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The concept of this exhibition is simple: role reversal. People who can see are taken out of their familiar environment. Blind people provide them with security and a sense of orientation. The exhibition aims to open the eyes of the seeing to the world of the blind; to show them that the world of the blind is in no way poorer or less well off - only different. In groups of up to 10, visitors embark on a journey through the darkness. Escorted by a guide, they spend 60-90 minutes exploring darkened galleries; a park, a boat, a café, a food market etc. Wandering around in the darkness and all, it's a great opportunity for that first hand-hold (no more awkward *yawn* and stretch scenes from the movies - Rejoice!) and as my Korean friend said "you get to 'see' a different side of your boyfriend/girlfriend". Hopefully by the time you return to the world of the seeing, you'll be a better couple for it! Let me know what you think in the comments below~ Costs Involved: -Admission 30,000won Location: Vertigo Building 9th Floor Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu (서울시 서대문구 창천동 18-29 9층) Directions: Travel by underground to Sinchon Station (Line 2). Take Exit 3 and walk straight up Yonsei-ro, past McDonalds and the university book shop. When you reach Mr.Pizza, turn right and 버티고 타워 (Vertigo Tower) should be the next building on your right. Website: (ENGLISH) Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 12am – 8:30pm Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 7pm For more information: +82 2 313 9977 *Call in advance for English tours
I never got a chance to go and do this - I'm hoping it's still there when I get back...
@traveller I was with a friend so I was sort of guided, but I had no idea what I was getting into when I walked into that shrine!
I once went to a temple that had a room of complete darkness. You were meant to walk with faith that you would be guided to safety. It was my first time experiencing that kind of helplessness
@ryantadman that sounds really interesting - where was that? were you being guided or were you walking on your own?