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It's already been 3 months since I started helping in the fishing interest; I can't believe it. While our community didn't really gain many people, which I'm a bit sad about, I am glad that we were able to get some new posts up there. I hope that the next editor (Moderator now, right?) can keep making good posts but also can do a better job than me at getting new members in our community. Even though we are still small, I think we had some really great discussions, and I sure learned a lot. I wanna say thank you to @mcgraffy and @fallingwater for always being willing to talk to me about fishing--I hope we can add some friends to our discussions soon. If anyone has any questions about what its like to be an editor, or about fishing in general, please feel free to comment or message me! I can't wait to see what the next Moderator does with the interest. I'd be happy to be Interest Staff ;) Goodbye, and talk to you soon.
@fallingwater @mcgraffy he did get picked!! haha yay!! did you guys check out the new interest moderators yet?
@mcgraffy hurray!!!! ^^ I hope you get picked~~
@fallingwater @happyrock well I was gonna keep it secret unless picked but yes I did apply hah
@fallingwater I'm just gonna hang out in the interest! I told @mcgraffy to apply for moderator so I hope he did haha. he's the know it all here
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