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Commonly served as a side dish, this one is so tasty you'll probably end up wanting to have it as a main meal! The dish is made from sweet potato noodles, stir fried in sesame oil with a selection of vegetables including carrots, onions, spinach and mushrooms. When being served as a meal, common additions include beef or an egg and even a side of rice! (Yes - rice AND noodles!) It's easy enough to make but if you're looking for it as a meal, check out: -Hong Mei (홍메이) in Gangnam No.11, 148 Onju-ro gil, Gangnam, Seoul (서울 강남구 언주로148길 11) +82 2 549 1687
Sounds yummy! I'll have to give this dish a try sometime
Japchae is one of my faves and also my husband's. I am Korean and he is a Texan :) Korean food is the best!
@funkystar25 apparently it's not that hard to make! (I don't know..I haven't actually tried to make it myself) There are lots of recipes on the internet and they don't look too bad...but that's always the way isn't it?!
I ate this last time I was in Korea - I really liked it :) Now I just have to learn how to make it...
You definitely should - let me whether you like it or not and I can give you some more recommendations :)