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[dǎ jiàngyóu] “Getting soy sauce" This phrase is used in the same way as "it's none of my business" and "no comment". There's actually a rather entertaining story behind it but it takes a little explaining so bear with me! Edison Chen is (was?!) a very popular, famous Hong Kong-based actor, singer, model, fashion designer who got into a spot of bother in late 2008 after 465 pictures of him having sex with different well-known Chinese actresses were leaked after his computer went in for repair. There was a huge backlash in China resulting in substantial news coverage of the event, focusing on people's outrage and condemnation of the leaked photos. A Guangzhou TV station took to the streets to canvass public opinion but when asked about the scandal, one man responded with "关我屌事,我出来买酱油的!” which means "I don't give a f***, I'm just out buying soy sauce!" Netizens fell in love with this guy and his comment took online chatrooms by storm - what's the latest happenings in Hollywood? Hell, I'm just out buying soy sauce! Example: "关我什么事,我是来打酱油的" ="It was nothing to do with me - I was just out buying soy sauce"
@zhengshi I studied at BLCU for a year on the Chinese language program but now I'm just here in Beijing for the summer
I've heard this quite a few times in China. How long were you in China for?