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I thought that @LibraryLady might enjoy this library: it's shape is definitely something unique! While the exterior of this library is out-of-this-world and even has some fancy lighting options, the indoor seems pretty standard, and comfortable, for getting your studying done.
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Thanks, @greggr, I do like that one! From the outside it looks like a pile of gemstones, but the inside is very sleek.
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Woah, like @LibraryLady said it looks like gemstones outside! I think I'd want to try to read outside at night to see any cool lighting features they have going on. @greggr do you by chance know if the lights are always on at night?
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@timeturnerjones I haven't been able to find any distinct information about that, sorry!
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@LibraryLady Agreed--it's definitely quite the architectural wonder.
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@greggr thanks for checking :)
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