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1. Rose and Rose Oil - Studies have shown that this scent can lower blood pressure. 2. Coconut - A major stress reliever. 3. Orange - This scent has been known to help with anxiety. 4. Jasmine - The flower helps calm the mind and can enhance focus. 5. Peppermint- This herb can calm you down in may forms. Try peppermint tea to soothe stomachs and calm the brain.
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I'm a big peppermint fan, but I had no idea it had that effect on people
3 years ago·Reply
I love rose scented things!
3 years ago·Reply
I only love the natural scent of jasmine. If its not coming off a plant, I can't stand it!
3 years ago·Reply
A lot of these make great teas too. Jasmine, rose, and peppermint are lovely!
3 years ago·Reply
can I have one orange coconut blend, please?
3 years ago·Reply