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Common name: Bowfin, dogfish, grindle, mudfish, cypress trout, lake lawyer and beaverfish Native. Primitive fish once widely distributed, now limited to North America, particularly the basin regions. ID: Long body with round tail. Continuous, long dorsal fin. Big mouth. Toothy. Bony parts on head and back. Males have "eye" spot on tail; less present on females. Average 12 to 24 inches, 2 to 5 lbs. Up to 10lbs have been caught. Life cycle: Reproduce in warmer waters in spring. Females lay eggs in gravel after males move vegetation. Lay up to 5,000 eggs at a time. Males guard them until 4 inches long. Can gulp and breath air out of the water for up to 24 hours. Can survive in the mud during drought. Feeds on: insects, crustacean, fish, crawfish, frogs. Not a large game fish because they're pretty rare, and not good sport!
@mcgraffy haha, thanks. Just wanted to let you know it was missing. Cool stuff~
@happyrock oops, updated! They arent really the best sport and not that easy to find
I think your card got cut off @mcgraffy! Why is it not a large game fish?