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Significant Impact of COVID-19 on Global Mobile Robot Charging Station in Semiconductors & Electronics Industry

COVID-19 Impact on Global Mobile Robot Charging Station in Semiconductors and Electronics Industry
Coronavirus outbreak impacted almost first half of the global economy by initiating lockdown to control the spread of virus almost in every country. Governments of various countries initiated lockdown for certain period to reduce spread formed by the human physical interaction. Manufacturing facilities, sport, entertainment, transportation and other industries are shut downed for certain period excluding only companies which are dealing with COVID-19 are allowed to run their operations. Now after almost six months of the year 2020 the manufacturing facilities and other industrial verticals are restarting their operations with some mandate precaution measures. Market players with limited resources such as 20%-50% employees on the field, social distancing, extreme hygiene measures and others highlighted the importance for automation. Coronavirus outbreak impacted almost entire industrial sector but its created opportunity for charging mobile stations to grow rather than declining. As market players or service sectors are replacing the human resources with the robots in the field such as COVID-19 detecting robots, automatic robotics arms at manufacturing, delivery drones and others the demand of supportive charging solution is also increasing. The visibility of advanced charging solution is increased as the importance of robotics solution is increased to control such pandemic situation. Space is big constraint for the industries and maintaining physical distancing as the new regulation is not feasible for the every organization, hence to resolve this issue currently robotics and automation are prominent solutions for almost every industry and service sector from grocery store to manufacturing plant.
Market players, hospitals are adopting the robotics into the operational field in this COVID-19 situation such as SMP Robotics Systems Corp. a market player offered a disinfectant spraying robot S8.2 for the COVID-19 operations. The mobile robot comes with an advanced charging station such as automatic charging/refueling station.


COVID-19 created major impact on the manufacturing industry as the plants are shut down for the certain period which decreased the production volume. Similarly it hampered the mobile robot charging station production and reduced the sale. On other hand it increased the importance of the contactless mobile charging station to eliminate physical contact, human task and others. The importance or picture of the mobile robots, automation and other technologies gained more visibility in the customers mind. Contactless charging stations witnessed tremendous development in the automotive, healthcare and verticals.
For instance,
· In June 2020, WIBOTIC a market player introduced new charging technology for the autonomous mobile robots market. A new wireless charging and power optimization solutions for mobile robots offers the contact-less charging of AMR batteries. Through this company introduced advanced charging solution for the market which eliminates the physical contact and lower the spread of coronavirus.
· In April 2020, Airways International, Inc a market player announced the launch of autonomous charger robot for the Chinese and European market. A new charging mobile robot station is developed by the company for the electric vehicle application. Through this company enhanced their offering for the automotive industry which will help them to increase the customer base.
Similarly the demand for the autonomous charging portals is increasing for the automotive application.
For instance,
· In December 2019, Volkswagen AG, a market player introduced new charging solution for autonomous vehicles through mobile robots with advanced charging technology. The new mobile robot comes with flexible charging station. Through this, the company has enhanced the service and support for electric vehicles charging through mobile robots charging stations.
Such technological development in the charging stations and mobile robots is creating ample of opportunity for the market for autonomous vehicle robots charging solution market.


The market players have strong opportunity to increase their presence and share in the market by introducing advanced solution for the customer. A mobile robot charging stations has strong opportunity to develop the solution for automotive, contact less and other application. Customers are demanding the advanced and affordable solution as the importance of robot in pandemic situation has been increased for industrial, healthcare, disinfection and other applications.
For instance,
· In July 2020, WIBOTIC a market player formed partnership with the Ubiquity Robotics Inc., a provider of development platform. The new technology developed through partnership offers the navigation for Magni robot to reach the charging station. Through this company strengthened the product portfolio for the customer with advanced and affordable solutions.
For instance,
· In June 2020, Resgreen Group, a market player announced a large investment in the mobile robot solution development. A new autonomous mobile robot (AMRs) will be developed having the advanced feature of opportunity charging system. The portable charging station which allows several times charging of the vehicle during a shift at stations. This new technology is supposed to help the company in forecasted periods as electric vehicles market is growing at significant rate.


Mobile robots and charging station technology has strong demand in the market owing to increased demand for the contactless solution to lower the spread. Automation is major demanding solution in the market as it supports industry 4.0 revolutions due to which market is supposed to grow with significant rate. The COVID-19 further enhanced the importance for robots which is augmenting the market growth and supposed to increase CAGR in forecasted period of the 2020-2027.


The pandemic situation increased importance of contact less charging stations and mobile disinfecting robots to replace complicated task of humans. Rising awareness about the mobile robots and advanced charging solutions among customers and government is supposed to supplement the growth of market in the forecast period. Overall market has strong opportunity ahead to increase their presence and target the untapped market for the mobile robots charging stations. Rising importance and development of the solution for new application is supposed to drive the market growth in forecasted period.
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É possível ganhar dinheiro no iFood?
Recebemos todos os dias essa mesma pergunta de muitos donos de restaurantes:é possível ganhar dinheiro noiFood? O ideal é que o restaurante esteja presente em mais de uma plataforma de pedidos online ou market place, e possa adotar estratégias de negócio a fim de colher o melhor que cada uma delas tem a oferecer. Por exemplo, o iFood, que é o maior market place de delivery da América Latina, acaba sendo fundamental para visibilidade de marca para o restaurante e aumento de tráfego de pessoas e fluxo de pedidos. O preço disso? Altas taxas e percentual sobre vendas. Por outro lado, se o restaurante possui uma segunda solução de aplicativo de delivery, como o Vina, ele pode criar incentivos e ações para migrar e fidelizar os clientes que ele conquista via iFood para um aplicativo de delivery próprio que seja menos custoso para ele. Com o Vina, o restaurante paga apenas R$ 1 por pedido, sem percentual sobre vendas. Dessa forma, as plataformas de delivery acabam sendo complementares para o aumento de vendas e da rentabilidade do restaurante, e, recebendo pedidos via iFood ou Vina, o ideal é que o restaurante possua um sistema de gestão que possa integrar as duas plataformas e enviar os pedidos recebidos automaticamente para os pontos de produção, otimizando tempo, equipe e evitando erros manuais. Osistema para restaurantesControle Na Mão faz a integração tanto com iFood, quanto com o Vina.
6 Ridiculous Texting Rules We Are All Guilty Of
Let's keep it real. We all have our set of texting rules that we came up with after we got tired of communicating with people who simply can't hold a concise conversation. Although our rules may be of some value to ourselves, others may find them to be absolutely ridiculous. I'll admit, it drives me crazy when someone texts me first and I reply just for them to take forever to reply to my message. I think we have all grown way too accustomed to communicating via text messages that we have gone slightly insane. The smallest things drive us bonkers and they really shouldn't. Patience is a virtue, but when it comes to texting -- patience is foreign. Oh, and let's not forget grammar. Geez la weez, we won't even get into that one. I sound disgusting with having my idiosyncrasies when it comes to texting, but I know I'm not the only one. While you may think my demands are high, keep scrolling to see the list of texting rules Cosmopolitan came up with. Apparently, we've all been texting wrong all along. You can't answer a text with "K" or "Fine" because you'll sound like you're so mad you might try to burn down their house later. 'I'm so guilty of thinking this when someone does it to me, but you know what? Sometimes your really just do want to text back "K" because that's all that needs to be said, and you're getting in your car and are trying to reply, so they know you got it. I think I'm having a panic attack.' If you were the last one to text in a convo, you can't text again until they reply. 'And you know what? I have abandoned this one. Sometimes I send one text and then remember I have another five texts' worth of strong feels I would like to convey to them because at the end of the day, who doesn't like getting a lot of texts from someone they like? Can we all just live?' If you reply immediately, you look like a desperate freak who has no friends or hobbies. 'Or you can reply immediately sometimes but not other times. These are seriously things we do with our freaking friends!!! Why are we using dumb dating rules with someone we go bra shopping with and talk about how our period was extra clumpy lately with? Why?' If you capitalize and use commas in texts like a normal human being would IRL, you're basically a serial killer. 'Whenever I get a text from someone who's using proper capitalization and commas and punctuation, I'm like, "Calm down, Beth. This isn't a job interview," but you know what? It's dumb that we think that about people who write the way humans are technically supposed to write.' If you start writing something but you see that the other person already has the ellipse bubble up, you should delete what you wrote and wait for them to finish what they were saying. 'Oh, yes, because their text would be completely ruined if you said something before they say something. Plus, a lot of the time they don't even end up sending what they were typing so then you just sat in that awkward silence for nothing and have to wait for, like, two minutes to pass before you can type what you were going to type in the first place. So lame.' You absolutely must put 9,000 emojis and exclamation marks and "haha"s into every text; otherwise you're depressed and what's wrong? 'I understand this one because facial expressions aren't available, so you want to let the other person know you enjoy their texts and aren't sitting there groaning, but it's also slightly weird that we have to be like, "aaaand ending this with 19 exclamation marks and 12 random emojis so she knows I'm having fun."' Do you live by any texting rules? If so, which one(s)? #5 and #2 drive me absolutely insane! @marshalledgar @alywoah @nicolejb @buddyesd @keith2web @atmi @arshada @humairaa @stephosorio @jazziejazz @MyAffairWith @mscocoasupreme @VixilCastillo
Will Robots Steal Our Jobs?
So, I just read a staggering statistic that I think the rest of you would be equally WTF?! over. According to a study sponsored by the World Economic Forum, humans will be losing an approximate 5.1 million jobs to robots within the next five years. The study examined 15 different economies across the world, who combined make about 65% of the international workforce. Due to the upward trend of technology and service-oriented robotics, about 7 million jobs will be lost. However, 2 million will be gained due to the progress of technology in these different nations. As of right now, robots and machinery have begun taking over more general jobs, like cashiers. However, as they become more and more widespread, the World Economic Forum believes that these robots will become smarter and more specialized. "As entire industries adjust, most occupations are undergoing a fundamental transformation. While some jobs are threatened by redundancy and others grow rapidly, existing jobs are also going through a change in the skill sets required to do them." A Business Insider report backed up study, adding that the jobs they believe are most at risk are ones involving data entry or more clerical-style operations, including pharmacists, lawyers and paralegals, drivers, astronauts, store clerks, soldiers, babysitters, rescuers, and sportswriters. (The idea of astronauts being replaced by robots is seriously depressing to me. Space travel is so exciting because humans are doing it!) CNN also cited a Bank of America sponsored study that added more jobs to the list: bakers, butchers, tour guides, tax collectors, telemarketers, insurance sales agents, retail salespeople, clerks, accountants, and pharmacy technicians. It also added that the manufacturing industry will see a huge boom in robot workforce, increasing 35% by 2025. "To prevent a worst-case scenario – technological change accompanied by talent shortages, mass unemployment and growing inequality – reskilling and upskilling of today's workers will be critical. It is simply not possible to weather the current technological revolution by waiting for the next generation's workforce to become better prepared." The good news is that there are still plenty of jobs that are pretty unlikely to be replaced by robots any time soon. Anything involving the arts, empathy, or intuition - such as social work, teaching, or police work - require a type of human interaction that robots just can't replicate. (So next time you're teased about your 'worthless' liberal arts degree, feel free to let them know about the impending robot revolution.) So what do you guys think? Are robots really going to be taking over so much so quickly? Do you think the government should have any say over how much robotics is used? Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow the WTF Street Journal collection.
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QUESTION 801 Over the last 90 days, many storage services has been exposed in the cloud services environments, and the security team does not have the ability to see is creating these instance. Shadow IT is creating data services and instances faster than the small security team can keep up with them. The Chief information security Officer (CIASO) has asked the security officer (CISO) has asked the security lead architect to architect to recommend solutions to this problem. Which of the following BEST addresses the problem best address the problem with the least amount of administrative effort? A.Compile a list of firewall requests and compare than against interesting cloud services. B.Implement a CASB solution and track cloud service use cases for greater visibility. C.Implement a user-behavior system to associate user events and cloud service creation events. D.Capture all log and feed then to a SIEM and then for cloud service events Answer: C QUESTION 802 An analyst execute a vulnerability scan against an internet-facing DNS server and receives the following report: - Vulnerabilities in Kernel-Mode Driver Could Allow Elevation of Privilege - SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported - Vulnerability in DNS Resolution Could Allow Remote Code Execution - SMB Host SIDs allows Local User Enumeration Which of the following tools should the analyst use FIRST to validate the most critical vulnerability? A.Password cracker B.Port scanner C.Account enumerator D.Exploitation framework Answer: A QUESTION 803 The Chief information Officer (CIO) wants to establish a non-banding agreement with a third party that outlines the objectives of the mutual arrangement dealing with data transfers between both organizations before establishing a format partnership. Which of the follow would MOST likely be used? A.MOU B.OLA C.NDA D.SLA Answer: A QUESTION 804 A security analyst is trying to identify the source of a recent data loss incident. The analyst has reviewed all the for the time surrounding the identified all the assets on the network at the time of the data loss. The analyst suspects the key to finding the source was obfuscated in an application. Which of the following tools should the analyst use NEXT? A.Software Decomplier B.Network enurrerator C.Log reduction and analysis tool D.Static code analysis Answer: D QUESTION 805 Which of the following controls primarily detects abuse of privilege but does not prevent it? A.Off-boarding B.Separation of duties C.Least privilege D.Job rotation Answer: A QUESTION 806 A company provides guest WiFi access to the internet and physically separates the guest network from the company's internal WIFI. Due to a recent incident in which an attacker gained access to the compay's intend WIFI, the company plans to configure WPA2 Enterprise in an EAP- TLS configuration. Which of the following must be installed on authorized hosts for this new configuration to work properly? A.Active Directory OPOs B.PKI certificates C.Host-based firewall D.NAC persistent agent Answer: B QUESTION 807 The goal of a Chief information Security Officer (CISO) providing up-to-date metrics to a bank's risk committee is to ensure: A.Budgeting for cybersecurity increases year over year. B.The committee knows how much work is being done. C.Business units are responsible for their own mitigation. D.The bank is aware of the status of cybersecurity risks Answer: A QUESTION 808 A cybersecurity engineer analyst a system for vulnerabilities. The tool created an OVAL. Results document as output. Which of the following would enable the engineer to interpret the results in a human readable form? (Select TWO.) A.Text editor B.OOXML editor C.Event Viewer D.XML style sheet E.SCAP tool F.Debugging utility Answer: AE QUESTION 809 A Chief information Security Officer (CISO) is developing corrective-action plans based on the following from a vulnerability scan of internal hosts: Which of the following MOST appropriate corrective action to document for this finding? A.The product owner should perform a business impact assessment regarding the ability to implement a WAF. B.The application developer should use a static code analysis tool to ensure any application code is not vulnerable to buffer overflows. C.The system administrator should evaluate dependencies and perform upgrade as necessary. D.The security operations center should develop a custom IDS rule to prevent attacks buffer overflows against this server. Answer: A QUESTION 810 The Chief information Security Officer (CISO) of a small locate bank has a compliance requirement that a third-party penetration test of the core banking application must be conducted annually. Which of the following services would fulfill the compliance requirement with the LOWEST resource usage? A.Black-box testing B.Gray-box testing C.Red-team hunting D.White-box testing E.Blue-learn exercises Answer: C 2021 Latest Braindump2go CAS-003 PDF and CAS-003 VCE Dumps Free Share:
¿Cuáles son mis derechos como consumidor si el producto es defectuoso?
De acuerdo con la Ley del Consumidor australiana, si un producto o servicio que usted compra no cumple con la garantía del consumidor, tiene derecho a pedir una reparación (si el fallo es leve), la sustitución o el reembolso (si tiene problemas importantes). Estos derechos se aplican tanto a los productos nuevos como a los de segunda mano, aunque la duración de los derechos depende de lo que sea razonable para el producto. "El hecho de que algunas partes del bien sean de segunda mano afecta, pero no determina, su duración razonable", dice la Comisión Australiana de Competencia y Consumo a Guardian Australia. Unas gafas inteligentes que podrían salir al mercado en 2022 y que nos dejarían ver el mundo, literalmente, a través de las lentes de Apple. Parte humana, parte máquina: ¿está Apple convirtiéndonos a todos en ciborgs? Más información También aconseja que "una empresa debe dejar claro qué componentes de un bien reacondicionado han sido sustituidos y qué componentes son de segunda mano, de modo que el consumidor pueda hacer una evaluación sobre la duración probable de los componentes del bien reacondicionado". "Cuando un bien reacondicionado tiene múltiples componentes, un consumidor razonable esperaría que los componentes de segunda mano no duren tanto como el mismo componente de un bien idéntico que no es de segunda mano". Dicho esto, muchos minoristas ofrecen garantías en los teléfonos reacondicionados similares a las de los productos nuevos. Un iPhone 8 reacondicionado de Boost Mobile disponible en Coles viene con una garantía de satisfacción de 30 días y una garantía de 12 meses. Telechoice ofrece garantías de 12 meses en los teléfonos reacondicionados que se compran directamente, y garantías de 24 meses para los teléfonos de un plan. ¿Son mejores para el medio ambiente? Cuanto más tiempo conserves tu teléfono, mejor para el medio ambiente. De hecho, conservar un teléfono durante un año más que la media de dos y pico reduce el impacto de su vida útil en CO2 en un tercio. Esto se debe a que hasta el 95% de las emisiones totales de CO2 del dispositivo durante esa vida media de dos años provienen de la fabricación del teléfono. La producción de teléfonos inteligentes es intensiva en carbono, debido a la cantidad de materiales raros utilizados. Estos tienen que ser extraídos, lo que no sólo libera carbono, sino que también agota las reservas finitas. Covid ha convertido las "notas de voz" en la forma perfecta de estar conectado Magdalene Abraha Más información Y el impacto medioambiental de la tecnología no hace más que empeorar. Aunque los dispositivos se han reducido en las últimas décadas, un estudio de la Universidad McMaster de Canadá reveló que la contribución de la industria de la información y la comunicación a la huella de carbono global se triplicó entre 2007 y 2016, una tendencia que se prevé que continúe. El servicio de reciclaje 1800-eWaste calcula que entre el 95 y el 98% de los componentes de los aparatos electrónicos pueden ser reciclados, así que cuando actualices, asegúrate de vender, canjear o reciclar tu viejo aparato con empresas como Mobile Muster.
This Breakfast-Making Machine Is The Best Thing Ever.
One of my favorite movies growing up was 'Peewee's Big Adventure' - which, compared to its contemporary kids' movie equivalents, was quite the acid trip. One of the best scenes toward the beginning was when Peewee was getting ready for his day. He'd pick out one of his usual trademark suits and head down into the kitchen, where this very quirky Rube Goldberg machine would fix him his breakfast. However, I never thought it would be real someday. It took inventors Peter Browne and Mervyn Huggett over 1,000 hours to build, but the machine isn't even FOR them - it's actually for their wives! The machine, while definitely not as compact as other modern machinery, has a number of incredibly cool features, including: A toaster that will toast your sliced bread nice and evenly. A hot kettle that will not only pour tea or coffee, but brew it too! A beaker of boiling water that cooks eggs to a perfect soft boil. It also shoots out the morning newspaper and presents the cup of tea or coffee, boiled egg, and toast directly to the person about to enjoy their breakfast. Check out Peter's walk-through of this super amusing breakfast machine by clicking the embedded video clip above, and then let me know: If you were an inventor, what kind of machine would you build? Personally, I could use a machine that will help me get ready and out the door in the morning - maybe something with an iron, ironing board, blowdryer, flatiron, brush, and full make-up set all in one? Anyway, comment below with your thoughts, and for more strange tech news, follow my Weird Science collection!
How to Make a Food Delivery App in Qatar
In 1994, Pizza Hut launched online ordering of pizza for the very first time. Since then, home delivery of food items has become a multibillion-dollar business. Today, hundreds of aggregator platforms are available all over the world. As a business, the online food delivery service has grown multi-fold over the past couple of years, driven by the restrictions imposed by governments to contain the spread of the coronavirus. According to Statista, online food delivery revenues are expected to come in at $31,908 million in 2021 and grow at a 9.18 percent annual rate to reach $45,332 million by 2025. Further, studies show that for more than 58 percent of the users, convenience is more important than anything else. As such, this is by far the most appropriate time to invest in your own food delivery app. Having said that, here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the best food delivery app for your business in Qatar:  Step 1: Validation of your app idea  The first step in the development of a food delivery app is the validation of your app idea. There are few companies in the market already working in the domain. It is important to create unique features in your application to stand out from the competition.  At Zartek, we consult startups and organizations on the best way to launch a product and to find the product-market fit. It is best that you consult with one of the best mobile app development companies in Qatar to clearly understand the viability of your app idea. A reliable app development service provider will guide you in the right direction.   Step 2: Choose the food delivery model that suits your business  There are two major types of on-demand food delivery business models in the market. They are:  Aggregator Model (Third-Party App)  This model allows users to browse through the menus of many different restaurants. Once the user creates an account, he/she can view the list of restaurants and reviews given by other users, make a choice, and order his/her favorite food. The aggregator model connects the restaurants and users. Zomato and Swiggy are examples of food delivery platforms that make use of the aggregator model.  Delivery/Logistics Service Model  In the aggregator model, the order fulfillment is handled by the restaurant. This is just perfect for large hotels and restaurants. However, it is harder for new and small restaurants to partner with aggregators and get listed on their app. This led to the emergence of the delivery service model around 2013. The platform is similar to the aggregator model, but the difference is that the app itself handles delivery. This model is profitable for start-ups as they are not required to maintain a delivery arrangement for the orders they receive. This helps them to significantly reduce their expenses.  The aggregator model helps established restaurants cut down on labor costs and focus more on food preparation. Besides, the aggregator model involves just two parties – the users and the restaurant. For the delivery service model, however, an additional platform needs to be developed for delivery services. Zomato is a good example of the delivery service model.  Step 3: Aggregator Model Requirements  The food ordering service needs to have three different apps:  Customer app – This is the app that users install on their smartphones to order nutritious food options from listed restaurants. It needs to provide the best user experience. Admin app – This app is designed for use by food delivery companies. It accepts customer orders, dispatches items, handles payments, and tracks orders through the integrated GPS tracking technology in real-time. It can be web-based software as well. Delivery service app - This app serves the needs of the delivery service provider. Step 4: Decide the features of your app  Whether you choose to build an on-demand delivery service app or a third-party Qatari food delivery platform, it should have amazing features so that you can attract and retain customers. To understand the features to be incorporated in your app, it is a good idea to create an MVP first. You can then build your unique online food ordering and delivery app.  Step 5: Tech stack needed to build top food delivery apps  Your app needs to be highly functional and enable safe and secure payments, customer registrations, and provide analytics information to enhance the operational efficiency of your business. Moreover, the appropriate tech factors that help design the best UI and ensure a great UX need to be selected.  In conclusion, it is highly recommended that you choose a trustworthy mobile app development agency in Qatar to partner with if your goal is to build a top food delivery app. This is very important for the success of your business.  Zartek Technologies  Zartek Technologies is one of the leading mobile and web application development companies in Qatar. The tech company also has offices in Canada and India. Experienced product developers at Zartek are focused on building mobility solutions for individuals, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises. Zartek crafts custom solutions that provide great performance and an excellent user experience.
Robot là gì? Ứng dụng robot trong sản xuất tự động
ROBOT LÀ GÌ? Robot là một trong những phát minh vĩ đại của con người từ gần 100 năm qua và không ngừng được phát triển để ngày càng thông minh hơn, hữu ích hơn và an toàn hơn. Với sự phát triển của khoa học công nghệ, các nước, các nền công nghiệp trên toàn thế giới đang chạy đua để cải tiến và chế tạo ra những robot hiện đại nhất cho mọi lĩnh vực trong cuộc sống và phục vụ sản xuất. Robot ngày càng phổ biến trong các nhà máy sản xuất, thay thế cho con người ở những công việc nặng nhọc, nhàm chán. Từ những robot với chân cố định chỉ di chuyển theo tịnh tiến 3 trục XYZ cho tới cánh tay robot công nghiệp 4-5-6 trục tự do linh hoạt như cánh tay con người, hiện đại hơn là robot AGV tích hợp cobot xếp hàng hóa robotic packaging systems, di chuyển thông minh trong nhà kho tạo thành robot tự hành, robot gắp vật, robot loading/unloading; pick & place tích hợp giải pháp vision phân loại, kiểm tra sản phẩm… Robot là gì? Robot là một cỗ máy đặc biệt là một lập trình bởi một máy tính có khả năng thực hiện một loạt phức tạp của các hành động tự động. Robot có thể được dẫn đường bằng thiết bị điều khiển bên ngoài(ray trượt, vít me) hoặc điều khiển có thể được nhúng bên trong(động cơ, bánh xe, xích di chuyển…). Robot có thể được chế tạo để gợi lên hình dáng con người , nhưng hầu hết các robot là những cỗ máy thực hiện nhiệm vụ, được thiết kế với trọng tâm là chức năng rõ ràng, hơn là thẩm mỹ bên ngoài. Nhánh công nghệ liên quan đến thiết kế, xây dựng, vận hành và ứng dụng rô bốt, cũng như các hệ thống máy tính để điều khiển, phản hồi cảm giác và xử lý thông tin là rô bốt . Những công nghệ này xử lý các máy móc tự động có thể thay thế con người trong môi trường nguy hiểm hoặc quy trình sản xuất hoặc giống con người về ngoại hình, hành vi hoặc nhận thức. Nhiều robot ngày nay được lấy cảm hứng từ thiên nhiên đóng góp vào lĩnh vực robot lấy cảm hứng từ sinh học . Những robot này cũng đã tạo ra một nhánh robot mới hơn: robot mềm . Lịch sử của Robot Từ rất lâu , đã có rất nhiều các thiết bị tự động có thể định cấu hình của người dùng và thậm chí là các ô tô tự động giống con người và các loài động vật khác, được thiết kế chủ yếu để giải trí. Khi kỹ thuật cơ khí phát triển qua thời đại công nghiệp , đã xuất hiện nhiều ứng dụng thực tế hơn như máy móc tự động, điều khiển từ xa và điều khiển từ xa không dây . Thuật ngữ này xuất phát từ một gốc Slavic, robot- , với các ý nghĩa liên quan đến lao động. Từ ‘robot’ lần đầu tiên được sử dụng để biểu thị một hình người hư cấu trong vở kịch tiếng Séc năm 1920 RUR (Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti – Rossum’s Universal Roboti) của Karel Čapek , mặc dù anh trai của Karel là Josef Čapek mới là người phát minh ra từ này. Điện tử phát triển thành động lực của sự phát triển với sự ra đời của robot tự động điện tử đầu tiên được tạo ra bởi William Grey Walter ở Bristol, Anh vào năm 1948, cũng như máy công cụ Máy tính Điều khiển Số (CNC) trong cuối những năm 1940 bởiJohn T. Parsons và Frank L. Stulen . Robot kỹ thuật số và có thể lập trình hiện đại đầu tiên được phát minh bởi George Devol vào năm 1954 và sinh ra công ty robot Unimation của ông . Chiếc Unimate đầu tiên được bán cho General Motors vào năm 1961, nơi nó nâng các mảnh kim loại nóng từ máy đúc khuôn tại Nhà máy Inland Fisher Guide ở khu vực West Trenton của Ewing Township, New Jersey. Robot đã thay thế con người trong việc thực hiện các nhiệm vụ lặp đi lặp lại và nguy hiểm mà con người không muốn làm hoặc không thể làm vì giới hạn kích thước hoặc diễn ra trong môi trường khắc nghiệt như ngoài không gian hoặc dưới đáy biển. Có những lo ngại về việc sử dụng ngày càng nhiều robot và vai trò của chúng trong xã hội. Robot được cho là nguyên nhân dẫn đến tình trạng thất nghiệp công nghệ gia tăng khi chúng thay thế công nhân trong số lượng chức năng ngày càng tăng. Ứng dụng robot trong sản xuất Robot có nhiều ứng dụng trong các ngành sản xuất hiện đại. Với mục tiêu thay thế con người trong những công việc lặp đi lặp lại đơn giản và nhàm chán, cho tới các công việc đòi hỏi độ chính xác cao, nguy hiểm và nhiều rủi ro, robot công nghiệp đang ngày càng xuất hiện nhiều hơn trong nhà xưởng và phát huy được vai trò của mình. Cánh tay robot công nghiệp Cánh tay robot công nghiệp có lẽ là dòng robot phổ biến nhất trong các nhà xưởng hiện nay, bởi khả năng thay thế con người trong nhiều công việc nặng nhọc và nguy hiểm. Cánh tay robot 4-5-6 trục phục vụ xếp dỡ hàng hóa lên pallet, đóng gói: robotic packaging systems. Robot xếp hàng lên pallet Bốc dỡ hàng hóa từ băng tải lên pallet hàng và ngược lại. Robot hàn điểm, hàn khung xe, hàn cấu kiện máy với yêu cầu đường hàn và vị trí hàn phức tạp. Robot lắp ráp, đánh bóng, robot sơn được lập trình thông minh cho nhiều model sản phẩm khác nhau. Hầu hết các robot này đều thực hiện các công việc một cách tự động theo chương trình đã được cài đặt, lập trình sẵn mà không cần sự tham gia của con người. Các cánh tay robot công nghiệp thường có kích thước lớn cho các yêu cầu cần sức mạnh với tầm với xa. Vùng làm việc được lắp đặt hàng rào bảo vệ xung quanh nhằm tránh xung đột và gây tai nạn lao động, va chạm giữa robot với con người/máy/phương tiện cơ giới/robot khác. Robot agv-robot tự hành Xe tự hành AGV được sử dụng nhiều cho kho thông minh với các ứng dụng xuất nhập kho, vận chuyển hàng hóa, logistic trong nhà xưởng. Giải pháp cho nhà kho thông minh giúp tiết kiệm thời gian, nhân công và dễ dàng kiểm soát hàng hóa. Các robot AGV có thể ở dạng xe chui gầm, xe kéo trolley, thùng hàng điều hướng bằng băng dẫn từ, laser hoặc barcode. Robot cộng tác Co-bot hay robot cộng tác có độ an toàn cao hơn cánh tay robot công nghiệp, có thể hoạt động cùng lúc với người lao động và hỗ trợ trong các công đoạn lắp ráp, nâng, nhấc, dịch chuyển sản phẩm từ các vị trí trên dây chuyền lắp ráp, sản xuất. Các robot cộng tác dạng này thường là robot đánh bóng, bắn vít, cấp liệu… Robot gắp sản phẩm Với kích thước nhỏ gọn, nhanh nhẹn và thông minh hơn, robot gắp vật dùng cho ứng dụng pick and place trong dây chuyền phần loại, kiểm tra sản phẩm với các tính năng vision hiện đại, kiểm tra màu sắc, hình dáng, đo kiểm…kết hợp các đầu hút, gắp xử lý sau công đoạn kiểm tra bằng camera. Robot đóng gói hàng hóa-robotic packaging systems. Robot đang ngày càng được thiết kế, lập trình để đa dạng hóa các nhiệm vụ hỗ trợ con người với mục đích nâng cao năng suất, độ chính xác và an toàn hơn cho người sử dụng.