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Implementation of e- Office


The E-Office Module is designed to coordinate the needs of modern corporate or Government Offices used by the tool for the good governance of future generations. It is a platform that personalizes and enables access for sharing and knowing the internal information for the employees through any browser from any system in a network.

E-Office is a digital workspace solution for upcoming generation particularly for government offices. It has different types of official activities of government offices in electronic mode.

路 e-file File management system
路 e- leave Leave Management System
路 e-Tour Tour Management System
路 CAMS Collaboration & Massaging System
路 PIS Personal Information System
路 KMS Knowledge Management System

The Technical features of E-Office framework:

E-Office manages official records and documents in e-format.
路 It is designed with secure technology and barrier for third party access.
路 E-Office navigates workflow Automation as per the higher level officers.
路 Enables access for scanning official documents or records wherever necessary.
路 It enables storing and retrieving data when it needs.
路 It acts as a centralized and common data directory.
路 e-Office is accessible on any platform with open source technology.

Objectives of E-Office:

The objective of applying e-Office concepts is to eliminate paper works and making electronic office communication.
路 To improve performance, flexibility, and effectiveness in governing sector.
路 To lower TAT and fulfill the needs of citizen.
路 To supply good resource to improve the quality of administration.
路 To establish clarity and responsibility.
路 To provide a cost-effective e-Storage facility.
路 User in Environment-friendly, eco-friendly systems.

Operationalization and configuration of e-Office Product for New Department:

The Department may initiate the following preliminary activities,

Department Request Letter: It helps send a formal request letter with the contact details to commissioner in advance.

e-Office Demo: The TN e-Office team contact this department fixes the date and of e-Office application.

Bulk email IDs creation: To get e-office product users needs to login by using email id and have access to send in bulk mails.

Data Collection & Master Data Preparation: It helps to collect data that is designed already as a template is required to prepare master tables and data collection for various departments.

Submission of Employee Master-Details: This department requests to fill the EMD heads and submit the same to the TN e-Office portals.

Go-Live date of e-Office: This team will fix the date to go-live for e-office application.
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H啤n th岷 n峄痑, 膽峄 m峄 r峄檔g di峄噉 t铆ch th锚m kho岷g kh么ng, x芒y th锚m t岷g, nh脿 峄憂g c岷 c贸 c岷 tr煤c ch岷痗 ch岷痭. >>> Xem th锚m: Cong, cua, lan can, cau thang Binh Phuoc Chia s岷 c谩ch d霉ng 膽猫n ch霉m pha l锚 h峄 phong th峄 t峄玭g kh么ng gian s峄憂g Cong, cua, lan can, cau thang nhom duc Quang Binh Kinh ph铆 l峄沶 trang b峄 cho tu s峄璦 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh bi峄噒 th峄 Nh脿 峄憂g 膽瓢峄 n芒ng c岷 th脿nh villa s岷 m岷 nhi峄乽 ti峄乶 h啤n s峄璦 nh脿 gi岷 d峄. Villa s岷 膽峄 ngh峄 t铆nh th岷﹎ m峄 t峄憈 h啤n, cao c岷 v脿 trang b峄 h啤n. B岷 n锚n d峄 tr霉 kinh ph铆 l峄沶 b岷眓g nh峄痭g d峄 to谩n t峄 c谩c m峄 l脿m vi峄嘽. B锚n c岷h 膽贸, b岷 ph岷 c贸 kho岷 kinh ph铆 ph貌ng b峄 cho c谩c kho岷 ti峄乶 ph岷 tr岷 cho n岷 sinh. Tu s峄璦 nh脿 villa c岷 nhi峄乽 kinh ph铆 膽岷 t瓢 N芒ng c岷 nh脿 villa c岷 nhi峄乽 kinh ph铆 膽岷 t瓢 C芒n nh岷痗 c谩c 膽i峄僲 phong th峄 cho vi峄嘽 tu s峄璦 nh脿 膽芒y ch铆nh l脿 膽i峄僲 th瓢峄漬g b峄 cho qua l煤c ch峄 nh脿 mu峄憂 tu s峄璦 nh脿 峄憂g c农. Ch峄 nh脿 n锚n xem tu峄昳 v脿 cung m峄噉h c峄 b岷 th芒n c贸 h峄 v峄沬 vi峄嘽 tu s峄璦 t芒n trang nh脿 trong kho岷g th峄漣 gian n脿y. Ch瓢a k峄, ch峄 nh脿 c贸 kh岷 n膬ng 膽岷穞 h瓢峄沶g nh脿 , h瓢峄沶g c峄璦 h峄 v峄沬 cung m峄噉h, t峄憈 cho phong th峄. C谩c 膽i峄乽 n脿y s岷 tr峄 l铆 n芒ng c岷 villa su么n s岷, r脿nh m岷h v脿 g岷穚 nhi峄乽 thu岷璶 l峄. Trang b峄 th峄 t峄 xin c岷 gi岷 ph茅p tu s峄璦 nh脿 Tr瓢峄沜 th峄漣 膽i峄僲 l脿m vi峄嘽, b岷 c岷 s岷祅 s脿ng th峄 t峄 xin c岷 gi岷 ph茅p t岷 n锚n. Tu s峄璦 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh villa s岷 su么n s岷 h啤n l煤c to脿n b峄 膽i峄乽 tra gi岷 t峄 c岷 gi岷 ph茅p theo quy 膽峄媙h c峄 ph谩p lu岷璽. B岷 c岷 c么ng b峄 cho c谩c b岷 l谩ng gi峄乶g chung quanh 膽峄 h峄 th么ng c岷 trong ti岷縩 tr矛nh thi c么ng. L峄盿 ch峄峮 膽啤n v峄 l谩t tu s峄璦 uy t铆n 膽啤n v峄 x芒y d峄眓g l谩t c岷 gi峄 ch峄 t铆n s岷 膽峄 xu岷 gi岷 ph谩p 瓢u vi峄噒 nh岷 cho nh脿 峄憂g c峄 b岷. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c s岷 gi煤p b岷 d峄 to谩n v脿 t峄憈 nh岷 ti峄乶 b岷 cho b岷. H峄 c农ng s岷 gi煤p b岷 ch峄峮 l峄盿 ch岷 li峄噓 gi谩 tr峄 v脿 gi岷 thi峄僽 ti峄乶 b岷. L峄盿 ch峄峮 膽啤n v峄 x芒y d峄眓g l脿m vi峄嘽 膽瓢峄 t铆n nhi峄噈 cao 膽峄 膽瓢峄 tham v岷 c贸 l峄 nh岷 L峄盿 ch峄峮 膽啤n v峄 x芒y d峄眓g th峄眂 hi峄噉 膽瓢峄 t铆n nhi峄噈 cao 膽峄 膽瓢峄 tham m瓢u c贸 l峄 nh岷 Bi峄噉 ph谩p n芒ng c岷 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh bi峄噒 th峄 N芒ng c岷 ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh villa cao c岷 Ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 nh脿 峄憂g c农 s岷 膽瓢峄 thay l峄沺 谩o m峄沬 sang tr峄峮g v脿 sang ch岷h h啤n. Ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 c贸 kh岷 n膬ng l脿m ngo脿i gi峄 ban c么ng l峄沶 膽贸n gi贸, k锚 th锚m gh岷 v脿 b脿n tr脿 xanh ng峄搃 th瓢峄焠g ngo岷 phong c岷h. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c s岷 l脿m m峄沬 l岷 ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 b岷眓g c谩c ch岷 li峄噓 cao c岷 h啤n nh瓢 膽谩, k铆nh, ... C峄璦 ch铆nh v脿 t瓢峄漬g r脿o c峄 nh脿 峄憂g s岷 膽瓢峄 l谩t thay m峄沬 v峄沬 phong c谩ch th峄漣 th瓢峄g h啤n. S峄璦 sang ki岷縩 tr煤c nh脿 峄憂g, b脿y bi峄噉 c么ng n膬ng Nh脿 峄憂g s岷 膽瓢峄 m峄 r峄檔g di峄噉 t铆ch th锚m kho岷g kh么ng, nh脿 c岷 b峄憂 s岷 膽瓢峄 x芒y th锚m t岷g. S峄 ph谩t tri峄僴 kho岷g kh么ng n脿y gi煤p c膬n villa r峄檔g kh岷痯 v脿 tho谩ng m谩t h啤n nh脿 峄憂g c农. C谩c ph貌ng 膽瓢峄 s岷痯 x岷縫 l岷 kho岷g kh么ng, x岷縫 膽岷穞 c么ng d峄g khoa h峄峜. M峄梚 ph貌ng 膽峄乽 c贸 c峄璦 s峄 ho岷穋 ban c么ng nh矛n ra s芒n v瓢峄漬 xanh m谩t. C岷 thang trong gia 膽矛nh 峄憂g s岷 ph谩t tri峄僴, l脿m m峄沬 l岷 h啤n 膽峄 膽煤ng t岷 c贸 c岷 tr煤c villa cao c岷. X岷縫 膽岷穞 gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g, ng膬n th岷 v脿 l脿m l岷 tr岷 nh脿 S岷痯 x岷縫 gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g, ng膬n th岷 v脿 l脿m l岷 tr岷 nh脿 X芒y d峄眓g b锚n trong villa sang ch岷h v脿 ti峄噉 nghi Tu s峄璦 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh villa ph岷 c贸 x芒y d峄眓g b锚n trong sang ch岷h v脿 膽煤ng t岷 h啤n. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c s岷 gi煤p b岷 x芒y d峄眓g villa m峄沬 theo cung c谩ch th铆ch c峄 b岷. B锚n trong 膽瓢峄 x芒y d峄眓g ri锚ng, c贸 phong c谩ch v峄沬 s峄 th岷﹎ m末 sang tr峄峮g, th峄漣 th瓢峄g h啤n. C谩ch trang tr铆 v脿 s峄 d峄g m脿u s岷痗 cho villa c贸 kh岷 n膬ng c贸 sang ch岷h kh谩c ph谩t quy岷縯 sang ch岷h c峄 ch峄 nh脿. X芒y d峄眓g ti峄僽 c岷h v脿 s芒n v瓢峄漬 cho bi峄噒 th峄 N芒ng c岷 nh脿 villa lu么n ph岷 c贸 s芒n v瓢峄漬 xanh m谩t c霉ng ti峄僽 c岷h d峄搃 d脿o s峄ヽ s峄憂g. B峄焛 膽贸, b岷 c岷 b峄 ra t岷 s芒n v瓢峄漬 chung quanh nh脿 v峄沬 ti峄僽 c岷h v峄眂 n瓢峄沜, v瓢峄漬 hoa , ... S芒n v瓢峄漬 tho谩ng m谩t v峄沬 c芒y xanh h峄 tr峄 c膬n nh脿 膽岷 膽瓢峄 v岷 膽岷筽 n峄昳 b岷璽 v脿 h貌a h峄 v峄沬 th岷 gi峄沬 t峄 nhi锚n. N芒ng c岷 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh villa si锚u sang ch岷h v脿 ti峄噉 nghi Tu s峄璦 s芒n v瓢峄漬 th脿nh ti峄僽 th岷痭g c岷h m岷痶 Tu s峄璦 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh villa t岷 b锚n trong 膽瓢啤ng 膽岷 B锚n trong 膽瓢啤ng 膽岷 ph芒n ph峄慽 d峄媍h v峄 tu s峄璦 nh脿 峄憂g th脿nh villa si锚u ti峄噉 铆ch. V峄沬 h啤n m峄檛 th岷璸 ni锚n kinh nghi峄噈 , b峄峮 t么i c贸 膽瓢峄 nh贸m ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c th峄玜 nh岷璶 t脿i n膬ng v脿 c贸 chuy锚n m么n cao. Nh峄痭g gi岷 ph谩p c峄 b峄峮 t么i nh岷璶 膽瓢峄 s峄 v峄玜 媒 v脿 tin t瓢峄焠g c峄 kh谩ch. B峄峮 t么i lu么n t矛m 膽瓢峄 nh峄痭g gi岷 ph谩p h峄 l媒 nh岷, ti岷縯 ki峄噈 kinh ph铆 cho kh谩ch. X芒y d峄眓g c峄 b峄峮 t么i lu么n 膽岷筽 cao v峄沬 cung c谩ch phong ph煤. Ng脿y nay, b峄峮 t么i 膽ang khai tri峄僴 ch瓢啤ng tr矛nh 瓢u 膽茫i l峄沶 cho ng瓢峄漣 ti锚u d霉ng. Ch煤ng ta s岷 nh岷璶 膽瓢峄 th么ng b谩o chi ph铆 s峄璦 nh脿 t峄慽 瓢u nh岷 tr锚n khu v峄眂 kinh doanh v脿 t瓢啤ng 峄﹏g v峄沬 gi谩 tr峄. B锚n trong 膽瓢啤ng 膽岷 s岷 d岷玭 膽岷縩 n啤i sinh s峄憂g m峄沬 sang ch岷h nh岷 cho c谩c th脿nh vi锚n trong nh脿 b岷.
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The success story of Mark Zuckerberg and what is Mark Zuckerberg's net worth
The success story of Mark Zuckerberg and what is Mark Zuckerberg's net worth Mark Zuckerberg is famous for being the co-founder and CEO of the owner of Facebook company Facebook, the largest social website in the world. He founded the service in 2004 when he was at Harvard University with four fellow students. The success story of Mark Zuckerberg and what is Mark Zuckerberg's net worth Mark Elliott Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American media mogul, internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is best known for co-founding the media social media site Facebook and its parent company meta platforms (formerly Facebook, Inc. chairman of the board of Directors, CEO, and controlling shareholder of Facebook. Zuckerberg went to Harvard University, where he launched Facebook in February 2004 with his flatmates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. Originally launched to select a college campus, the site expanded rapidly and eventually beyond colleges, reaching one billion users by 2012. Zuckerberg took the company public in May 2012 with majority shares. In 2007, at the age of 23, he became the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. As of August 2022, Zuckerberg's net worth was 5 58.0 billion according to Forbes billionaires in real-time. Since 2008, Time magazine has ranked Zuckerberg among the 100 Most Influential People in the world as part of the personality of the Year award, which was recognized in 2010. In December 2016, Zuckerberg was ranked tenth on the Forbes list of the most powerful people in the world. facebook and the metaverse The next semester, in January 2004, Zuckerberg began writing code for a new site. On February 4, 2004, Zuckerberg launched "Facebook", originally located on, in partnership with roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.
Bi峄噒 th峄 mini 3 t岷g 80m2 b脿i tr铆 c么ng n膬ng khoa h峄峜 ti峄噉 nghi
Hi峄噉 t岷, v脿i ch峄 h峄 峄 th脿nh th峄 r岷 th铆ch x芒y d峄眓g villa mini nh峄. Di峄噉 t铆ch 膽岷 峄 c谩c th脿nh th峄 l峄沶 kh谩 gi峄沬 h岷 n锚n villa ch岷硁g th峄 x芒y qu谩 r峄檔g kh岷痯. Ch铆nh v矛 v岷瓂, nhi峄乽 ch峄 nh脿 膽峄 m岷痶 t峄沬 c谩c x芒y d峄眓g villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2. Di峄噉 t铆ch 80m2 n锚n s岷痯 x岷縫 khu 膽岷 gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g v脿 x芒y d峄眓g sao 膽峄 tuy峄噒 膽岷筽 ? m峄漣 b岷 c霉ng b锚n trong 膽瓢啤ng 膽岷 膽i峄乽 tra nh峄痭g m岷玼 x芒y d峄眓g villa 岷 t瓢峄g nh岷 trong th么ng tin sau. X芒y d峄眓g villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 cung c谩ch t芒n c峄 膽i峄僴 >> Xem th锚m: M岷玼 nh脿 c岷 4 c贸 4 ph貌ng ng峄 膽岷筽 hot nh岷 trong n膬m nay Nh峄痭g m岷玼 nh脿 c岷 4 di峄噉 t铆ch 7x12m c贸 c峄昻g nh么m 膽煤c 膽岷筽 膽瓢峄 t矛m ki岷縨 nhi峄乽 nh岷 hi峄噉 nay B岷璽 b铆 top 3 lo岷 膽猫n trang tr铆 ph霉 h峄 l岷痯 膽岷穞 cho ph貌ng 膬n c贸 c岷 thang nh么m 膽煤c Ki岷縩 tr煤c villa t芒n truy峄乶 th峄憂g nguy nga X芒y d峄眓g villa t芒n truy峄乶 th峄憂g s岷 l脿m b岷 th铆ch ngay l煤c ng岷痬 nh矛n. Ki岷縩 tr煤c villa hoa l峄, nguy nga v峄沬 h峄峚 ti岷縯 t芒n truy峄乶 th峄憂g r玫 n茅t phong t峄 t岷璸 qu谩n 芒u ch芒u. Ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 膽瓢峄 x芒y d峄眓g m谩i v貌m cao c岷 v峄沬 膽瓢峄漬g ph脿o ch峄 tr谩ng l峄. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c ch峄峮 l峄盿 m谩i 芒u ch芒u ki峄僽 france cho c膬n nh脿 th锚m qu媒 ph谩i h啤n. Ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 膽瓢峄 s峄 d峄g m脿u s岷痗 tr岷痭g c霉ng xanh navy, b峄 sung th锚m ph岷 th瓢峄g l瓢u v脿 v瓢啤ng gi岷. Villa t芒n truy峄乶 th峄憂g v峄沬 ki岷縩 tr煤c ho脿nh tr谩ng ki峄僽 ph谩p Villa t芒n truy峄乶 th峄憂g v峄沬 ki岷縩 tr煤c hoa l峄 ki峄僽 ph谩p Ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 villa r峄檔g t峄沬 9, 5m n锚n ch峄 nh脿 l峄盿 ch峄峮 x芒y d峄眓g nh脿 ch峄 l. Ki峄僽 nh脿 ch峄 l s岷 h峄 tr峄 ng么i nh脿 gi脿nh 膽瓢峄 谩nh s谩ng v峄憂 c贸 t峄憈 h啤n. C谩c ph貌ng 膽峄乽 c贸 c峄璦 s峄 h瓢峄沶g ra s芒n v瓢峄漬 v峄沬 t岷 nh矛n 膽岷筽. Tr锚n t岷g ba, ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c x芒y d峄眓g ban c么ng nh峄 c贸 v瓢峄漬 treo xanh m谩t cho ch峄 nh脿 ng峄搃 h贸ng gi贸. X芒y d峄眓g villa 3 t岷g 膽岷筽 n脿y s岷 l脿m m峄峣 ng瓢峄漣 kh谩ch t峄沬 ch啤i ph岷 岷 t瓢峄g n峄 ph峄. T岷g ba x芒y d峄眓g v瓢峄漬 treo nh峄 xanh m谩t t岷 d岷 岷 quan tr峄峮g cho thi岷縯 k岷 T岷g ba x芒y d峄眓g v瓢峄漬 treo nh峄 xanh m谩t t岷 t芒m 膽i峄僲 cho thi岷縯 k岷 Khu 膽岷 gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g villa 3 t岷g Villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 r峄檔g kh谩 gi峄沬 h岷 膽峄慽 chi岷縰 v峄沬 c谩c villa oai nghi锚m th峄漣 nay. Tuy v岷瓂, di峄噉 t铆ch 80m2 ch岷硁g khi n脿o nh峄 n岷縰 b岷 bi岷縯 c谩ch x岷縫 膽岷穞 c么ng d峄g. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c 膽茫 t谩i s峄 d峄g ki岷縩 tr煤c nh脿 ch峄 l 膽峄 m峄梚 gian ph貌ng 膽峄乽 c贸 ch峄 th么ng tho谩ng. M岷玼 nh脿 3 t岷g 膽岷筽 n锚n x峄 l媒 膽瓢峄 b脿i to谩n thi岷縰 谩nh s谩ng 峄 l岷 1. X芒y d峄眓g nh脿 ch峄 l h峄 tr峄 c谩c gian ph貌ng 膽峄乽 c贸 c峄璦 s峄 k铆nh 膽贸n 谩nh s谩ng v脿o nh脿. Khu么n vi锚n l岷 1 villa r峄檔g 80m2 Khu么n vi锚n l岷 1 villa r峄檔g 80m2 L岷 1 c峄 villa mini 膽瓢峄 s峄 d峄g 膽峄 l脿m kh么ng gian sinh ho岷 chung c峄 c谩c th脿nh vi锚n trong nh脿. Ph貌ng kh谩ch , ph貌ng th瓢峄焠g th峄ヽ v脿 b岷縫 膽瓢峄 trang tr铆 chu岷﹏ phong th峄 r峄檔g r峄檔g. L岷 1 c贸 bu峄搉g ng峄 16m2 ch峄 d脿nh cho 么ng b脿 膽茫 膽峄﹏g tu峄昳 v峄沬 nh脿 v峄 sinh c岷h s谩t. T岷g hai l脿 kho岷g kh么ng th瓢 gi茫n si锚u trang b峄 c峄 c谩c th脿nh vi锚n trong nh脿 v峄沬 3 bu峄搉g ng峄. Khu么n vi锚n t岷g hai si锚u ti峄噉 铆ch v峄沬 3 ph貌ng ng峄 Khu么n vi锚n t岷g hai si锚u ti峄噉 铆ch v峄沬 3 ph貌ng ng峄 T岷g ba l脿 kh么ng c膬n ph貌ng th峄 hoa l峄 v峄沬 ch峄 膽峄﹏g h峄 phong th峄. Ph貌ng th峄 膽峄 t岷 h瓢峄沶g tuy峄噒 膽岷筽, ph铆a sau l脿 s芒n ph啤i 膽峄 c峄 c谩c th脿nh vi锚n trong nh脿. B锚n h峄痷 nh脿 l脿 v瓢峄漬 treo tr锚n s芒n th瓢峄g, 膽瓢峄 trang tr铆 b脿n gh岷 ng峄搃 h贸ng gi贸 膽岷 n锚n th啤. Di峄噉 t铆ch nh脿 gi峄沬 h岷 tuy nhi锚n 膽瓢峄 trang tr铆 ch岷硁g khi n脿o k茅m c岷h villa ch岷 l瓢峄g cao. Villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 x岷縫 膽岷穞 c么ng d峄g khoa h峄峜 ti峄噉 nghi Khu么n vi锚n gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g t岷g ba v峄沬 kh么ng c膬n ph貌ng th峄 uy nghi M岷玼 x芒y d峄眓g villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 si锚u hi峄噉 膽岷 Ki岷縩 tr煤c villa nh峄 c贸 gara Villa mini nh峄 b茅 c贸 gara xe h啤i l脿 s峄 quy岷縯 膽峄媙h c峄 nhi峄乽 h峄 d芒n 峄 th峄漣 膽i峄僲 hi峄噉 t岷. Kh么ng gian nh峄 h岷筽 n锚n ch峄 nh脿 c贸 铆t s芒n v瓢峄漬 ho岷穋 ch峄 膽峄 xe ri锚ng. Th岷 n锚n, gara xe h啤i s岷 膽瓢峄 膽峄 t岷 t岷g h岷 ho岷穋 l岷 1 c峄 villa. X芒y d峄眓g villa mini nh峄 g峄峮 n脿y theo phong c谩ch hi峄噉 膽岷 c贸 m谩i b岷眓g si锚u 膽岷穋 s岷痗. M谩i che t岷 n锚n d岷 岷 quan tr峄峮g c峄 cho ki岷縩 tr煤c l岷 gi煤p che n岷痭g cho kho岷g kh么ng s芒n th瓢峄g. Villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 x岷縫 膽岷穞 c么ng d峄g khoa h峄峜 ti峄噉 nghi S谩ng t岷 h矛nh d谩ng nh脿 c峄璦 villa mini m谩i b岷眓g nh峄 hi峄噉 膽岷 Ki岷縩 tr煤c villa r岷 t峄慽 t芒n n锚n ch煤 tr峄峮g v脿o kh么ng gian t峄 do 膽岷 xanh m谩t. M峄梚 gian ph貌ng 膽峄乽 c贸 h脿ng ch峄 c峄璦 s峄 c霉ng ban c么ng k铆nh 膽贸n 谩nh s谩ng v峄憂 c贸. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c 膽茫 s峄 d峄g nhi峄乽 lo岷 g岷h kh么ng gi峄憂g nhau 膽峄 b脿i tr铆 cho ph铆a tr瓢峄沜 nh脿. S峄 k岷縯 h峄 ch峄g m脿u h貌a h峄, 膽峄檆 膽谩o v脿 膽岷穋 s岷痗 膽茫 h峄 tr峄 x芒y d峄眓g villa c脿ng th锚m n峄昳 b岷璽. Khu 膽岷 c么ng d峄g villa 3 t岷g X芒y d峄眓g b锚n trong villa ti峄噉 铆ch s岷 膽em 膽岷縩 n啤i 膬n ch峄憂 峄 tuy峄噒 v峄漣 cho c谩c th脿nh vi锚n trong nh脿. R峄檔g 80m2, b岷 c贸 kh岷 n膬ng trang tr铆 gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g to脿n b峄 v峄沬 4 bu峄搉g ng峄. L岷 1 c峄 villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 膽瓢峄 trang tr铆 ph貌ng kh谩ch , b岷縫 v脿 bu峄搉g ng峄 nh峄. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c t岷 gi岷縩g tr峄漣 v脿 膽岷穞 ti峄僽 c岷h b锚n d瓢峄沬. 膽i峄乽 n脿y h峄 tr峄 villa 3 t岷g th锚m th么ng tho谩ng v脿 tr脿n tr峄 谩nh s谩ng. Khu 膽岷 c么ng d峄g l岷 1 c贸 gara 么 t么 Khu么n vi锚n gi谩 tr峄 s峄 d峄g l岷 1 c贸 gara 么 t么 Kho岷g kh么ng t岷g hai 膽瓢峄 x岷縫 膽岷穞 3 bu峄搉g ng峄 to l峄沶 c霉ng ph貌ng sinh ho岷 chung. Kho岷g kh么ng 80m2 膽瓢峄 trang tr铆 khoa h峄峜 , chu岷﹏ phong th峄 v脿 si锚u trang b峄. Ph貌ng th峄 膽瓢峄 膽岷穞 tr锚n t岷g ba c霉ng s芒n th瓢峄g l峄沶 cho c谩c th脿nh vi锚n trong nh脿 b锚n nhau th瓢峄焠g ngo岷 phong c岷h, h贸ng m谩t. Villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 s岷痯 x岷縫 c么ng d峄g khoa h峄峜 ti峄噉 nghi Khu么n vi锚n c么ng d峄g t岷g hai trang tr铆 bu峄搉g ng峄 khoa h峄峜 Kho岷g kh么ng t岷g ba l脿n s芒n th瓢峄g l峄沶 c霉ng ph貌ng th峄 trang nghi锚m Kho岷g kh么ng t岷g ba l脿n s芒n th瓢峄g l峄沶 c霉ng ph貌ng th峄 trang nghi锚m Bst s谩ng t岷 h矛nh d谩ng nh脿 c峄璦 villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 膽岷筽 岷 t瓢峄g D瓢峄沬 膽芒y, b锚n trong 膽瓢啤ng 膽岷 m峄漣 b岷 nh岷 nh谩p x芒y d峄眓g villa mini 膽岷筽 v峄沬 3 t岷g. C谩c x芒y d峄眓g theo 膽a phong c谩ch v峄沬 ki岷縩 tr煤c 膽岷穋 s岷痗 s峄 kh谩c nhau. Ch煤ng ta s岷 y锚u th铆ch v峄沬 ki岷縩 tr煤c n峄昳 b岷璽, kh么ng gian t峄 do 膽岷 trang b峄 c峄 c谩c villa n脿y. Ng瓢峄漣 thi岷縯 k岷 ki岷縩 tr煤c 膽茫 s峄 d峄g nhi峄乽 ch岷 li峄噓 m峄沬 nh瓢 k铆nh, g岷h v脿 膽谩 do con ng瓢峄漣 t岷 n锚n, ...cho c膬n nh脿 th锚m cao c岷 h啤n. Villa mini 3 t岷g 80m2 d脿n d峄眓g c么ng d峄g khoa h峄峜 ti峄噉 nghi Villa 3 t岷g cung c谩ch t芒n truy峄乶 th峄憂g 膽岷 岷 t瓢峄g Bi锚t th峄 mini nh峄 trong th脿nh th峄 v峄沬 gara cho 1 么 t么 Bi锚t th峄 mini nh峄 gi岷 d峄 v峄沬 ki岷縩 tr煤c m谩i b岷眓g c谩 t铆nh Ki岷縩 tr煤c villa mini gi岷 d峄 tuy nhi锚n r岷 hi峄噉 膽岷
Important Things to Keep in Mind with Home Elevators?
The two main types of home elevators introduced to the market are hydraulic and gearless systems. While some commercial brands of traction lifts employ a weight and pulley system, include too many heavy materials, only use three-phase electricity, are unsafe for youngsters, and also require that the items be used safely rather than providing security in a residential building. A large traction lift mechanism, for example, must operate continuously for nearly 720 minutes out of the day's total of 1440 minutes in order to maintain good functioning condition. But it's not feasible in the case of a house. However, local manufacturers produce local unapproved materials, manufacture various cheap parts from various brands outside the country, and assemble them into a single lift, which blatantly demonstrates an unsureness element. Therefore What points need to be checked while maintaining a home elevator from a local manufacturer versus a TKE home elevator? 1.Observe Average Power Stability First: A hydraulic lift uses a single-phase electrical connection (230V) and requires very little power to operate. However, because power fluctuates from time to time and can go out for a few minutes, there is a chance that the lift could become stuck, necessitating the use of a stabiliser to keep it functioning. However, since TKE Home Elevator has two assured emergency battery backup systems and does not require any stabilisers, this accident is not probable. 2. Keep an eye out for hydraulic fluid leaks on pistons within shafts: With local manufacturers, there is always a danger that a piston could leak while the product is being constructed, the tap-loon is being tapped, and masonry work is being done on the job site. There is no risk of piston leakage with TKE because it is a totally knocked down kit that is ready to plug and play at the job site without any tap-loon tapping. 3. Be aware of barriers at doorways: There is always a chance of a doorway obstruction when the elevator doesn't stop or reach in the proper line, situations like such require you to check and call a lift engineer. Local manufacturers only offer hydraulic lifts with locally assembled parts and no additional special features on smooth running and stoppage. The fastest bullet trains in China are currently operated by the TKE Magnetic driven control system, which also ensures a proper landing and never, ever, causes a doorway obstruction. However, TKE's Advanced Error Notification System (AENS) maintains an exhaustive history of all errors or services required in the lift, making it simpler to maintain such systems. 4. Cables and wiring: You should routinely examine the cables and wiring on the installed mechanism and the car to reduce the risk of an accident. However, with TKE, you are not required to inspect your cables because of the plug-and-play technology, and in addition, the error notification display allows you to see if your lift has any issues and alerts you when maintenance services are about to be performed. 5. Routine maintenance: You should check the dates and remind your home lift provider to perform the necessary maintenance, but TKE is advancing into the digital era and revolutionising the way the elevator industry provides maintenance services by leveraging the Internet of Things and solutions like MAX & VIEW- Real Time Field Operations System. Engineers at the plant will instantly learn about it and come for it, so you don't need to check and call them. Due to TKE's adoption of such cutting-edge technologies, it essentially requires no maintenance.