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A greenhouse window is a great way to grow herbs, cacti, or even small vegetables all year long without having to build an expensive greenhouse outside of your home. Personally, I have a few succulents, a Christmas cactus, and a seedling of a strawberry plant. Succulents are nearly impossible to kill (hence why I grow them...) and they thrive in the warmth of my kitchen window. As I said in a previous card ( it’s ideal if your greenhouse is in a south- or west-facing location with either full sun or light afternoon shade. Real sunlight is the best for plants! The warmth and humidity that greenhouses and sun naturally create, makes a greenhouse the optimum space for starting seeds and baby plants. I have a tiny pot for my strawberry plant that I make sure to keep moist throughout the day. Herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary not only thrive in greenhouses, but will make your home smell fantastic! You don't have to go to the store or out to your garden to grab basil for your pasta or rosemary to season your dinner! Wheatgrass is another hardy plant that is great for the temperature and humidity that is created by your green house. Having plants in my kitchen also just cheers me up. You'll find that the light from the window that shines through the plants will give your kitchen and home a fresh, healthy feeling.
The first window looks gorgeous! I'd love to grow that many plants in my house
@Nisfit You're right! @happyrock That's exactly what its for!
this is the perfect way to keep some green alive in winter :)
I love the second picture! African violets:)
@sbass the great thing about these greenhouse windows is that the window does a lot of the work for you! You don't have to water succulents, cacti, or herbs too often and the window creates a great growing atmosphere for them!
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