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Pantone is used by all the designers out there. Pantone can become an artwork! Check out this cool pixel artwork created using Pantone Modules. Its done by a spanish designer Txaber who used pantone modules. The process was to convert the images into a colored mosaic. Each color was then replaced by the pantone modules. I really like the Mario version and Andy Warhol's iconic pieces. You really need patience to actually make this artwork.
@hikaymm yeah a lot of artist and designers remakes andy warhol's piece. and they are always really good !
@rachelykim I'm from Pittsburgh, where there's a whole museum focused on andy warhol, so I really love seeing remakes of his work!
@creativejoker 네 영어외에 빙글에서 제공하는 모든 기능이있습니다 영어 커뮤니티에 발행했으니 영어로 댓글적을게요 한국커뮤니티가 아니니 ㅋㅋ.. ( yes u can remake into any languages u want in vingle. the card will be shown only to that language community vinglers) :)
@rachelykim the andy warhol remakes are my favorite as well!! theyre so detailed, but really unique as well!
우와 영어로 리메이크 하는 기능도 있네요:)