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Each music show has a different formula for choosing who is number 1 for the week. Many of those formulas involve SNS points, which rely on things like Facebook shares, MV views and comments, as well as Twitter #hashtag trending. Here are some ways you can help your group on various social media sites: +1. Twitter: Trending hashtags on twitter before, during and after live shows can be a huge help to getting your group to #1. To help, all you have to do is add basic hashtags to your tweets. The hashtags that usually work are as follows: #GROUPNAME (in Korean or English) #SONGNAME (in Korean or English) To know which hashtag to use, take a look at what other Twitter fans are using (see this card to learn how to find Twitter friends who like the same groups as you! +2. Youtube: Watch the official MV for you favorite group as much as possible! Don't simply click reply when it ends, but actually refresh the page so that Youtube doesn't detect it as spam. Additionally, clear your cookies occasionally to make sure your views are being added. This helps your group ^-^ Another way to loop videos is to add them to a playlist with another video, and let the playlist play on repeat, as it will reload the page each time the video changes. +3. Facebook: Posting your group's MV to Facebook using Youtube's "Share" function can also help your group rise in the SNS rankings. Share, and show your friends what you've been listening to! +4. Twitter Group Trending: Another great way to make a big impact at one time with Twitter is to have a group #hashtag event. Organize with your friends to use a certain hashtag at a certain time, and try to get your hashtag trending in your region! As it trends in your region, other fans you don't know will join in, and then your group's SNS points will rise even faster!