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Cinelli is an old school Italian bicycle company based in Italy. Cinelli mainly produces components, but sometimes also produces actual bicycles; production is aboutt 80 percent components, 20 percent bicycles. The Cinelli Laser (1980) Track pursuit and time trial model is considered one of the most innovative bike designs of the past 100 year. The Laser pioneered TiG welding in bicycle frames. The Laser, in my opinion, is such a beautifully designed bike. However, it's probably not the most comfortable bike to ride. Also, Cinelli's come with a large price tag. I've seen a Laser sell for over $40,000!
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Dang, that is one aggressive stance!
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@BikeSnob Yeah, the Cinelli Laser is one of the most aggressive stanced bikes ever made. Pretty crazy in my opinion, but it makes sense the position of the bars are so low given the time period. Many bike manufacturers were pretty experimental in the 80s, trying to come up with the next "thing"
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Ah, that makes a lot of sense. I've seen some wacky bike builds from the 70s-80s. @TeamWaffles
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@BikeSnob People were just trying to figure out this next big thing. They weren't in any sense very scientific when they came up with these designs, I think they were just kind of guessing. Lol! @BikeSnob
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