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There's a lot of different scented worms out there, but Berkley's Power Worm has been a long time leader in that industry. The seven inch version, particularly in black, is a favorite. You can rig it in all different ways: Texas, Carolina, etc., and the curly tail at the end is gonna move appealingly as we move through the water. Bass in particular love this lure because of the scent, and they often hang on long enough for you to really set a good hook. But be careful, some will actually try to eat the worm and you'll be gut hooking them if you wait too log to set your hook. Check out the video i added to see its action first hand.
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@mcgraffy actually, you were asking me for ideas what to post about--what about more videos like this showing how things go underwater? I'll message you about my idea, lol
@mcgraffy Great, thanks! I'll try that kind of search.
@happyrock I usually just search the lure name on youtube and look for something like this hah
@mcgraffy where do you find these videos? I really like seeing just how they work in the water