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Stars Academy LMS And Stars Academy Online Preparation

Stars Academy LMS and Stars academy online preparation is not too expensive for the target learner population, and second, online universities are not perceived to offer the same comprehensive education as traditional universities. As Ed Vosganian, founder and CEO of College Funding 123, points out, the cost of attending college on campus for an undergraduate student is estimated to be $42,000, while the cost of an online university for the same group is about $21,000. In comparison, online learning is much less expensive.

However, one thing to remember is who is most likely to enroll in an online college. It is the middle class and lower class people who choose online colleges. They include workers who sacrifice happiness to get higher qualifications in exchange for higher salaries, the unemployed who want to gain employable skills, dropouts who want to go back to school for a better future, and people who live in remote parts of the world, especially in third world countries, who cannot afford to pay for school and therefore have to work while studying.
This includes people who live in remote areas of the world, especially in third world countries, and cannot afford to pay school fees and therefore have to work while studying. It will be very difficult for them to come up with that $21,000. Some people in the higher income bracket enroll in online colleges, but due to the low prestige and myths of Stars Academy LMS, Stars academy online preparation is not popular among them. Online institutions say that they will not include any indication of non-traditional education on their certificates. Such advertisements reflect the importance society attaches to Stars Academy LMS.

Stars Academy LMS is considered to be a cheap way to get a "watered down" education. In the past, online colleges were considered diploma mills. However, this notion persists even though empirical evidence shows that there is no difference in quality between students of traditional universities and those of online colleges. Online colleges and universities are doing their best to make online learning prestigious and reduce the cost of college, but they can't do it alone. If the government steps in, online learning can be made prestigious and friendly to the lower middle class.

The government should establish a national framework for Stars Academy LMS, providing subsidies for accreditation of online universities and scholarships and loans for students. The government, through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology or an appropriate government agency, should create a national framework for the operation of all online universities. This framework should be descriptive, not prescriptive.

For example, it does not prescribe specific courses or methods of operation but rather describes the minimum courses that must be taken at a certain level and the general operation of online colleges and universities. Accreditation is not only difficult for online colleges and universities, it is also expensive. These costs are passed on to the students, which increases the cost of the program. If the government chooses to cover half the cost of accreditation, there is no guarantee that the cost of the program will be cut in half, but the cost of the program will be reduced in some way.

Finally, most students who choose to attend an online college or university will not receive any scholarships or student loans from the government. Those who are able to achieve will not receive large amounts of scholarships or student loans like students in traditional universities. I believe that the government should provide scholarships and student loans to online college students just as it does to traditional college students.
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National Library Workers Day!
Hey guys! This isn't a holiday most people know about but its SO IMPORTANT! It's National Library Workers Day! Alright so you might not be thinking this is a huge deal BUT librarians, library technicians, and library aides all around the world (right this very second!) are helping someone learn something new, discover a new world, and best of all, to fall in love with reading. If that isn't enough for you - Why you should love libraries: 1. Libraries serve a vital social service by helping bridge social gaps. No matter what your background is, if you have access to a library, you have access to literacy and computer training. They give you resources to learn as well as people to teach you! 2. Libraries have been around for 5,000 years. They contain a TON of info as well as trained people to help you find whatever you're looking for. 3. Libraries can act as safe havens for students at school. For those with anxiety or for those who do not feel comfortable around their peers, the library is a peaceful escape. 4. Libraries provide support for job seekers via free access to the internet to search for and respond to job applications, and by helping them to improve their employability skills. Among a thousand reasons why you should be proud of library workers, I'm especially fond of this day because my mom is a public school library tech! She worked at the elementary and middle school levels and has been changing kids lives for almost a decade! (Actually, maybe more than a decade?!) It was her dream job since she was little and even though it took her a while, she finally got her own library :) Look! She's even holding a ridiculously large book as a small child! She is never without a book in her hand, car, or purse haha! (But really that's a bible my grandpa had to swear on to become fire chief, but that's besides the point) Also, my mom has a Tardis in her school library. PLUS! She puts in the extra effort to keep her library up with the times. That means focusing part of the small budget on graphic novels since that has proven to be the best way to get middle school boys excited about reading. Or focusing on responsible internet use, how to do research on and offline, and of course, how to find the books you won't want to put down! So if you see or know someone who works or volunteers in a library, thank them for everything they do!
6 Easy Ways To A Smooth Neck
Because the skin on your neck is some of the thinnest on your body, it is also one of the first places to show signs of ageing. Here are six ways to make your neck look younger and address everything from sun damage to sagging on this delicate area. 1. WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your dermatologist will agree that a nickel-sized amount of sunscreen applied to your neck and chest every day will help prevent collagen breakdown and the formation of sunspots. Don't forget to massage the sides and back of your neck. 2. MAINTAIN YOUR SKIN'S MOISTURIZATION. Again, the skin on your neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands than the rest of your body, so keeping the area hydrated is essential for a smoother overall texture. Look for peptide-containing creams (which can help stimulate new collagen growth) and apply them in gentle, upward strokes from your chest to your jawline. 3. RECLAIM YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP. Do you always wake up with pillow lines on the side of your neck? Apply one of these silicone patches before going to bed to keep your skin from crinkling while you sleep. You'll wake up with a smoother neck and less chance of further damage. 4. FOCUS ON CORRECT POSTURE. The amount of time we spend looking down at our phones and screens has resulted in what we now refer to as "tech neck." The simplest solution would be to limit screen time entirely, but more realistically, you should keep everything as close to eye level as possible to avoid unnecessary wrinkling. 5. GIVE LASER TREATMENTS A GO AHEAD. Still have fine lines on your neck? Fraxel lasers, stimulate your body's natural repair process to promote collagen growth. Fraxel can also be used to treat any dark spots or broken capillaries in the area, giving you a more even complexion. 6. ULTRASOUND TREATMENT FOR SERIOUS REPAIR. Ultherapy or Ultracel is your best non-surgical option for deeper, more stubborn lines and sagging. The FDA-approved treatment uses heat generated by focused sonic waves to penetrate deeper into the skin and stimulate the production of new collagen. Take note that the effect is gradual, and most patients notice a lifting effect three to six months after the initial treatment, so be patient.
5 Things From Pre-School You Wish You Had In Adulthood
Coloring Books If you haven't heard, adult coloring books were all the rage this year. Obviously they're slightly more complex photos with no Disney characters but the serve the same purpose. They relieve stress! Coloring is therapeutic for many people and if coloring in the picture of a flower or a bear in a river, so be it. Preschool coloring was merely a distraction for young minds allowing them to embrace creativity, color outside out of the lines, and figure out their favorite color. Today, adults love coloring books because they keep them sane after a long day at work. Nap Time Adults today and especially teenagers are more sleep deprived than ever. Our schedules are packed, we don't see sleep as crucial, and our phones light up the night. Businesses are open later just because of this and your work for school and your job is more important than achieving shut eye. Nap time during preschool kept kids energetic and happy, it hasn't changed for adults. A nap can do wonders in a person. After all, sleep is essential day to day even if many feel the need to skip it. Recess A break today is squeezing in lunch between classes or eating at your desk. Offices impose quiet spaces to prevent you from talking to coworkers. Your break room is the size of a box and the longer you take on a break, the more you seem replaceable to a boss. Recess is so important for adults and children alike because it lets our minds take a break from the stress. This not only makes people more productive but improves their overall well being. Imagine 15 minutes every other hour just to pause and relax, how nice would that be? No Phones Think about how many times your phone buzzes in one day. Texts, tweets, emails, calls, snapchat, Facebook tagging, Instagram likes and the list goes on and on. When you were in preschool, the only stress you had was if you could win freeze tag or if you could run the fastest. You met your friends on the playground without needing a texting play by play of how close you were to the meeting place. Phones have destroyed communication. We base our worth on "likes" and followers. Though I love my iPhone, there are so many days when I would love to get off the grid for a bit. No Bills Mortgage. Car payment. Phone bill. Utilities. Credit card debt. Insurance. Student Loans. Healthcare. Taxes. Cable. Should I go on? Bills consume the lives of older teenagers and adults. A pre-schooler doesn't have any concept for money, let a lone a bill. Bills are important because they pay for the things we enjoy however they can create a lot of stress and unhappiness as people can literally drown in overwhelming debt. Preschool is nice because no bills, no problem. You get to wake up every morning without the worry that you've missed your phone bill for the month. Just one more thing to think about.
College Does Not Make You Invincible To Alcohol Related Deaths
Alcohol. It's everywhere. When you're handed a beer in college, standing at a keg stand, or watching your friends pass around a bottle of vodka, you feel like you're in a movie. This is because American culture has associated the best years of your life with the most dangerous methods of having 'fun'. Underage accessibility to alcohol is extremely easy and the amount of college students sitting in class with a fake ID is higher than students without. The problem though is that everyone wants to get "hammered", "plastered", "sh*t faced", "boozed", "intoxicated", "trashed", and the list goes on and on. "BAC- Blood Alcohol Content" The problem with this mentality is that many college students, especially incoming freshman, or "veteran" seniors think they can drink into oblivion completely disregarding any safety measures. Over time, people build a tolerance to alcohol making it more difficult for a person to have the same amount of impairing effects from alcohol with the same amount of alcohol. This causes people to drink more because you're aiming for the same effects of alcohol. The problem is your alcohol tolerance does not change your BAC, you're still receiving the same amount of alcohol which can lead to very harmful situations where your body will shut down and you die. You are also more prone to accidentally die from puking in your sleep due to suffocation. Sexual assault is extremely common following heavy alcohol consumption. Know the facts. Each year 1,825 college students die from alcohol related deaths between ages 18-24. Next time you drink, know what it can do to your body. You don't want to be another kid in a headline where an entire community mourns over someone who died too young due to poor education of alcohol. Pace yourself. Drink water. Be prepared for a disastrous morning hangover. Don't overdo it. You must always be cautious. Most importantly, you CAN have fun without alcohol. Blood Alcohol Content Chart Effects
8 Common Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend -
Have you ever wondered if the guy you like is in love with you? Do you know signs he likes you more than a friend?  However, you just need to know some signs he wants you more than a friend; it is very simple to know the answer. To get yourself a love soon, you should carefully read the content in this article. Let’s read this article to learn more! Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend If you observe the man you like has one of the signs that he cares about you more than a friend, congratulations, you are not one-sided love. Each man will often have different expressions, but the following signs are the basic needs of a man who likes you. He always wants to see you When you’re trying to know how to get over infatuation, all of a sudden, he keeps popping up in front of you, constantly offering invitations. If this is the case, forget about the intention at first. Instead, imagine the two of you having fun together. A guy who likes someone will show it by seeing you every day. He may appear in front of you by accident or on purpose to get a chance to talk and make an impression on you. He tells about you to all his relatives One day by chance, you accidentally meet his friends or relatives. If they suddenly burst out laughing or seem close to you, this guy must have told a lot of your good points to everyone. He talks a lot about you to his loved ones are signs that a man is pursuing you. He wants people to have a favorable view of you, wants people to be closer to you. At the same time, you will feel comfortable meeting his beloved people. These actions show that this guy is setting a ready path for your relationship to progress more easily. Or he’s trying to show you his true heart naturally and without force. He tries to understand everything about you Usually, men never care about the feelings or thoughts of girls, especially with girls they don’t like. So, next to you, there is a guy who is always listening calmly, silently observing your gestures and actions, then he must be wanting you. This expression is also reflected in the fact that they often ask abstractly, “what do you like? What do you do in your free time?…” Or maybe he will ask people around you about you. He tries to do everything to get to know you better, but he doesn’t feel uncomfortable. If you meet a guy who is ready to understand you, the answer to the question “how to make a guy think about you? It doesn’t make sense anymore.”  He cares about you He often invites you to lunch because he is afraid you will skip the meal. This guy is always there when you are sad, or needless to say, he also notices the changes in your spirit. Everything about you he knows. These expressions of interest indicate signs he wants more than friendship because no one has free time to spend their time, concern, or troubles with someone who is not special to themselves. When someone makes such a sacrifice for you, you should learn more about how to have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend( to nurture this love. A relationship that is well built right from the start can lead to real and lasting happiness. Of course, you only have to give those good things to the guy who is interested in you because only those who have special feelings for you will provide that gesture of love to you. He teases you Guys like to tease the girl they care about. Not only does he knock when it’s just the two of you, but he also plays pranks on you in crowded places. Especially when he’s with a group of friends, he only does this action with you alone. These sarcastic words or gestures help him get your attention. It also allows him to talk with you and doesn’t leave you time to focus on anyone other than him. So, if you notice that a guy is acting like that, there’s a good chance he likes you. At this point, you need to show off a little charm-making skill learned in Self Help Skills, and he will surely confess to you soon.  He remembers everything you tell him Does he like me more than a friend signs? You have asked yourself that question. Guys who don’t like you can’t remember everything you’ve told him, especially your details. Don’t spend too much time with these guys. Instead, you take the time to observe and find someone who is quietly listening and remembering all your stories. Because remembering what you said is signs he has strong feelings for you( So, the man who wants to pursue you will love to hear you talk. He will then use the information gathered from you as a topic of communication between the two of you. That way, he avoids being in a situation where he doesn’t know how to start a conversation. Besides, applying your information to elicit the story will help you make a deeper impression on him. Of course, if he doesn’t like you, he wouldn’t mind doing things that would take time and effort. So, it would help if you used how to flirt with a guy friend(, and you will soon have a lover. He tells you his plans Do you know some signs someone likes you more than a friend? When you do not know the man’s feelings next to you, and it is not convenient to confess, speaking will be a hint for you to judge the surface of the man. A person who only likes to make jokes or talk about other people when with him probably has no subtle signs he cares about you more than a friend. Besides joking to make friends happy, boys often tell their plans to the girl they like. He thinks that showing his intentions will help the girl he wants to gain more confidence. Thus, the chances of a successful confession are higher. So, it would help if you subtly realized this so as not to miss the dream guy or a certain destiny. Also, you need to learn how to get a man to chase you to the subtle green light. He arranges dates similar to dating couples Do you know subtle signs he likes you more than a friend? When a man has plans with a girl, he will often ask you out somewhere. These get-togethers can be fun at first. Gradually, you realize that your date is like a couple. He leads you to a couple’s date. The two of them eat together, go to the movies together, and talk together. Occasionally, he even makes a few special gestures of interest. At this point, you don’t have to think about how to make a guy think about you( because this guy has a crush on you. Although there were very obvious expressions, he still refused to confess. You are impatient and want to speed up the process, use Infatuation Scripts. However, you should not be too obvious that may reduce his stimulation. It would be best if you only did things very subtly to create the feeling that he is in danger of losing you.  In this case, a book like Infatuation Scripts will help you a lot. If you haven’t heard of it, you can check out the Infatuation Scripts review( and learn from the success of the girls who came before. Remember when a guy suddenly arranges romantic dates with you, most of the time he likes you. If you are in love with him, this sign will trigger you to make a great move to attract him soon. Conclusion Signs he likes you more than a friend are often very diverse. Sometimes it’s easy to notice, but sometimes you’re not paying attention.  If ignoring a sign, you can lose someone who is good to you. Therefore, you should live slower and observe more to find your true love soon.  Thank you for reading! Credit:
[REVIEW SÁCH] Mình Là Cá, Việc Của Mình Là Bơi!
Mình Là cá, việc của mình là bơi một cuốn sách Self-help mang tính ứng dụng cao, đặc biệt sẽ phù hợp với những bạn đang gặp nhiều suy nghĩ tiêu cực, bi quan hay luôn tạo cho mình áp lực quá lớn, căng thẳng. Trong sách, tác giả Takeshi Furukawa chia sẻ rất nhiều kiến thức và ông còn đề cập đến với độc giả 9 thói quen nhằm xây dựng một cuộc sống tích cực mà bạn cần “phải” có. Hãy cùng Team SPDV Review tìm hiểu tại danh mục Review Sách Trích dẫn hay từ sách Mình Là Cá, Việc Của Mình Là Bơi 1️⃣ Trên đời này vốn không có cái gì gọi là công bằng hay chơi đẹp cả. Con người càng trải qua những chuyện vô lý, càng trải qua những chuyện bất công thì càng được tôi luyện và mạnh mẽ hơn. Thay vì suy nghĩ có làm được hay không thì hãy suy nghĩ xem nên làm thế nào để thực hiện nó. 2️⃣ Nếu bạn không biết quý trọng ngày hôm nay thì nó sẽ nhanh chóng trôi qua trong những tháng ngày bận rộn. 3️⃣ Dù là chuyện nhỏ nhặt đến đâu đi chăng nữa, chỉ cần bạn hành động nhằm hướng đến việc giải quyết vấn đề thì bạn có thể trung hòa nỗi lo lắng thường trực. 4️⃣ Quá khứ và người khác là những điều không thể thay đổi được, nhưng bản thân và tương lại thì lại có thể thay đổi. Tóm tắt Nội dung sách Mình Là cá, việc của mình là bơi Tựa đề sách theo bạn khá là teen đúng không! Nhưng kiến thức bạn sắp phải đọc phần nào khiến bạn có 1 chút “ngộp” đấy! Bởi vì kiến thức cuốn sách mang lại rất cô đọng, khoa học, tính áp dụng vào thực tiễn cuộc sống cao. Nếu bạn đến với tư thế đọc chơi, giải trí thì ngoài cuốn sách này hay các cuốn sách khác sẽ không có tác dụng nhiều. Tác giả Takeshi Furukawa mang tới độc giả 9 thói quen tích cực mà ông đã tìm hiểu từ chính cuộc sống ông và những cuộc phỏng vấn từ vận động viên, người nổi tiếng. Qua đó giúp bạn nhìn nhận thói quen nào chưa tốt cần được cải thiện hay điểm yếu của mình để tiến hành tái sắp xếp lại, tạo cho bản thân những thói quen mới khoa học hơn, tích cực hơn. Thói quen 1: Chấp nhận toàn bộ con người mình Đây là thói quen đầu tiên mà chúng ta nên tạo bởi vì khi ta hiểu được bản thân mình thì cuộc sống trở nên nhẹ nhàng hơn rất nhiều. Học cách chấp nhận sở trường, sở đoản, điều chưa tốt, điều tốt từ chính con người mình. Để làm gì? Để chúng ta thôi ngưng nhìn người khác, một người mà điều gì cũng hơn hẳn mình rồi so sánh bản thân, kết quả nhận lại phần nhiều là đau khổ, bực dọc, tiêu cực tràn đầy tâm trí của ta. Để chúng ta tập cách hài lòng, mình là con người bình thường, “nhân vô thập toàn”, ai cũng có khuyết điểm và điều chưa tốt cả. Nhưng hơn nhau ở điểm nhận thấy được cái hay thì giữ nó và phát huy, hay thấy được cái dở thì dập tắt nó, không cho bùng phát nữa trong ta. Tập cách chấp nhận, hài lòng với bản thân, phấn đấu nỗ lực, tốt hơn Chính Bản Thân mình của ngày hôm qua, các bạn đang rèn một thói quen tốt và mang lại niềm vui, niềm hạnh phúc cho bản thân đấy. Chúng ta nên có cho mình nhiều hơn 1 cách nhìn, thế giới quan của bạn. Cách nhìn phiến diện, chủ quan xuất phát 1 chiều từ chính bạn phần nào chưa thể hiện đủ và rõ sự việc mà bạn đang tìm hiểu. Từ đó, bạn vội đánh giá, phán xét 1 ai đó, điều gì đó trong khi chỉ qua 1 lăng kính duy nhất. Tác giả gợi ý rằng chúng ta nên tăng thêm góc nhìn của người đối diện bạn, người ngoài cuộc chẳng hạn. Bạn sẽ thấy vấn đề trở nên thoáng hơn, có nhiều cách giải quyết hơn. Sâu xa hơn có thể bạn thử bạn là họ, nhìn theo cách của họ, bạn sẽ dễ dàng đồng cảm và hiểu lý do vì sao họ lại làm vậy… Thói quen 3: Cụ thể hóa một cách triệt để Tập cách tự đặt câu hỏi, tự tìm câu trả lời và thực hiện các hành động bước đầu cho vấn đề ta đang gặp phải là giải pháp nhiều người chọn thay vì cứ mãi lo lắng và không chịu hành động. Đứng trước vấn đề, còn là vấn đề đầu tiên xảy đến với mình, lo lắng là điều không thể tránh khỏi. Nhưng khi bạn tập trung quá nhiều cho sự lo lắng đấy, thì bạn càng “hẹp” dần, hướng giải quyết ít đi. Thói quen thứ 5: Tập trung vào những việc có thể làm được Cuốn sách này thật sự giúp bạn có được suy nghĩ, thói quen tối giản, hiệu quả nhất. Đúng tập trung vào những việc mình có thể làm được. Vì sao ư? Tương lai, kết quả là những điều ta chỉ có thể dự đoán. Vậy sự tập trung của chúng ta nên được đẩy vào hành động ở hiện tại. Có một câu nói của Thầy 5 web5ngay, mình nhớ không rõ: Mọi tinh hoa, thành quả ở tương lai sẽ là không có nếu như hiện tại bạn vẫn lười biếng. Khi bạn xác định mục tiêu, lập kế hoạch cụ thể, bước quan trọng nhất là hành động và cải thiện thêm nữa trên con đường mình chọn. Ngưng lo lắng về những thứ bạn vốn dĩ không hoàn toàn tác động được: tương lai, những sự cố … mãi như vậy, bạn sẽ làm mình bó hẹp hơn, dần tiêu cực hơn. Thói quen 6: Chấp nhận số phận Mở đầu chương sách, tác giả mang đến hình ảnh của 1 vận động viên xuất sắc đạt huy chương vàng tại thế vận hội dành cho người khuyết tật. Anh không may mắn bị khiếm thị ở độ tuổi cuối cấp 2 và đây là cách Anh chọn để giải quyết vấn đề của bản thân: Không cố gắng khắc phục hiện trạng đó mà anh tập cách thích nghi, sống chung với khiếm điểm trên cơ thể của mình. Nghe thoạt đầu rất dễ đúng không! Nhưng để chấp nhận sự thật, số phận như vậy là cả một hành trình dài, họ phải thật mạnh mẽ, niềm tin ở họ thật kiên cường. Những con người thật đáng ngưỡng mộ. Chúng ta, nên học cách chấp nhận bản thân mình, không đầu hàng, cố gắng phấn đấu cho một tương lai nhiều kỳ vọng ở phía trước.