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Three girls will compete with one another acting for three different dramas during August. Moon Chae Won on "Nice Guy", Shin Min Ah on "Arang and the Magistrate" and Sulli on "To the Beautiful You". Moon Chae Won considers Shim Un Ha a role model and aims to become a new romance drama star. Shin Min Ah will become a cute ghost, a similar role as she did in Gumiho. Sulli will act a woman with man's wear. Sulli is expecting that she will be another Yun Eun Hye who acted a character in Coffee Prince Source:
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definitely shin min ah!!!
5 years ago·Reply
sma & mcw
5 years ago·Reply
Shin MinA
5 years ago·Reply
Shin Min A
5 years ago·Reply
Moon Chae Won - none of her opponents would reach her play from Princess's man... she's really good!
5 years ago·Reply