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I know that fishing seems a little mundane for an Adventure Date, but this isn’t as weird as it sounds. If you know your date is an outdoorsy type, and you like the outdoors yourself, go fishing! Whether you go on a boat or do it off a pier, it’s loads of fun and a great time to talk and get to know each other. Make sure that one of you isn't afraid to take care of the fish after you've caught one - I'm a bit squeamish so I tend to just catch and release. If you don't catch anything you can always go out for sushi afterwards :)
@sophiamor haha as long as you know it
fishing is not easy sometimes kkk
My gf would freak out if I proposed a fishing date hahaha I'll pass on this one
This is so cute! Fishing and a picnic sounds sweet
@kristenadams My thoughts exactly! @happyrock As I was righting that sentence I was cringing hahahaha
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