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Austen Spinoffs: Jane Austen in Scarsdale, or Love, Death, and the SATs, by Paula Marantz Cohen

I really loved Paula Cohen's story set in Boca (http://www.vingle.net/posts/356672-Austen-Spinoffs-Pride-and-Prejudice-in-Boca-by-Paula-Marantz-Cohen) so I decided to read another Austen adaptation written by her! This time it was "Jane Austen in Scarsdale, or Love, Death and the SATs." This story is based off of Persuasion, by Jane Austen. For those of us less familiar with Persuasion, let me sum it up in one sentence: girl meets less-than-promising boy who she abandons for what seems like a better choice, only to realize she has made an error. Sounds familiar, right? Jane Austen in Scarsdale tells the story of Anne, a high school guidance counselor, who on the wrong advice of her role model and grandmother, casts off a man who could have been perfect for her. She must deal with his return, his fiancee, the stress of her job because of the students' fanatical parents in more. Overall, this story was harmless and enjoyable: I wished we could have seen more of Ben throughout, but I thought that Anne's personality was well developed, and we were able to see the ways a high school guidance counselor really might struggle due to the over-attentiveness of parents. Still, I found quite a bit lacking. Anne, for me, was a bit boring, and a bit forced: it seemed like Cohen was really worried about fitting the frame work of Persuasion, and the story itself might have been stronger if told without the constrains of Persuasion, even if that was the original inspiration. I liked Jane Austen in Boca better, but this is still a fun, short novel to read if you're an Austen, or Paula Cohen, fan!
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I don't think this one appeals to me as much as the Boca one, but that made me laugh, so I will give it a quick skim. Thanks @timeturnerjones!
@hikaymm Definitely, but really should take more pride in the fact that they are coming up with their own unique ideas, it's just that we're all very informed and affected by anything we have ever read. It's not really plagiarism in those cases!
@timeturnerjones that seems pretty good lol I guess people worry more about being called out for plagiarism than being un original
@hikaymm I think that as long as its clear that all the same characters, with mild changes, exist then it should be labeled the same. But as soon as you're dramatically changing more than 30 or 40% of the characters, just call it an original!
I read the Boca one, so I'm curious about this one too! I wonder, you said that this might have been stronger if it wasn't labeled as an Austen adaptation. When should we label it as one? Such a tricky line!
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