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quy định bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy

Bảo hiểm Petrolimex- PJICO xin giới thiệu quy định bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy , một số quy định có thể bạn quan tâm. Quy định cụ thể trách nhiệm của các cơ quan ban ngành của nhà nước liên quan đến công an phòng cháy chữa cháy mọi người chú ý đặc biệt đến trách nhiệm của Bộ công an. Quy định chính hiện nay về bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy là nghị định số 23/2018/NĐ-CP của chính phủ.

Mức thu, nộp từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy cho hoạt động phòng cháy và chữa cháy
Mức thu từ Bảo hiểm Petrolimex triển khai bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy trong năm tài chính là 1% tổng số phí bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy thực tế thu được của các hợp đồng bảo hiểm gốc trong năm tài chính trước liền kề.
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Bảo hiểm Petrolimex triển khai bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy thực hiện nộp số tiền quy định tại khoản 1 Điều này vào Tài khoản của Cục Cảnh sát phòng cháy, chữa cháy và cứu nạn, cứu hộ do Bộ Công an mở tại Kho bạc Nhà nước Trung ương theo thời hạn sau:

a) Trước ngày 30 tháng 6 hàng năm: Nộp 50% tổng số tiền quy định tại khoản 1 Điều này.
b) Trước ngày 31 tháng 12 hàng năm: Nộp số tiền còn lại quy định tại khoản 1 Điều này.
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Chế độ quản lý, sử dụng nguồn thu từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy

Việc quản lý, sử dụng nguồn thu từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy phải đảm bảo minh bạch, đúng mục đích theo quy định tại Nghị định này và quy định pháp luật có liên quan.

Hàng năm, Bộ Công an lập dự toán thu, sử dụng nguồn thu từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy cho hoạt động phòng cháy, chữa cháy gửi Bộ Tài chính theo quy định pháp luật.
Nguồn thu từ  cho hoạt động phòng cháy, chữa cháy được sử dụng như sau:
a) Hỗ trợ trang bị phương tiện, thiết bị phòng cháy, chữa cháy cho lực lượng Cảnh sát phòng cháy và chữa cháy. Chi cho nội dung này không vượt quá 40% số tiền thực tế thu được từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy của bảo hiểm PJICO trong năm tài chính.

b) Hỗ trợ tuyên truyền, phổ biến pháp luật, kiến thức phòng cháy; chữa cháy và bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy. Chi cho nội dung này không vượt quá 30% số tiền thực tế thu được từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy của các doanh nghiệp bảo hiểm trong năm tài chính.
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c) Hỗ trợ lực lượng Cảnh sát phòng cháy và chữa cháy trong các hoạt động sau: Điều tra nguyên nhân vụ cháy; bồi dưỡng nghiệp vụ, kiểm tra an toàn về phòng cháy và chữa cháy; giám sát việc tham gia bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy của các cơ sở có nguy hiểm về cháy, nổ. Chi cho nội dung này không vượt quá 20% số tiền thực tế thu được từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy của các doanh nghiệp bảo hiểm trong năm tài chính.
d) Hỗ trợ khen thưởng thành tích của tổ chức, cá nhân trực tiếp tham gia, phối hợp trong công tác phòng cháy, chữa cháy. Chi cho nội dung này không vượt quá 10% số tiền thực tế thu được từ bảo hiểm phòng cháy chữa cháy của các doanh nghiệp bảo hiểm trong năm tài chính.
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Why Is Electrolyte Water Essential for the Body?
We are all aware that the benefits of drinking water are very remarkable: from controlling body temperature and blood pressure to enhancing mood, memory, and productivity. But do electrolytes added to the water, increase the benefits of H2O? What are Electrolytes? When dissolved in water, electrolytes are minerals that contain an electric charge. The meals you consume and the liquids you drink, keep your body electrolytes. These minerals, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, transport via the body and use their electrical energy, which include: · Balance your body's water amount · Balance the pH level of your body · Move your cells with nutrition · Stir your cells with garbage · Regulate your nerves, your muscles, and your heart and brain · Help reconstruction of tissue damaged Electrically loaded minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are injected into electrolyte water. Electrolyte water can sometimes be called mineral water or alkaline water. Whether you think it or not, seawater and tap water even contain different kinds of salt electrolytes. It is not recommended to drink salt water; it has a correct balance of minerals, which is essential for health promotion. Drinking water-electrolyte was specially developed with an optimal concentration of only the most advantageous electrolytes to boost hydrating and other body processes. Like sports drinks, electrolytes have been added for increased hydration but sports drinks often contain high quantities of sugar and calories. What is Electrolyte Water Up to 60% of the human adult body is comprised of water. Your body cannot execute all its vital tasks when you lose even a modest bit of this 60 percent. Electrolytes are dehydrated and control your hydration. Electrolyte levels in your blood may be too low in some circumstances, resulting in an imbalance. An electrolyte imbalance might adversely affect your health. Symptoms maybe – · Fatigue · Fast or irregular heartbeat · Numbness and tingling · Confusion · Muscle weakness and cramping · Headaches · Convulsions 1. Improves Performance During Workouts It is recommended that electrolyte-enhanced water be drunk frequently while practicing to restore the electrolytes lost in sweat. This improves the functioning of your heart, brain, muscle, and nerve system. 2. Supports Nervous System All of us can imagine sports athletes picking up sports beverages to recharge their lost electrolytes, but not only athletes have to maintain their bodies fluid and hydrated. Understanding the need for continuous moisture keeps us safe and productive in the end. Even a minor loss in moisture can result in reduced cognitive capacities, less attention and awareness, and less time to respond. Your reaction time is equal to someone with a blood level of alcohol at dehydration of 3% by .08%. 3. Protection from Heat Stroke Hot environments place you in danger from moderate heat rash to life-threatening heatstroke in a range of heat-related diseases. Your body usually handles heat by releasing it and sweating it across your skin. However, in hot temperatures, this cooling system can begin to malfunction, resulting in a dangerously high body temperature. You need to limit your heating time to avoid heat-related ailments. However, it is also essentially important to get sufficient fluids and electrolytes to keep your body cool. You can get electrolyte waters of different flavors all enriched with electrolytes and essential minerals at sites like eBay such as TrueGether. They offer timely discounts to their customers and all the products are very affordable!
Why Overnight Oatmeal is the Best Morning Meal for Diabetics?
We have all faced the agony of missing our early meal because of time scarcity in the morning. Overnight oats feel like dream come true for all those people who have to say no to their most important meal due to time troubles. Imagine having your breakfast already prepared when you get up and that even without lifting a thumb and most importantly, healthy. Exciting right?? But are overnight oats healthy for diabetics?? Oats are full of high fibers, protein, potassium, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids. Above all, it has no added sugar consequently making it one of the best choices for a diabetic person. Even if we get highlights of overnight oats being healthy for diabetic people. Let’s get further into the depth of facts and do a quick reality check-up. Let’s firstly know what an overnight oat is and why it has captured the attention of a vast population. What is Overnight Oatmeal and Why is it a Boon? Overnight oats are the same oats soaked overnight in your treasured liquids like milk, yogurt, coconut milk, or whichever you like and topped with mouth-watering toppings like nuts and fruits. Overnight oats being easy to prepare, time saver, and having assorted health benefits manages to get a lot of attention from youth. Moreover, it can be personalized according to one’s taste and is available with delightful recipes. If you are a dessert lover and worried about your sugar control. With this meal get ready to live your dream in reality. Not just weight loss but overnight oats even increase insulin in the body and prove themselves to be good for the heart. Now coming to the question that why Overnight Oats for Diabetics? you may get your answers here: Overnight oats for diabetics are one of the best choices for their breakfast. There are a lot of factors that make overnight oats good for diabetics. Some of them are discussed below. Qualities That Make Overnight Oats Good For Diabetics Oats are already loaded with nutrients. There are no additives required. Despite being a high-carb food, oats are considered good for diabetics because of the certain benefits they give. You can easily prepare overnight oatmeal for diabetics at home. Certain straightforward benefits which make overnight oats good for diabetics: • Low GI score: Glycemic Index or GI score tells how likely a food can increase blood glucose. Having a low GI score, oatmeal is an ideal food for diabetics. • Rich in fiber: Fiber is an important player in the game of digestion. It also helps to break down sugar complexes in the blood. • Lower blood sugar: Beta-glucans present in oats is the specific fiber that is known to lower blood sugar levels. • Healthy for the heart: The same beta-glucans are also helpful in maintaining cholesterol levels which eventually lead to a healthy heart. Apart from all these benefits, oatmeal makes you feel full and counter the craving for food at regular intervals. It also raises the insulin level temporarily that makes overnight oats good for diabetics. As of now, we know that overnight oatmeal for diabetics is a good breakfast option. We will now learn to prepare good overnight oatmeal for breakfast. How To Prepare Overnight Oats? Preparing overnight oats is not rocket science. It’s as simple as that. • Take oats in a container that can be covered for the night. • Fill it with water, milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or any other such fluid you like. • Leave it covered for 4-6 hours or the whole night. • Open it in the morning. Your overnight oats are ready. Enjoy it with honey, fruits, and dry fruits. There are several overnight oatmeal recipes for diabetics. The recipes contain ingredients per the needs of a diabetic person. Moving ahead we’d explore some recipes of overnight oats diabetes patients can enjoy. Can Overnight Oat be Really Pivotal in Diabetes Control? Oats are known for their lower glycaemic response than other breakfasts present in the market. Oats are also rich in b-glucan, a highly viscous soluble dietary fiber. B-glucan reduces postprandial blood glucose and hence insulin responses by delaying the absorption of carbohydrates. Plus, soaking results in the natural breakage of starch present in the oats, therefore, making it easy to digest. During the procedure, it gets to absorb more nutrients and the acid in the meal breaks down making it lighter. Oats are also loaded with good-for-you bacteria which when soaked helps them to multiply those tiny friends. Now as we have advocated the aids of overnight oat let's check for some amazing overnight oatmeal recipes for diabetics. However overnight oats can be made in several ways according to one’s personal choices but here are some special recipes for diabetics. Recipes With a Pinch of Love and Loads of Care Diabetic cooking can’t be made more amazing than our first recipe: 1: Apple Spice and Everything Nice We are going to make this meal named apple spiced overnight oats with real quick and easy steps: Step-1: In a 2 -cup mason jar or similar sized container mix some hemp hearts, oats, chia seeds, and cinnamon. Step-2: Mix in the Greek yogurt and shredded apple. Step-3: Add milk of your own choice and stir everything together. Step-4: Place the oats in the refrigerator for at least 2 hrs or overnight to chill. Step-5: Top it up with some of your favorite nuts and serve. Well, that was easy, and trust me tastes better than any known dessert to me. Moving to our next recipe for vanilla lovers 2: Vanilla Wonders Vanilla is wonderful in its own ways to let's mix it with oats to make it magical. Step-1: Take a jar and add ½ cup of rolled oats, 1/3 cup of Greek yogurt, 2/3 cup of almond milk. ½ teaspoon vanilla extract and whisk them well. Step-2: Close the jar with an alright lid. Step-3: refrigerate it overnight. Enjoy it by serving it cold. 3: Overnight Oats with Chocolate Chip Banana The mix got just delicious. Ingredients required: ½ cup of rolled oats, ⅓ cup of greek yogurt, ⅔ cup of unsweetened milk, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, ½ teaspoon vanilla extract, A pinch of salt, Honey to taste, ½ banana, 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips. Step1: Add all the ingredients to an airtight container and whisk them well. Step 2: Close the lid and refrigerate overnight. There are certainly more ways to prepare the best oatmeal for diabetics. It is a versatile food. You can find more recipes and enjoy being on diet with these amazing overnight oats. Final Word The high nutrient value and easy-to-digest nature undoubtedly make overnight oats good for diabetics. So, enjoy in moderation, overnight oats for diabetics are really good. Other than being diabetic-friendly, oats are helpful in many ways in our body functions. They help to prevent heart diseases, can aid weight loss, accelerate hair growth, can boost brain function and immunity. So, switch to overnight oats once and for all. It is a magic potion for health.