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Actor Gong Yoo and actress Lee Min Jung recently showed off their close friendship. On July 22, the production company for KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Big released pictures taken while on the set. In the pictures, Gong and Lee are sharing a drink of water together. The two stars looked like a real couple and made the entire crew jealous. The pictures were taken in the front yard of Gong’s house in the series and it made the audience wonder if Gong has returned to normal. The production crew for the series is keeping secret about the last episode to make the audience eagerly anticipate the ending.
but too bad lee min jung already married...she should be with Gong Yoo :-(
but too bad lee min jung already married...she should be with Gong Yoo :-(
Another wild guess is that YJ and KKJ will meet in a dream, wherein KKJ will discover his brother's intentions of really saving him and letting him have stay in his body... kekekeke
My wild guess is.... Yoon Jae will return to his body will discover that he switched bodies with his brother and will discover about DR's love for KKJ and YJ will give way and let go of her. YJ will also give way to KKJ as a way of thanking him for everything he has done in the past. KKJ body will definitely save YJ. that will allow KKJ to survive... remember the scene when Missy had a dream that KKJ is gone it will come to reality because KKJ's body will die and the Spirit of KKJ will be in YJ for ever. DR and YJ will continue their love.... I like happy endings sooooo.... hehehehe
nice pic
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