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If you haven't noticed, I love dates that have some kind of competition. Arcades are a place to let our your inner child and have some good old-fashioned fun. Challenge your date to beat your score at Pac-Man, or take him on at Dance Dance Revolution. Whatever games you decide to play, the great thing about an arcade is that there is always another game to go play if you get bored. Save up your tickets and get a really great prize to remember the night.
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As long as I get a prize, this would be a ton of fun!
3 years ago·Reply
Cute! I'd kill at Dance Dance Rev hajahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@Nisfit Agreed hahaha @caricakes That's like me and air hockey, thats my GAME
3 years ago·Reply
I'm loving all these competition dates hahaha keep em up!
3 years ago·Reply
Ski Ball. Game on.
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