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Common name: Lake Herring, cisco Native. ID: 2 dorsal fins with 1 adipose fin. Long, pointy snout. Longer lower jaw. Cylindrical body. Mouth ends before middle of eye. Life cycle: Spawn in large schools from late November to early December. Occur in various depths, from 3 to 40 feet. Eggs put at bottom and abandoned. Herring fry feed on algae and zooplankton. Females live longer than, though grow at same as, males. Feeds on: Algae and zooplankton as fry; crustaceans and insects as well as adults. Predators: Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Walleye. Where to find them: Midwater regions of the Great Lakes. Best fishing time when forming spawning schools in the fall.
@mcgraffy thanks anyways!
@happyrock to be honest im not sure, haha!
@mcgraffy are there a lot of fish with edible bones? I really dislike deboning, so I should try some herring!
@happyrock yep they are! and their bones are actually pretty edible as well, as they're fairly soft
@mcgraffy Are herring edible, too? I feel like I've eaten herring before but now I"m not so sure....