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If your bathroom is facing your backyard or a secluded area, you may want to consider installing a greenhouse window above our tub. This is obviously not the best idea if you're face the street or your neighbor's house, but this would keep your bathroom warm, bright, and relaxing. Adding a few indoor plants and candles to the window sill would create a great home-spa feel.
I like the window but what I REALLY like is the separate bathtub and shower! this entire bathroom is lovely.
This would be really relaxing except my bathroom would then be exposed to the street haha, maybe in another house ;)
@pipeline You shouldn't have much of a problem. I know that mine steams up a lot in the kitchen (like when I pour pasta into a strainer, etc) and its never bothered me :)
But when it steams up would the window get streaky? I have a glass shower and I'm stickler about getting all the water marks off after a shower.