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Indoor rock climbing is a date that can test your competitive nature as well as your level of trust in your partner. Racing to the top of the wall is a fun way to challenge each other, but the most interesting part of the date will be when you put your partner in charge of your ropes or vice versa. Helping each other repel and climb by watching your life lines is the ultimate test of trust. Number one rule: Don't drop your date!
I love this idea! I remember as a kid the best birthday parties were rock climbing parties ;)
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The idea of trust is cool, but I'm not really strong and I'm pretty sure dropping my partner would kill the mood...
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@Sjeanyoon Yeah that's a big no-no. Maybe you should just stick to climbing and not spotting ;)
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I love rock climbing so as long as my date doesn't whine about his hands hurting, this would be a ton of fun!
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