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The best date ideas are the kind that last for hours and are tons of fun. Though dinner or a movie can be nice, it always seems as though the evening is over way too fast (plus that routine can become really boring, really quickly) For a full day of fun and excitement, one of the best places to head is to an amusement park. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of roller coasters. The wilder, the better! The only problem is - I hate riding them alone. Having someone along for the ride is half of the fun. Going to a theme park for a date is a great idea because you’re not only able to spend time talking with each other, but you’re having fun, getting scared, and being noisy. You can test each other's limits and see which one of you is the bravest. For example, I can't stand the free-fall rides, but if I was dared by my date to do it I'd be first in line! After you get off the roller coaster, head to the exit gate most parks sell photos taken during the ride. No one looks good in those pictures, its practically a rule, so you guys are guaranteed a good laugh. Buy a few souvenirs like a drawn caricature or one of the hideous photos for you on the upside-down ride :) Amusement park often have game sections that are filled with fair-style games where couples have the opportunity to win prizes for each other. Play a few rounds and enjoy a friendly competitiveness. End the day with a few less-scary rides and some ice cream :) Who knows, you might end up like this couple...getting married on a roller coaster (video attached hahaha)
@Nisfit I know! As I was writing this card all I could think about was how much I wanted to go to Knotts Berry Farm haha
I haven't been to a theme park in ages! This sounds like so much fun!