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Which plushies are NOT pokemon in this pic?

haha just read the LOOOOONG list of comments, yaay that all is well in the world of Pokemon!
Thank you so much! I just edited my card, as you can see, with the credit going to you ^^ Won't happen again. Hope to see more of your great work. BTW, I own only ONE Pikachu plushy, I've had it for over 16 years! =D
but so long as i am credited i will allow this photo to stay up. if you want to put my links up feel free to. thank you for being so understanding sammitak.
that is fine i do post my collection photos on deviantart and LJ quite a bit so feel free to watch me there i am also currently working on a website to showcase every item in my collection but it has yet to be finished both my DA and livejournal accounts are under the user: FurretTails. sometimes i do add my username to the photo such as this one on pokeplushproject: but it is hard to do that to every photo since it takes so long.
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