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I really love the idea of turtle conservation projects, so I think I find myself researching them more often than any other type of animal conversation vacation. The Meridien Bora Bora is a resort sanctuary where you can sleep overtop of the water and also have some experiences swimming stingrays and sharks! On top of that, though, the resort acts as a conservation sanctuary. This resort has created a Turtle Sanctuary within their private lagoon, and here there are hundreds of species of fish, and also an endangered turtle breeding program. Guests can donate to the cause and then track how the turtles they "adopt" are doing. An ecological center was opened at the hotel in 2012 to further expand their conservation efforts: there is a large aquarium as well as "feeding time" when you can watch the employees take care of the animals. There is also a "touch time" when you can feel the coral and other things that the sanctuary works to grow and protect. Overall, this looks like an awesome vacation. The actual conservation actions that you can do are limited, but your support to the conservation center can help them sustain and expand their sanctuary to make a larger impact on the species! Motu Tape · Bp 190 · Bora Bora · French Polynesia · Phone: 689 605151
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