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At the time he was painting, Pablo Picasso was THE guy to beat. Picasso is very well known for his cubism work, which was an art movement that made use of compressed space on canvas. There is little perspective, modeling, or shading in cubism. Let's first talk about his painting Guernica. The Spanish Civil War began in 1937. Picasso sided with the republicans and went to into exile in Paris, France. While in Paris Picasso was asked to paint something for the World's Fair in 1937. Picasso had no idea what to paint, until there was a bombing in Spain that he read about in the newspaper. Those killed were innocent women and children. Picasso now had his subject for the World Fair painting. He showed wounded and suffering people. He also used iconography (symbolism of subject matter) to depict both sides of the Civil war. To Picasso's surprise, the painting became a function of a political object or idea. It helped spread awareness of the war and what was happening. With Guernica and Girl Before a Mirror, Picasso became enormously famous for 'legible cubism.' His work was extremely influential for young American contemporary artists. Many believe that Picasso's work in legible cubism set off the abstract expressionist movement, thus why we preface our studies of abstract expression with his work.
@happyrock There is nothing wrong with remembering the artist in combination with their work. I really enjoy studying the lives of some of my favorite artists, like Robert Rauschenberg or Jasper Johns.
@sophiamor The original was black and white, but has faded orange/brown due to old age. I've never heard of or seen a colored one. @happyrock Huh, well it's not a bad thing to be proud of your work. Put yourself in his shoes near the end of his life, he was probably so well versed in art and so successful and praised in the art world that he probably did come off as a bit pretentious or conceited. Nevertheless, this is a study of the work, rather than the man. So who cares! :) @dillonk Yay! I hope you enjoy what is to come!!
@hunahuna Man, I have a feeling this is going to take me back to the days of art history class in college. I am really going to love this collection!
@sophiamor You see, artists back then often times didn't use safe or permanent materials, because they didn't know any better. Many very famous works, such as Rothko's and Pollock's work is starting to deteriorate even though the works are worth millions of dollars. The unsafe materials...well, I think we've all heard of "the crazy artist." They got that name from the unhealthy fumes they inhaled while making art
@hunahuna cool! thats interesting that the color changed with time, I figured black and white would stay black and white forever
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