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Fans of culture-inspired paintings can marvel at the works of Rasmono Sudarjo in an exhibition hosted by Tugu Kunstkring Paleis for one month starting from June 18. Sixty-seven year old Rasmono is a Chinese-Indonesian painter who owns Shao Gallery in Surabaya, East Java. He has a unique style of painting by firstly taking a photograph of an object and then uses it to help him put the image into canvas. "I started painting 10 years ago. But long before that, for about 40 years, I was passionate about photography. So what I basically do is put together those two hobbies of mine into something the critics call realism," Rasmono told The Jakarta Post Travel during the exhibition's opening event on Tuesday. Based on the 30 paintings displayed at the restaurant's Art & Performance Hall, Rasmono enjoys painting objects related to nature as well as local culture and ways of life. "I'm especially attracted to Indonesian and Chinese cultures because both are very diverse," said Rasmono. "Indonesia is blessed with so many interesting objects. I especially enjoy spending time in Bali because it has such a rich and lively cultures. I have always wanted to visit the remote parts of Kalimantan island and meet the indigenous tribes," he added. All Rasmono's paintings are available for sale with prices starting from Rp 25 million (US$2,084) to Rp 150 million. The money raised will later be donated to charity.
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I'm not a huge fan or realist paintings, but this has a nice tonal range! Very appealing to the eye