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This is a gorgeous craft that is perfect for all windows, but especially a greenhouse window! I am going to give this a try this weekend :) 1. Collect flower petals, full flowers, and leaves of all colors. 2. Let the nature that you collected sit pressed between the pages of a large book in order to flatten and dry them. Leave them for at least 24 hours. 3. Arrange the flower petals and leaves on contact paper. 4. You can either laminate the flowers between two pieces of contact paper, or paste the contact paper directly onto the window using vegetable oil!
@caricakes here's a video of how to laminate without a machine!
I couldn't hear the video about laminating, is it just me?
@happyrock It shouldn't! but to be safe you could always try clear tape (or color the clear tape to make an extra layer of "stained glass")
Would doing it with oil attract bugs or anything? That seems like the easiest way, and I'd love to try this with some grasses from my hard, but I don't want to try the laminating. @sophiamor
I love the designs in the first picture but I feel like I could only manage the clusters of petals on my first try
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