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Many travelers keep diaries or journals while making their way around the world, and often, they decide to turn those accounts of their experiences into something bigger. A travelogue is a book, film or illustrated account of their journeys recreated from the diary or journal that is kept. Often, these travelogues end up falling into the category "travel literature" or "memoir" depending on the specific content of the book. Still, we can keep travelogue as a specific example. Some travelogues include Italian Journey by Goethe or The Journal of a Tour to Hebrides by James Boswell. These are two of the oldest examples of this style. Two of my favorite travelogues are The Great Railway Bazaar: By Train Through Asia and Sunrise with Seamonsters both by Paul Theroux. There are also modern travelogues, such as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which are eclectically fictional, but would fit the fictional side of this category.
@Nisfit I think those kind of travelogues are being replaced by photos, so good for you for keeping up with the writing!
I love travelogues! Whenever I go on a trip I buy a new journal so that I can have my own logue to look back on :)
@greggr I am glad to see Hitchhiker's Guide mentioned in here :)
@nisfit @pipeline Yes, good for you indeed! It's rare to find those who still enjoy keeping any travelogues or diaries of sorts on a daily basis. Would you ever consider sharing those?