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Energy Efficiency in Green Roofs

Becoming an eco-friendly or green facility is no longer just a hype or a trend, it has become a necessity. Green facilities emit fewer and even almost zero greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional facilities. Their carbon footprint is low. Green facilities do their part in saving the planet, even the people living in the building carry on their daily activities within themselves.

Eco-friendly facilities adopt sustainable methods and use only materials that have a low environmental impact, such as green coatings on walls and floors and cool roof coatings on roofs. The cool roofs block the sun's heat from entering the facility. Cool roofing coatings have a reflective finish that hops off the sun UV rays.

Energy Efficiency in Green Roofs

Cool roof coatings are important to make roofs look green. Roofs are exposed to the heat of the sun during the day, creating the heat absorbed by a simple roof membrane. These coatings prevent solar radiation from entering the facility's interior spaces. With less heat entering the interior, the building achieves a more comfortable internal temperature despite the external heat.

With tolerable temperatures in the interiors of the facility, mechanical cooling and heating systems do not have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature. When these systems do less work, the facility's energy costs are also lower.

One of the distinguishing features of a green facility is that it consumes very little energy costs. The green facility should be able to maintain a comfortable living space like any other common facility, without costing a fortune on energy bills. Conventional energy use translates into electricity consumption. Electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels such as coal and petrol. This method of energy production results in the harmful increase of fossil-fuel by-products in the atmosphere in the form of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electricity is expensive due to the high cost of fossil fuels, and its manufacture is contributing to global warming and climate change. With warmer climates, urban and congested areas are prone to the heat-island effect, which is increased heat retention in a given area. Such temperature changes can create intense heat waves and reduce air quality and the general ecosystem. The cool roofs make it possible for the facilities to maintain a comfortable space despite this heat-island effect and promote energy savings at the same time.

Energy Saving Cool Roof Coatings

The most distinctive feature of these coatings is their ability to reflect sunlight. Cool roofs mostly come in lighter colours, which are further Solar Reflective Paint.
Non-green roofs can be converted into cool roofs with spray-application of polyurethane-based reflective coatings. Cool roof coatings have good adhesion to older surfaces and work on asphalt- and bitumen-based roofs. They also have the ability to flex or elongate, especially on acrylic- or silicone-based coatings. This prevents the paint from cracking when the surface expands and contracts due to temperature changes.

Nanotechnology has made it possible for infrared reflective (IR) coatings that reflect sunlight and still allow for darker roof coatings. Furthering the envelope are cool roof coatings with hollow ceramics that act as an effective heat barrier.


Cool roof coatings are fast becoming the best solution for mitigating the effects of global warming and climate change with low energy costs.
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What COVID-19 Impacted on Cleaning Robot in Semiconductors & Electronics Industry ?
Impact of COVID-19 on Cleaning Robot in Semiconductors & Electronics Industry ANALYSIS ON IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE MARKET The pandemic started with its epicenter in China in 2019 and has been continuously spreading by then to all over the world, so far 216 countries and territories have been affected with Covid-19, the U.S. being on the top with cases reaching about 4.38 million, followed by Brazil, India and then by many European countries such as Russia, Spain, Italy, and others. The COVID-19 cases reaching to the big named countries with strong dominance in the global market which has adversely affected the economy globally. The spread of the coronavirus has led to the global recession, many companies are being bound to take stringent actions of laying off their employees, small businesses are being shut, and manufacturing facilities are being put on hold. There has been a disruption in the supply chain of many industries due to restrictions in logistics and the closing of manufacturing facilities. In addition, the slowdown in the economy has lowered the spending capability of individuals and people are saving money for emergencies. However, now almost in every country, the factories are started to reopen by taking some prevention such as 20% -50% employees on the field, social distancing, extreme hygiene measures, and others to support the economy. It is supporting the economy and helping to lower the recession rate at a certain level. COVID-19 highly impacted the personal and domestic cleaning robots market due to the recession gripping the world and a decline in disposable income, the demand for personal and domestic robots declined. Also, the behavior of the individuals has certainly changed in the pandemic, people are now more concerned about their health and spending for future use due to incurred losses which lead to a decrease in the sale of cleaning robots. However, cleaning robots have a huge demand in the healthcare sector. During the time of social distancing, hospitals are demanding mobile robots integrated with UV-C light disinfection equipment to sanitize the wards and rooms to minimize any physical contact. For instance, In June 2020, According to the founder and chairman of Milagrow Robots, there has been a huge surge in demand for floor and window cleaning robots. The total sale is expected to be 300,000 to 400,000 cleaning robots in 2020 when compared to 10,000 cleaning robots in 2019. STEPS TAKEN BY MANUFACTURERS DURING COVID-19 SITUATION As the COVID-19 crisis continues to expand, makers would possibly face challenges on varied fronts. Producing firms would be searching for immediate measures to stay their workforces safe and their businesses solvent. Makers would conjointly have to be compelled to look on the far side of their economic viability. Because the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies, makers would possibly face continued downward pressure on demand, production, and revenues. They would continuously face cash-flow liquidity challenges and difficulties in managing debt obligations. In December 2020, LG Electronics announced the launch of the autonomous robot with disinfecting UV light for various B2B applications. This robot uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to disinfect high-touch, high-traffic areas and is designed for hospitality, education, corporate, retail, restaurant, and transportation customers to reduce exposure to harmful bacteria and germs The pandemic may drive the enhancement of automation, digitalization, and artificial intelligence (AI) in almost all sectors. In a situation like social distancing automation and robotics could reduce dependence on human labor and increase productivity, preventing the chances of losses. The pandemic has boosted the growth of healthcare industries. As people need to maintain physical distancing, manufacturers can gain the advantage of this norm to address the mass public in hospitals and crowded places. Manufacturers were engaged in product development with advanced technologies, partnerships, and collaborations to gain a competitive advantage in the market. For instance, In January 2021, SAMSUNG announced the launch of new AI-powered robotic vacuum and laundry products. The new JetBot 90 AI+ features smart technologies that optimize the cleaning route and respond to its environment. The JetBot 90 AI+ is the world’s first smart robotic vacuum that helps to automate home cleaning in these Covid times IMPACT ON DEMAND The behavior of the individuals has certainly changed in the pandemic, people are now more concerned about their health. The government is also working on research and development to develop a vaccine and avoid any further pandemic as such. The government is using augmented and virtual reality for the known disasters which can help in reducing the effects of the disaster. The pandemic has boosted the digital transformation of industries, companies are focusing more on a digital platform to interact with their clients and customers. The pandemic has brought a huge demand for cleaning robots to ensure safety as COVID-19 has put cleaning and disinfection front and center in facility maintenance and at other places. Huge adoption of technology, automation, and smart buildings is gradually increasing the scope of growth for the cleaning robot market. IMPACT ON SUPPLY CHAIN The pandemic has brought a huge impact on the supply chain of the cleaning robot market. The logistics and transportation of assets deteriorated a lot. The supply chain was adversely affected as the lockdown prevailed in many regions globally, the government has limited the workers. Companies are making their operations work according to the government regulations by making limited workers work in different shifts. The supply chain is experiencing disruption in Chinese parts exports, large-scale manufacturing interruptions across Europe, and the closure of assembly plants in the U.S. The manufacturers were facing a shortage of raw material, shifting of production to other countries, liquidity crunch to delays in availability of models, and deferred launches. However, now there is an improvement in the supply chain as most of the facilities and travel restrictions have opened and working in most optimum capacity. CONCLUSION As the Covid-19 prevails the cleaning robot market has witnessed a gradual increase in the demand for cleaning robots and services. Most of the manufacturing facilities were closed bringing down the production of cleaning robots which leads to disruption in the supply chain. However, as the markets are getting digitally transformed and people are being more reliable on digital sources the market seems to be growing. Organizations operating under this market were building up new strategies to maintain all the safety measures at facilities and focusing on technological up-gradation to boost the growth of the market. Even after the pandemic automation of industries will continue to increase which acts as a major driver for the market. Growing demand from the healthcare, media & entertainment, and retail sector will act as a major boosting factor for the growth of the market in this pandemic.
Thiết kế resort mini
Thiết kế resort mini bao gồm thiết kế khu tiền sảnh resort mini, thiết kế khu nhà hàng nhỏ, thiết kế khu dịch vụ, giải trí, thiết kế khu nghỉ dưỡng tiện nghi thu thỏ, thiết kế khu cảnh quan gần gũi. Resort mini tuy có diện tích nhỏ nhưng thường được thiết kế vô cùng khác biệt. Nguồn: https://decofuni.vn/tin-tuc/resort-mini Các bài viết cùng chủ đề: https://www.pinterest.com/decofunivn/resort-mini/ https://www.reddit.com/r/thietkeresort/comments/poheql/m%C3%A2u_m%C3%B4_hinh_resort_mini_decofuni/ https://flipboard.com/@decofunivn/-top-mu-thit-k-resort-mini-ep---c---cao-/a-ljFzTHl_SjalzlmxSecPoQ%3Aa%3A3728290977-0b5bcae061%2Fdecofuni.vn https://twitter.com/FuniDeco/status/1437971419099324417 https://twitter.com/FuniDeco/status/1437971112181133313 https://calis.delfi.lv/blogs/posts/60705-resort-mini-la-gi-decofuni/lietotajs/240869-decofuni/ https://linkhay.com/link/4789951/top-mau-thiet-ke-resort-mini-dep-doc-cao-cap-nhat-2021-tong-hop-boi-decofuni-cong-ty-noi-that-cao-cap https://linkhay.com/link/4789940/resort-mini-la-gi-on-calis-delfi-lv-blog https://www.flickr.com/photos/decofunivn/albums/72157719845652043 #decofuni #decofunivn #resortmini DecoFuni là một trong những công ty thiết kế và thi công nội thất chuyên nghiệp, cao cấp, uy tín tại Tp Hồ Chí Minh và khu vực lân cận. Thông tin liên hệ Thiết kế thi công nội thất cao cấp DecoFuni tại 23/4 Lâm Thị Hố, Khu phố 11, Quận 12, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 7000000 Call: 0938605886 Website: https://decofuni.vn/https://www.google.com/search?q=decofuni&kponly&kgmid=/g/11nxg12d60 Maps: https://www.google.com/maps?cid=7193384243037755300 #decofuni #decofunivn #thietkenoithat #thietkenoithatfuni #congtytnhhfuni
Phong cách tân cổ điển là gì
Phong cách tân cổ điển là gì Phong cách tân cổ điển (tiếng anh neoclassical) là lối thiết kế lược bỏ đi những chi tiết cầu kỳ, cường điệu hóa phong cách cổ điển theo trào lưu tân cổ điển tạo ra. Đặc điểm phong cách tân cổ điển mang lối kiến trúc kết hợp cổ đại Hy Lạp, Vitruvius và Andrea Palladio màu sắc, họa tiết vẫn đậm nét phương Tây. Nguồn: https://decofuni.vn/tin-tuc/phong-cach-tan-co-dien Các bài viết cùng chủ đề: https://www.pinterest.com/decofunivn/thi%E1%BA%BFt-k%E1%BA%BF-phong-c%C3%A1ch-t%C3%A2n-c%E1%BB%95-%C4%91i%E1%BB%83n/ https://git.project-hobbit.eu/groups/phong-cach-tan-co-dien https://www.scoop.it/topic/decofuni/p/4126748790/2021/09/08/cac-phong-cach-tan-co-ien-trong-kien-truc-va-noi-that https://www.reddit.com/r/DecoFuni/comments/pk3mzn/phong_c%C3%A1ch_t%C3%A2n_c%E1%BB%95_%C4%91i%E1%BB%83n_la_gi/ https://flip.it/oQopju https://twitter.com/FuniDeco/status/1435465449869742081 https://twitter.com/FuniDeco/status/1435465025355800576 https://linkhay.com/link/4772973/qua-dep-luon-cac-kieu-thiet-ke-noi-that-theo-phong-cach-tan-co-dien-dep-ngat-ngay-suu-tam-boi-cong-ty-tnhh-funi-decofuni https://linkhay.com/link/4772984/suu-tam-moi-cac-kieu-noi-that-phong-cach-tan-co-diem-dep-me-hon-duoc-nhieu-nguoi-tim-kiem-nhat-suu-tam-boi-decofuni http://wiki.cs.hse.ru/%D0%9E%D0%B1%D1%81%D1%83%D0%B6%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5_%D1%83%D1%87%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%82%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%86%D1%8B:Decofuni https://www.reverbnation.com/decofunivn https://calis.delfi.lv/profils/ https://linktr.ee/decofuni https://calis.delfi.lv/blogs/posts/60279-phong-cach-tan-co-dien/lietotajs/240869-decofuni/ https://linkhay.com/link/4773676/moi-luon-mang-xa-hoi-cay-hut-dong-dao-gioi-tre-su-dung-xin-info-doi-tuong-yeu-thich-de-dang-hon-han https://decofunivn.blogspot.com/2021/09/phong-cach-tan-co-ien.html https://linkhay.com/link/4774326/top3-hinh-anh-dep-nhat-vea-loi-thiet-ke-theo-phong-cach-tan-suu-tam-boi-cong-ty-noi-that-hang-dau #decofuni #decofunivn #thietkenoithat #thietkenoithatfuni #congtytnhhfuni #thietkebietthu
Difference between Shop Drawings and As Built Drawings
Execution of project cannot start unless the blueprints of the structure or building are in place. The designing stage of any construction project holds immense importance as it lays the foundation for effective project execution. Throughout the construction process there are various construction drawings prepared, each of them serves different purpose and possess their own unique features. These design drawings provide a glimpse of the actual state of construction process during various stages of project lifecycle. Shop Drawings and As Built Drawings are crucial in construction process and are created to accomplish different goals. In this article, we will understand both of these drawings and how are they different from each other. Shop Drawings Shop Drawings, also known as fabrication drawings are detailed representation of design intent. These drawings are generally utilized by fabricators, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers etc. in regards to manufacturing, assembling, and installation of pre-fabricated components of a building or structure. A few examples of the same are; Elevators, windows, trusses, MEP components such as HVAC ducts, plumbing pipes etc. The style of these drawings is very different from architect’s drawing as these are extremely detailed, having instructions/notations for installation, dimensions and materials needed. Shop Drawings usually include the following information: · Dimensions · Applicable fabrication standards · Details needed for erection and installation · Plans, elevations, views, sections, and information required for installation of pre-fabricated elements Shop Drawings are essential because of the following reasons: · Structural shop drawings provide essential information to fabricator in great detail to make sure that all the components used in fabrication are sound structurally. It also ensures that there is no compromise made with safety & standards are adhered to. · MEP Shop Drawing Services can be used to create MEP drawings which provide information regarding HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire-protection components of a building. This is used not just for fabrication, installation and assembly but can also aid facility managers for carrying out quick repairs by pinpointing the location of a faulty component. · It brings down fabrication rework considerably by providing accurate and detailed information pertaining to the kind of materials to be used, the dimensions etc. about fabricated components and early detection of clashes. · Helps in clear communication between architect, designer, client and fabricator. · Essential in expediting the timeline of construction by ensuring seamless flow of fabrication process. As Built Drawings: As built drawings also known as Record Drawings or Red Line Drawings are revised versions/sets of drawings created after the completion of construction project. These drawings are prepared by contractors & subcontractors to compare the final completed version of the structure or the building with that of what was originally planned. Thus, these drawings provide a final blueprint of finished structure and the area surrounding it. During any construction project there are various times when deviations are to be made from what was planned initially. As Built Services can also be used to keep a track of the changes made throughout the project lifecycle and records them to reflect the actual construction with exact dimensions, location and geometry of the built structure or building. As built drawings generally include the following information: · Modifications in designs · Alterations done in shop drawings · Geometry, dimensions, area etc. · Deviations from initial designs Importance of As Built Drawings · It reflects the actual constructed state of the building and not just the conceived idea. · Time and cost saving, as no resources are wasted in the maintenance and operation processes to locate, recognize, installation and maintenance, as all the information is reflected in documented history of building. · It provides room for safety as the detailed plans show the areas where safety parameters may be needed, and how can they be installed. · They are helpful during renovation or refurbishment of the building as it contains the history of building and all the primary and essential information which can expedite the process. Conclusion: During any construction process, accuracy is essential in order to prevent errors, and wastage of resources, such as time, money and manpower. Even though Shop Drawings and As Built Drawings are different from one another, both of them require the same level of precision in order to ensure a smooth on-site construction process.
Báo Giá Bột Trét Jotun Trong Nhà Cao Cấp
Với công dụng giúp bề mặt tường luôn được phẳng mịn. Không chỉ vậy còn dễ sử dụng, đem đến sự tiện lợi cho người dùng. Sản phẩm hoàn toàn thân thiện với môi trường. Thành phần bột trét tường nội thất Jotun ( bột bả matic) Bột trét Jotun thành phần cấu tạo nên từ Bột khoáng, cát, xi măng, và chất phụ gia Loại sản phẩm: chất rắn Trọng lượng: 40kg/bao Định mức công ty đưa ra cho bột trét Jotun Nội thất Định mức phủ lý thuyết khoảng 0.8 – 1.3 (m²/kg). Thực tế định mức 1 bao bột trét jotun trong nhà trét được từ 30 đến 35 m2 tường Màu sắc:Trắng Xuất xứ: Công ty sơn Jotun Việt Nam Tính Năng của bộ trét jotun nội thất Bột trét Jotun tính năng nội bậc là được dùng để làm phẳng và che lấp những khe nứt trên bề mặt tường trước khí sơn. Thành phần bột đảm bảo an toàn cho người sử dụng với màu siêu trắng, siêu mịn. Khả năng chống thấm của bột trét tường nội thất Jotun tương đối tốt, chống nứt và bảo vệ tường một cách tốt nhất. Sau một thời gian dài sử dụng bức tường cũng không bị bong tróc. Thời gian có thể lên tới 10 năm. Hướng dẫn sử dụng Bột trét tường Nếu bề mặt quá khô thì cần phải là ướt theo phương pháp phun sương rồi với sử dụng bột trét jotun. Sau khi trét nếu có bọt khí nổi lên thì cần miết chặt lại để loại bỏ bọt khí. Chỉ nên trét lên bề mặt tường còn gồ ghề, không trét lên bề mặt  đã sơn hoặc đã được làm láng. Khi sử dụng phải mặc quần áo bảo hộ lao động, không được để bột trét dính ra tay, mắt,.. Để xa tầm tay trẻ em Bảo quản bột trét tường Jotun Tránh tiếp xúc với ánh nắng mặt trời, để ở nơi khô ráo thoáng mát. Nếu chưa sử dụng thì không nên mở ra. Trong trường hợp đang sử dụng mà không hết phải đóng kín. Giá bột trét tường là bao nhiêu? Công ty TNHH Sơn Thiên Hồng Ân Xin chân thành cảm ơn quý khách hàng đã quan tâm đến sản phẩm do công ty chúng tôi cung cấp xin hân hạnh gửi đến quý khách  Bảng Giá Bột Trét Tường Năm 2020 như sau: Bột trét tường Dulux trong & Ngoài nhà  2in1 : 380.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Dulux Trong Nhà : 290.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Jotun Trong Nhà – trắng: 309.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Jotun Trong – Ngoài: 433.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Jotun Ngoài – màu xám:412.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Nippon Trong: 240.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Nippon Ngoài: 280.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Maxilite Trong: 195.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Việt Mỹ Trong: 90.000/Bao/40kg Bột trét tường Việt Mỹ Ngoài: 95.000/Bao/40kg
Riveting Productivity & Time Tracking Tools
Employees and managers use productivity & time tracking tools to keep track of working hours for payroll, billing, and other activities. These tools allow the enterprises to estimate budgets, better productivity and ensure transparency and accuracy by notifying them about time-consuming and costly tasks through the dashboards. There is a steep rise in employee productivity monitoring software tools, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak when companies need to oversee better and evaluate the remote workforce. Market Growth As per Introspective Market Research, the global time tracking software market is expected to reach USD 1785.36 billion by 2026 from USD 425.32 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 22.36%. Need of Employee Time tracking software Many companies are still using conventional paper timesheets for time tracking, due to which buddy punching and time theft are major concerns in such organizations. Almost 75–80% of businesses are affected by time theft, due to which companies are shifting towards the online automatic time tracker app and tools. As per statistics, on average, employees spend nearly 2 hours per day overcoming distractions at work, and approximately 90% admit to wasting the time of an organization. Time tracking tools remove the risks of time theft and buddy punching, thus contributing to better employee productivity and enhancing employee performance and engagement. But it is not a simple task to select the best tracking tool from the different tools available in the market. Check the complete list below - 1. WorkStatus WorkStatus is an online time tracking tool that provides an excellent medium for individuals and organizations to enhance employees’ productivity. It majorly focuses on delivering reliable & secure solutions that enable customers to focus on their core business objectives. Let’s have a look at some of its features below- · It gives you AI-powered time tracking with online timesheets · Track real-time progress with employee monitoring software · It allows you to create Geofences with a GPS time tracker · It enables you to define budgets with project budgeting 2. Hubstaff Hubstaff is another excellent productivity monitoring and control tool designed to improve time management for staff. It has dedicated web, mobile, and desktop apps that can be used to monitor invoicing, appraisals, and attendance via a single platform. Let’s have a look at some of its features below- · It has a compliance management module · It shows the browsing history of employees · Idle time monitoring & activity tracking · Automatic time capture 3. Time Doctor Time Doctor is a perfect application for hybrid work models and distributed teams. It can be easily deployed through cloud, desktop, and mobile apps. It comes with a robust support team that gives live training via documentation and videos. In this way, it helps companies to boost their productivity. Let’s find its unique features below- · Calendar management & browsing history · Invoicing & billing management module · It allows you to manage billable & non-billable hours · Automated time capture Conclusion We are now on the same platform to understand that time management tools at work can effectively boost a team’s overall productivity and streamline the payroll process. It is now self-explanatory to realize the worth of productivity monitoring tool and the need to implement the same in businesses and organizations. Sign up for the online time tracking software here. Read More : 8 Riveting Productivity & Time Tracking Tools
Top 7 mẫu nhà resort ĐẸP NHẤT đáng chiêm ngưỡng năm 2021
Top 7 mẫu nhà kiểu resort đẹp và cao cấp Nhà vườn kiểu resort Mẫu nhà biệt thự resort Mẫu nhà cấp 4 resort Nhà gỗ resort Resort nhà trên cây Nhà resort nghỉ dưỡng Resort nhà kính Mẫu nhà biệt thự resort Mẫu nhà biệt thự kiểu resort có 2 yếu tố sự cao cấp, chuyên nghiệp của căn biệt thự và không gian xanh, có chút hiện đại, thiết kế vườn tạo cảm giác thư thả như không gian xanh thường thấy ở các resort. Nguồn: https://decofuni.vn/tin-tuc/mau-nha-resort-dep Các bài viết cùng chủ đề:  https://www.pinterest.com/decofunivn/c%C3%A1c-thi%E1%BA%BFt-k%E1%BA%BF-m%E1%BA%ABu-nh%C3%A0-resort-%C4%91%E1%BA%B9p/ https://posts.gle/7xxaiw https://git.project-hobbit.eu/groups/mau-nha-resort-dep https://www.scoop.it/topic/decofuni/p/4126729823/2021/09/07/top-7-mau-nha-resort-ep-nhat-ang-chiem-nguong-nam-nay https://www.reddit.com/r/DecoFuni/comments/pjfqjc/top_7_m%C3%A2u_nha_ki%C3%AAu_resort_%C4%91ep_va_cao_c%C3%A2p_1/ https://www.plurk.com/p/ojn0ao https://flipboard.com/@decofunivn/-top-7-mu-nh-resort-ep-nht-ang-chim-ngng/a-kZFJYJ1sQYmO8D5ATILloA%3Aa%3A3728290977-263be9a6c5%2Fdecofuni.vn https://twitter.com/FuniDeco/status/1435099478323695616 https://linkhay.com/link/4770348/bat-ngo-cong-ty-thiet-ke-noi-that-decofuni-cong-khai-7-mau-nha-kieu-resort-dep-nhat-2021 https://linkhay.com/link/4770371/top-7-mau-nha-kieu-resort-thu-gian-cao-cap-nhat-2021-do-cong-ty-thiet-ke-noi-that-decofuni-tong-hop Các trang mạng xã hội khác của công ty TNHH Funi:  https://zeef.com/profile/decofuni https://www.teachertube.com/user/channel/decofuni https://www.4shared.com/u/wmRyEc8r/decofunivn.html https://writeablog.net/decofuni/cong-ty-tnhh-funi/ https://writeablog.net/decofuni/ http://rosalind.info/users/DecoFuni/ http://hawkee.com/profile/794881/ https://www.informationweek.com/profile.asp?piddl_userid=449773 #DecoFuni #DecoFunivn #thietkeresort
See how an Italian missionary-turned-Chinese court painter.
Artist to Know: Giuseppe Castiglione An Italian teacher turned-Chinese court painter, Giuseppe Castiglione went through more than 50 years working with three distinct heads in the Chinese royal residence. Seven of Castiglione's canvases are coming to sell. Offered by Los Angeles-based sales management firm Pauling's, these compositions present an extraordinary chance to investigate the craftsman's work. Get familiar with Castiglione's life and heritage before the occasion, get updates and know the latest upcoming similar auctions at the auction calendar of auction daily. Brought into the world in 1688, Castiglione entered the Jesuit strict request at 19 years old. Taking note of his imaginative capacity, the request sent him to the Chinese majestic court in Beijing a couple of years after the fact. He before long expected the name Láng Shíning (郎世寧, Peace of the World) and started to deliver artworks for Emperor Kangxi. Giuseppe Castiglione Lang Shining, his quality in the court was a significant improvement for both diverse workmanship and strict resistance. As indicated by the Executive Intelligence Review, "Castiglione trusted in joining together and changing both Chinese and European societies through a quest for magnificence and greatness on the whole spaces of science, expressions of the human experience, and designing." Castiglione finished a more prominent number of artistic creations for Kangxi's child, Emperor Yongzheng. He made numerous investigations of scenes, creatures, and blossoms during this period, which are his most punctual enduring works. Today, the South China Morning Post gauges that somewhere in the range of 100 and 200 bits of craftsmanship from Castiglione remain. A considerable lot of these are housed in Beijing exhibition halls and private assortments. Nonetheless, it was during the rule of Emperor Qianlong that Castiglione finished most of his work. He made various representations of the ruler, sovereign, and different consorts. Until now, a portrayal of Qianlong's supported Consort Chunhui holds the most noteworthy closeout record for a Chinese royal fitting picture. It was sold in a 2015 Sotheby's deal for HKD 137.4 million (USD 17.7 million). Truly, Castiglione's compositions have aroused bidders' curiosity when coming to sell. Large numbers of his works of art stay in the ownership of Chinese and Taiwanese historical centers because of his imaginative importance. One can see such works of great artists in the auction previews of auction daily. Paragon International president Lu Qiulian noticed that Chinese gatherers are particularly intrigued by his work. The Hong Kong sales management firm expected a pony painting by Castiglione to bring HKD 100 million (USD 12.9 million) in 2016. Notwithstanding, it isn't openly known whether this gauge was reached. "The painter is exceptionally popular for being the principal European court painter for the ruler," Lu kept, "spearheading a style mixing Chinese and Western feel and procedures." Late years have shown expanded interest in the predetermined number of Castiglione works. A piece named Hundred Horses was sold at Sotheby's for USD 100,000 of every 2016 and another turn outsold for HKD 1 million soon thereafter. The forthcoming Pauling's deal incorporates gauges for Castiglione's compositions going from USD 1,200 to $12,200. Castiglione is especially appreciated for his association with Eastern and Western procedures. Adjusting viewpoint, chiaroscuro (light and shadow), and authenticity to Chinese tastes, a significant number of Castiglione's pieces offer a window into the creative inclinations of the heads. Qianlong respected the painter's style and utilized Castiglione's association with the Jesuit request to advance resistance and harmony inside his realm. Media Source: Auctiondaily
Why Handcrafted Bunk Beds are Worth the Investment
You might ask yourself while browsing through the endless options available for beds, how can handcrafted custom beds be so special? What is it that makes a buyer choose something that is unique and made to their exact specifications? At first, the customized, comfortable, and luxurious beds might seem like an extra expense, but they will prove to be a sound investment. Another way to answer your question is to simplify the choice as being one between those bunk beds that are individually designed and made, often completely handcrafted and those that are not, i.e, those that are mass-produced according to standard dimensions. Beyond that, your decision is going to be based purely on taste and preference. When you have your mind up about the bunk bed design, something that is unique and speaks about your idea of beauty, you might as well get it customized. Reasons why Handcrafted Bunk Beds can be a Good Buy for your Bedroom Undeniably unique: Just to save some cash, you may be tempted to choose cheaper alternatives. However, the beauty of handcrafted bunk beds is that you just can't go to a store and buy a similar-looking piece, that too, durable and unique. When you collaborate with a manufacturer you would know that their artisans have the personality of the work they do as each piece is handcrafted by hand. Not only this, but you get more choices from the ladder-type, safety rails, storage to the type of paint and finish you want. Just like an all-important pair of shoes in your wardrobe, you can be confident that your bunk bed frame with a timeless design will give your room a stylish feel. More bang for your buck with the highest quality: A bunk bed that matches your decor and is made from high-quality solid wood has simply a more pleasing visual presentation. With years of use, these do show signs of aging with marks and scratches that are obviously inevitable. However, it brings out the best qualities when artisans know how to work with the material, and not against it, with longevity in mind. Besides that, do you really want to invest in a new bed every few years? With handmade wooden bunk beds, it's a promise that you won't have to constantly fork out for a new bed frame as you would have to do with mass-produced furniture pieces. Perfect fit for your home: One attribute that makes handmade bunk beds a popular choice among kids, as well as adults, is that without compromising on the design it can be customized. Most often, there is a chance that you might have a particular space that the off-shelf pickups can't meet. However, with a customized approach, you will be able to feed your dimensions with the right bed specific to your needs. Maine Bunk Beds recognizes this and encourages customers to fill out a form to get custom quotes so that they get a bunk bed that is perfect for their home and lifestyle. Contribution for a better environment: If you think twice, buying something handcrafted means investing in your quality of life. It is not just about short-term comfort, the green way of living means going beyond the safety standards. Work done by hand, without the use of harmful paints and glues, makes it more environmentally sustainable. With handcrafted furniture, ethical practices are in place from the very beginning be it deriving materials or methods of production. Your bedroom is the place you should be able to find peace! So instead of asking, why are handcrafted beds worth the investment, the focus should really be why not buy handcrafted bunk beds and other furniture? From the option of customizing your purchase to getting a unique piece that stands the test of time, it will definitely be worth the investment in the end. The perks of customized beds are exactly what you need to make your home look at its absolute best. Other than this, the growing market and support for handcrafted products will serve you with many unique variations and special quality touches for your purchase.
Bring Impeccable Changes In Remote Work
Regular Monitoring of the remote workforce brings a lot of wins for organizations. This can become a swift and simple task for all managers to provide a permanent value to the organization. It can also ensure that every team member is aware of the latest projects activities or even their responsibilities and make everyone understand what is happening around them, either inside or outside the organization. Thus, when managers have regular communication with their remote teams, it helps a lot, especially when problems happen unexpectedly. And when they have been able to discuss issues as soon as possible, the problem will not lead to significant disruptions that may affect the overall process. Remote Monitoring & its Benefits Remote Monitoring is a process of tracking employees’ activities, internal communication, and performance without making them feel observed. The aim is to achieve better business success through employee satisfaction. You can use just one tool or combine it if you have various remote locations with specific requirements. Let’s explore some of its benefits below - 1. Employers can easily monitor their employee’s performance remotely without having to check upon them physically. 2. Online time tracker helps you in getting better results from each employee. 3. It helps in knowing how much time a person has invested in a project and whether the schedule is maintained. 4. It is very helpful to get in touch with your team members’ performance status from time to time. In addition to the enumerated time benefits above, productivity time tracking software provides a diverse range of time management features such as the time entry feature (which means that you can enter time manually), time card creation, auto time input from emails, and many more. Reasons to track activities of your remote workforce 1. To minimize the distractions 2. Add surveillance for insider threats 3. To develop clear productivity directives for a remote team 4. Project Management Tracking 5. Create an extra layer of security for weak remote networks Which software should be used for employee monitoring? Monitoring and tracking Employee Productivity and performance can be complex, but the right software will show increased quality from your team. When choosing a monitoring tool, you need to make sure it fits your company culture for everyone in the office. A Time Tracker Software should be able to meet the following requirements- · Activity monitoring · Time tracking · Task tracking · Better employee management · Remote access · Time wasted reports · Better productivity · Clear timesheets WorkStatus is one of the best Employees Monitoring Software that meets all the above requirements. Also Read : How Can Regular Monitoring in Remote Work Bring Impeccable Changes?
Co Nên Sử Dụng Sơn Ngoài Trời Để Sơn Trong Nhà Không?
Trên thị trường hiện nay trong số các sản phẩm sơn nhà, người dùng tạm hiểu và chia chúng thành hai nhóm cơ bản. Đó là sơn ngoại thất jotun và sơn nội thất jotun dựa trên những tính năng đặc biệt riêng của sản phẩm để sử dụng ở đâu cho hợp lý. Tuy nhiên vẫn có nhiều khách hàng thắc mắc có nên dùng sơn ngoài trời để sơn trong nhà không? Mỗi dòng sản phẩm sơn được sản xuất đều mang những đặc điểm riêng khác nhau. Có sản phẩm có ưu điểm về bền màu, mịn và có khả năng chống thấm, lau chùi thoải mái…. Và có những sản phẩm sơn thì nổi tiếng với khả năng cách nhiệt, chịu nhiệt hay chống tia UV, hay những loại sơn có tính năng chống bám bụi, chống rêu mốc…. Những tính năng này sẽ giúp người dùng phân biệt được từng sản phẩm để đưa ra lựa chọn phù hợp nhất cho công trình của mình. Vì vậy mà dùng sơn ngoại thất để sơn trong nhà là điều mà bạn nên hạn chế. Tuy nhiên vẫn dùng sơn ngoại thất sơn trong nhà được nhưng sẽ làm tốn chi phí và hạn chế tác dụng của sơn vì sơn ngoại thất giá thành của các loại sơn đều cao hơn so với sơn nước trong nhà. Và điểm đặc biệt là tuyệt đối không dùng sơn trong nhà sử dụng cho việc sơn ngoài trời vì nó không bảo vệ được tường nhà của bạn đối với khí hậu nước ta quá khắc nghiệt. Nói như vậy thì việc có nên dùng sơn ngoài trời để sơn trong nhà hay không chúng ta đã có đáp án rõ ràng. Đó là có thể sử dụng nhưng không nên thực hiện việc này như một lẽ đương nhiên. Vì một điều rất đơn giản, sơn ngoại thất là sử dụng ngoài trời, sơn nội thất là chuyên sơn trong nhà. Nó đã được nhà sản xuất phân loại rất rõ. Và chắc chắn khi đi mua sơn các chuyên viên tư vấn cũng sẽ giải đáp cho các bạn biết không nên dùng sơn ngoại thất sơn trong nhà và ngược lại tuyệt đối không dùng sơn trong nhà sử dụng cho ngoài trời. Vì nếu sử dụng những loại sơn phù hợp sẽ giúp các bạn tiết kiệm được chi phí và nâng cao hiệu quả sử dụng. Để được tìm hiểu sâu hơn về thắc mắc có nên dùng sơn ngoài trời để sơn trong nhà hay không thì khách hàng có thể liên hệ trực tiếp với chúng tôi theo số điện thoại 0917.121.002 để được tư vấn miễn phí. Ngoài ra chúng tôi cũng sẵn sàng tư vấn cho khách hàng về các sản phẩm sơn ngoại thất, sơn nội thất, sơn dầu, sơn chống rỉ…. Để người dùng lựa chọn được sản phẩm phù hợp cho công trình của mình.
What's the smallest size deep freezer?
Today, however, it is difficult to imagine a house without at least one freezer. Freezing of food and protection against bacteria, mold, and rot is not important but is a necessity to live. A lot of people like to go shopping less often, and they have to buy in large quantities, time, and money you save. The small freezer price in Pakistan varies depending upon the size. Free-standing freezers can be a reasonable option for the purchase of a refrigerator, with a larger freezer section. Product carton The most energy-efficient freezer chest freezer. It is so named because, as a rule, it takes the form of a box or has a box with a hinged lid to open it. As the lid of the box, freezer and requires a suitable room, with plenty of headroom. Freezer sizes range from compact models, only 2.1 cubic feet, to commercial and sizes, including more than 40 cubic feet of space. The most common place to look for a replacement, garage, laundry room, or basement in a house because it has some great machines. The large, rectangular, dimensions of freezers are ideal for storing heavy-duty items are usually placed in the freezer section of your refrigerator. This is an economical use of the space in the freezer and in the refrigerator for semi-finished products. Freezers have no fan, which restricts blood flow and leads to unstable temperatures, at least for as long as they are able to keep the temperature below zero, you will not have a negative impact on the product. As the warm air rises and cold air sinks to the bottom, people have a tendency to eat meat, and other large items in the bottom of the freezer are very cold, and it can take months to complete. Most of the equipment has baskets to make for a more organized layout of the room. Small items, such as bags of frozen vegetables and ready meals, can save them for easy prey. Freezer drawer: Drawer freezers are often found in the kitchen, or a swimming pool, and a guarantee for the comfort of the master chef, who will be required to have certain items on hand when cooking. The freezer drawer is available in a variety of finishes, including stainless steel, to fit any other devices, or they can be custom-made to blend in with the local carpenter. A lot of freezer drawers, the cupboard height, so that they can be easily installed in an existing game, and some even include ready-to-use worksheets to extend the tablespace in a room in which they are used. Vertical freezers: A vertical deep freezer can be a little more than the cost of a box and a freezer, but with the convenience that they offer, the additional cost is more than worth it. It is to be stored in the kitchen, garage, inside, or in the basement, to the vertical, the model is ideal for freezing food that requires easy access. No need to bend over and rummage through the piles of frozen food, as it would be in a freezer. More-refrigerator-style shows, it is very tempting to spend more time browsing the shelves to the doors, which would be a waste of energy, but the organization is to stretch the potential may be less likely to be. Vertical freezers usually have automatic defrost, which will be easier to maintain than the freezers, and even easier to clean up. Portable Fridges: With the development of small portable equipment, it is possible to transport items, at the risk of the deterioration of the product, with no unnecessary difficulties and inconvenience associated with a fridge filled with ice cream. In portable fridges, you can use the AC or DC power supply (or both of them, and some even come with cables that allow you to connect to a vehicle's cigarette lighter. This helps to ensure that the storage conditions of the food for a picnic, sailing, backpacking, and other outdoor activities, it is more secure and easier to use, with less risk of damage. A wide selection of freezers, sizes, and styles, which are available on the market today, makes it easy to find the one that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a place for the storage of meat and meat products are purchased in bulk or are looking for a way to make the transportation of frozen food, a walk, and there is a freezer that will fit your needs. However, The small freezer price in Pakistan varies depending upon the size.