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Blacked Out Low x Thomson
Company Background: low bicycles is a small manufacturer of high quality, handmade aluminum bicycle racing frames. Established in 2010 by Andrew Low, all of our frames are manufactured by hand in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Low's designs reflect a passion for the sport, the craft, and the culture. Based in San Francisco, Low's is at ground-zero of one of the most vibrant cycling communities in the world. While most major manufacturers are moving their production overseas, their mission is to honor the craft by staying local and keeping all our production in-house, to continually respond to the needs of the cycling community and to provide the highest quality and fastest bikes they can build. Because Low's take pride in the quality and precision of our work, each frame is handmade in-house, in small batch production runs.
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I love Low frames. They are really pretty. Do you know how hard they are to get?
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@BikeSnob I believe they make all their frames in small-ish batches. Relatively hard to acquire but I agree they are nice looking
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That really makes me respect the company, small batches make the company feel more "home-y" if you know what I mean. I'm sure they will start mass producing once they get more popular though..
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