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keke check out who is going to be on Running Man Episode 105!!! HAN JI MIN!!!! i hope chunnie will make a special appearance too :) From the pictures, looks like they are going to have a Running Man MT (Member's Training), which in Korea means team bonding/ team outing where people basically get together... and get pissed drunk. AHAHA. will post the previews when I find them!!! dont forget to follow me to get updates on Running Man and other kdramas! Cr: rara82hy@twitter
Han Ji Min in it,this is great. So many stars I like in it,I'm watching as Yonghwa is in it and Eunjung also.
i knowww!!!! i REALLY REALLY hope micky makes a surprise appearance too that wld be AWESOME
Jimin awesome..
i hope so. will be the real love,