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Almanacs are annual publications that provide information such as weather forecasts, planting dates for farmers, tide tables, astronomical information, sun rising and setting times and dates, and even church festival information. These types of documents have been popular since the second millennium, though the extent of the use and function of these documents has changed over time. There are also almanacs for other topics such as population statistics, growth predictions, government results, economics, sports, health and more.
I totally forgot that people still use almanacs! I heard that next years weather is supposed to be more extreme than this years according to the almanacs coming out next month....
@sjeanyoon Indeed! is one source, but there are other fact compilation web sites as well.
I know there are plenty of online dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc, but are there any online almanacs?
@nokcha Even though our modern calendars on laptops can also see this, almanacs are so much more fun! @onesmile Indeed--overall their accuracy is surprisingly good, depending on the subject. Farmers have depended on them for hundreds of years!
Are almanacs considered to be...accurate? They always feel a bit fake to me!
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