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I have a competitive spirit, so I love dates when I have a chance to win at pretty much anything. Go-Karts make a great date because you can show off skills or laugh at your lack of them. It is loud, fast, and often a group activity. This is a great adventure double date - team up with your partner and take on the other couple!! There are plenty of great indoor race tracks, or you can visit an outdoor track that might also have other activities like mini golf! Make the loser pay for the post-race dessert ;) Just be sure that neither of you are sore losers. There is nothing worse than a great date being ruined by a poor sport. No pouting!
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This sounds like a fun time with a big group of friends too!
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This kind if competitive dating is better than others becase you can race together! it always ends badly for me when someone has to win against their date lol
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@onesmile team work makes dates that much more fun!
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I might lose at go-karts but I'll dominate at air hockey afterwards!
4 years ago·Reply
@caricakes sounds like the kind of competitive spirit that might make your date mad, hahaha!!
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