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Finding friends that love kpop as much as you can be hard in your hometown, so finding them online is a really great way to enhance your involvement in the fandom. Fandom is great, but the real joy of being an international fan--when you can't go to concerts or fan meetings in person--is having friends within the fandom. With these friends, you can learn more about the groups, enjoy their performances more fully, and have a blast! There are two major places that kpop fans hang out: Twitter and Tumblr. The good news is that finding fans of a group in both of these locations can be pretty easy! +1. Twitter: To find kpop fans on twitter, try searching your group's name. If that doesn't work, look for the twitter of prominent fan groups that provide translations or updates about the group you like. Or, browse the followers of your group's members' twitters. In all of these areas, you can find fans that love the same groups you do, and then you can enjoy discussing every aspect of the group with them online! +2. Tumblr: Tumblr can also provide you links to great fandom friendships! Again, begin by searching your favorite group's or member's name. In the tags, you can find your way to tumblr users who love the same people you do, and your friendship can begin. Alternatively, look for kpop roleplaying communities or information blogs if you would rather take a more interactive approach. The best way to find these is still by searching the tumblr tags for your group's name! I really want the Kpop community to grow here on Vingle too, so bring your friends, haha.