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Debunking Common Tarot Reading Myths And Misconceptions

The world of Tarot reading and Tarot cards are often shrouded in mystery. Many people are often scared or misguided regarding Tarot cards and Tarot reading. Some sceptics out there believe Tarot reading to be just a bunch of hocus pocus. If you are new to the concept of Tarot reading, then you might have questions like- “can Tarot cards tell me what lies in my future?”, “is it only reserved for psychics?”, “is it authentic?” and more.

Tarot cards are a form of divination tool that can offer anyone enlightenment and clarity about life. What started as a parlour game to entertain the rich has now become a divination tool to guide people to change their lives for the better. What the Tarot card reader reads from the cards and conveys to the querent can offer them insights into their lives, steering them in the right direction. However, when it comes to Tarot reading, there is a myriad of misconceptions and myths going around that give Tarot reading a bad name or sorts to dissuade people from turning to this divination tool.

Let’s deep dive into some common myths about Tarot cards and Tarot reading and debunk them. Hopefully, this will give you more confidence in receiving a Tarot reading from an experienced Tarot card reader.

The Myths and Misconceptions about Tarot Reading

Myth: Tarot Reading Can Predict The Future

A Tarot reading session is not supposed to be a fortune-telling session, where you will find out everything about your future. A Tarot reading session aims to offer you critical insights into yourself. The Tarot cards can help you find answers to your burning questions and offer clarity around the issues that you are facing. Tarot reading allows you to take a look at where you are in life and change direction in life if needed. What getting a Tarot reading does for you is that it allows you to see the bigger picture so that you can become aware of what could happen if you continue with a particular action or mindset.

As with any future reading, you should know that only you are in control of your future. The choices you make in your life will affect what happens in the present and how things will turn out in the future. Tarot cards can tell you what could happen on the basis of your present situation, but this information is not set in stone. You have the power to manifest a change in the future. What the Tarot cards merely help you do is get a better understanding of the past and present so that you can make the best choices to mould your future.

Myth: Tarot Cards Are Magic

Another unfortunate yet popular misconception around Tarot cards is that they are magical. It is innate human nature to term anything that they don’t understand as magic. Tarot cards are definitely not magic, and neither do they have any inherent magical qualities. The magic of the Tarot cards lies in the experience, years of practice, intuitive capabilities, and psychic abilities of the Tarot card reader. The image and symbolism of the cards pass the clues to the Tarot card reader, who then interprets the messages of the cards by tapping into their intuitive capabilities and then conveying the messages to you.

A skilled and experienced Tarot card reader can use the cards to offer clarity to you and enlighten you with its insights so that you can lead a happy and harmonious life. Hence, linking Tarot cards to magic should be avoided.

Myth: Tarot Cards Are Always Right And Accurate

If you think that Tarot cards and Tarot readings are never wrong and always accurate, you are misguided. This is a common misconception. Even when you get a Tarot reading session done by a highly perceptive and experienced Tarot card reader, they can tell you your future possibilities. Still, it cannot be 100% accurate. Your reality and future depend on your circumstances and the choices you make. Tarot cards act as a tool for guidance that can help you in your journey in life. The guidance which the cards offer can help you get prepared and make the right choices. The Tarot cards are always open to interpretation. You should treat your reading as a guide and remember that you have the agency.

Thus, you can take the cards’ guidance into account and make the best decisions in life. What decision you make can accordingly alter your future. Your choices create the twists that you face in your life.

Myth: The Death Card Means Someone Is Going to Die

Many people who go for Tarot reading sessions think the Death card is an ominous card as it means the literal death of someone. But, this is not the truth. The Death card signifies change, transformation, and the start of a new cycle. It represents the end of a phase or period in life. The change becomes crucial to enter a more fruitful and better place in life. Thus, one should acknowledge the end, as this change is inevitable.

Myth: Tarot Reading Cannot Be Conducted Over The Phone/Internet

This is absolutely incorrect! A Tarot reading can easily be done in distance mode, i.e., over a phone call or the internet. In today’s modern times, you can easily find an ethical, skilled, and experienced online Tarot card reader. For a professional, experienced, and clairvoyant online Tarot card reader, no physical interaction like sitting face-to-face with the individual seeking guidance from Tarot cards is needed.
The Tarot card reader can easily interpret the Tarot card spread and answer the questions posed by the recipient, irrespective of how the reading session is being conducted. The online Tarot card reader can easily tune into their intuitive abilities to answer the questions. Opting for an online Tarot reading session also saves you from the stress of venturing outside to meet with a Tarot reader physically. When opting for a reading with an online reader, make sure that the Tarot reader is authentic and professional.


The divination tool-Tarot is incredibly fascinating. By opting for a Tarot reading session, you can get a deeper insight into your life and find clarity. The Tarot cards can act as a guiding force that can assist you in the journey of life. So, don’t let mindless misconceptions dissuade you from opting for a Tarot reading. Turn to Tarot reading with an online Tarot card reader today and experience its benefits.
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