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· What is search engine?
A search engine is a program (AI) that identifies in its database based on the keyword added by the users and return results accordingly.
Search engine works as user point of view and business point of view.
User goes to the search engine and search query based on keyword and he get appropriate results.
Business finds out that keyword which has maximum search volume with the help of Keyword Planner Tool and Uber Suggest.
These two tools help out business to knowing about maximum search volume on the keyword.

· How does search engine work?
It works in four steps:
1. Crawling
2. Indexing
3. Retrieve
4. Ranking

1) Crawling: It is the process in which search engine send out a team of robots (known as crawler or spiders or Google bot) which crawls on every websites to and take snapshot taking information collect the data in the form of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code. After collecting that information it sends into the giant database.
2) Indexing: It starts out by fetching websites in giant database, and then crawler stores all web pages information according to keyword; it is a record of all web pages online and put in a index format (alphabetical manner) in the database.
3) Retrieval: When users search any keyword the crawler focus on keyword and check into database for related keyword information and find out relevant web pages and recall it.
Retrieval has two processes -
Processing: It is the process in which the search keyword is matched with search strings that particular webpage in the giant data base and show relevant information.
Calculate relevancy: It calculates the promotional score of the keyword and content in database.
4) Ranking: Its involves deciding the position or ranking of keyword search query on search engine result page by calculating relevancy and promotional score of the website.

· HTML: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.
Earlier website is making through html coding. It is the language in which most website is manually created web pages in the form of coding. Html is used to create pages and make them functional manually. It’s a time taking process and we have a technical knowledge like coding language.

· HTML Advance Version is .php .net
.php and .net is a advanced version of HTML. It is a formatted language, it has dashboard in which we do coding with the help of open source information available on internet. It is a easily way process compares to HTML. We also need technical information with experienced in coding because it is time taking process.

· CMS (content management system):
It is also an advance version of HTML in which we don’t need HTML and technical information. CMS has dashboard having Plugins in which we have to edit and put the content and its reflect on the websites. It’s a template based website.
For example: When we open a you don’t know the coding of website, but when you do ctrl + u ( to know the source) you can see the coding of that website and the reflection of coding is text, image and video.
Difference between HTML and CMS:
1) HTML stand for ( hyper text markup language )
2) HTML is used to create and the actual content of the page, such as written text.
3) We cannot use the structure format and html syntax in CSS style sheets.
4) It is for web pages structure and content.
5) HTML uses tags that are surrounding the content of any web page element.
1) CMS stand for content management system.
2) It is essential for software that helps you to build a website
3) It will give you a way to create and manage digital content
4) CMS solution will make it easier to do things
5) In CMS you don’t need to learn coding for your website.