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This kind of rig is going to be most successful in cold water, but I'm introducing it now anyways. The water has to be clear and cold for this to work, otherwise the bass are gonna have no motivation to go after such a small, useless jig. A lot of fisherman really doubt that this could be effective, but after trying it learn why it works. Suspended bass--aka cold bass-- are just going to be trying to conserve energy and get nutrition by going after bait that suits those conditions. This jig, which consists of a floater (bobber), 3 way swivel, duck hair/hair reminiscent of a fly. You've gotta put the jig 8 to 14 feet before the floater depending on the temperature. To catch some bass with this jig, cast it out toward the bank and let it settle-you best do this on a slightly windy day. Watch the bobber and wait for a strike. Watch the bobber diligently, as it may be slowly rather than quickly moved. If you don't have any wind (or even if you do) make sure to move the tip a bit so the bobber will send vibrations down to the lure and get it moving. Then, wait! You'll be sure to catch some winter bass with this. Tight lines!
@fallingwater oops, that was for @happyrock haha. you just wanna see the bobber start to move unnaturally! so not with the waves, but in a different motion
@mcgraffy ahh, I see~~ I always think you have to wait for it to go completely underwater
@fallingwater never hurts to try, but chances are they'll be pretty uninterested in this lure until that time
I'm not sure I understand; what kind of motion am I looking for from the bobber? @mcgraffy
This is one I really want to remember for the winter!! Do you think I'd be able to test this out before then, or would it be totally ineffective? @mcgraffy