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This is a fictional piece done by a Korean Graphic Designer Lee Won chan. It's called the 'Coca Cola Le Parfum'. Coca-Cola is loved by everyone in the world, and he wondered how it would look like if Coca-Cola launched a Perfume Brand. He tried to show the classical side of the Coca-Cola itself and at same time show modern side of design. He designed two Fragrance lines, one being 'the Classic Line' where he tried to keep the Coca-Cola Identity. The second one being 'the Belle Line', where this Line would target ladies between age of 20~30. He tried to keep the design feminine. Check out more of his work from http://wonchanlee.com/index.html https://www.behance.net/wonchan
This is so creative. I love when people sort of reinvent familiar package design like this.
I actually don't drink soda, but I love the look of the classic coke bottle. This is such a cool idea! I would totally use one of these if it is available one day!
I love surrounding myself with creative people. My industry sort of requires it and I am so lucky!
This is Creative I like that this is different no one has this same perfume bottle ...
@nokcha I wonder how it would smell like hmmm