatory is the highest point your average person can reach in New York city - it's a totally unforgettable experience and is totally worth a visit!
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@happyrock normally I tend to do the same but ... it was my first time in New York and to be honest, I was happy to pay the money - I had an awesome time up there^^
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I love this place!
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@funkystar25 seems like I'm too much of a stickler on money sometimes!
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:-D i love my Ny :-)
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It looks like you had a really great time! Thanks for sharing~
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