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These boards are gorgeous. Tilley surfboards always have a great vibe, I love the whole style of the company. Their collaboration with Octovo produced these rad special edition boards. They are known for their custom boards, and I'd love to ride one of my own one day. Here's the article with Octovo! "It is easy to miss the tiny town of Port Orford on Oregon’s rugged southern coast. Unless they get pulled over for speeding, most visitors spend less than a minute in town as they drive along US 101. But for craftsman and surfer Jason Tilley, it’s a place for practicing a life’s work. Tilley takes his part of the world and puts it into surfboards. He builds his boards with the Port Orford Cedar native to his home town. He shapes for himself and his neighbors – local watermen devoted to mastering the area’s remote and chilling surf breaks. And he designs and crafts everything about twenty feet away from where he and his family sleep at night. For our second Off Map collaboration project, we worked alongside Tilley as he guided us through his craft, his surfing and his personal way of connecting with the moments and sensations of his place. Through the collaboration we created five individual designs built using Tilley’s method of combining local, custom milled wooden skins and components with hand-shaped foam. The shapes were selected to match a wide range of conditions for traveling surfers. Original graphic and paint schemes were created for each board, as well as custom leash cups cast in either bronze or titanium. Each board is paired with a tailored, balanced carrying bag made from durable, UV resistant fabric and lined with a combination of waterproof, breathable, shock resistant and temperature insulating materials. The bags are fitted with leather-covers at the nose and tail, comfortable leather handles, padded shoulder straps and titanium hardware. We were honored to work with Tilley and inspired by his ability to connect with our world in a way that cannot be charted on maps."