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Artifact Skin Co has a collection of adorable boxes to house their line of face masks. The company's mission is " to take someone to a place, an escape rather, even if it’s only for a moment." You can purchase these boxes as well as a new feature that I've fallen in love with - paint brushes! You can paint your face mask onto your face! With scents like Egyptian Rose Honey and Moroccan Tangerine, you can bet that I'm going to keep my eye on these gorgeous little packages!
@timeturnerjones Lol, I really have no idea
@hunahuna @timeturnerjones @nokcha That was the detail that really got me interested hahaha
@hunahuna @timeturnerjones probably a genius! I don't know anything about the quality of the product, but I want to buy it just for the brushes!
@caricakes @hunahuna @nokcha Who even comes up with this?!
@hunahuna @timeturnerjones yeah look at the paint brushes! doesn't that look so fun hahaha
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