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bridal mask ep 17 preview just out everyone!!! here's my translation - dont forget to follow me for more kdrama goodies! and please credit me if u are using my work. muacks love you all! ==================================== Bridal Mask Episode 17 Shunji decides to proceed with the public executions ignoring the order of Commander Konno. Shunji's fearless attitude makes feelings between him and Kangto unstable. Shunji should be with Mokdan at the prison to find out the truth. The meeting of "Persistant Felon Mokdan" is held under the direction of the governor to proceed with public executions. Kangto asks where the territory of the comraderates are, to the father who so desires to keep his secrets. Then, as Kangto looks on into the father's firey eyes and tears, the father's mouth begins to speak...
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