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हस्त रेखाओं से कैसे होकर जाता है भाग्य का रास्ता?

प्रत्येक मनुष्य के हाथ की रेखाओं में उसका भूत भविष्य वर्तमान छिपा हुआ होता है| मानव के हाथ की रेखाओं को मुख्य रूप से सात भागों में बांटा गया है क्योंकि प्रत्येक मानव के हाथ में सात रेखाएं प्रधान होती है जिनके द्वारा हम मनुष्य के भूत भविष्य वर्तमान का हस्त रेखा शास्त्र के अध्ययन द्वारा ज्ञान कर सकते हैं | Famous astrologers इसी के द्वारा भाग्य का वर्णन कर पाते है और जातकों को ये बता पाते है की उनके जीवन और भाग्य में क्या पररिस्थिति और बदलाव आने वाले है|
आमतौर पर व्यक्ति के जीवन में जब परेशानियां आने लगती हैं, काम बनते नहीं हैं। अच्छा करने जाते हैं और बुरा होने लगता है। नौकरी में प्रमोशन नहीं मिलता है। व्यापार में घाटा होता है या किसी तरह की कोई शारीरिक परेशानी आती है तो व्यक्ति अपनी कुंडली का अध्ययन करवाता है। Kundli maker उन्हें उनकी कुंडली देखकर समाधान सुझाते है|
हस्तरेखा में ग्रहों के पर्वत, उनके उभार, विभिन्न रेखाओं पर मौजूद त्रिकोण, क्रॉस, बिंदु, चतुर्भुज, नक्षत्र या अन्य चिन्ह देखकर भविष्य कथन किया जाता है।
गजलक्ष्मी योग
यदि दोनों हाथों में भाग्य रेखा मणिबंध से प्रारंभ होकर सीधी शनि पर्वत पर जाती हो तथा सूर्य पर्वत पूर्ण विकसित, लालिमा लिए हुए हो और उस पर सूर्य रेखा भी बिना कटी-फटी, पतली और स्पष्ट हो।
शुभकर्तरी योग
यदि हथेली के बीच का हिस्सा दबा हुआ गहरा हो। सूर्य और गुरु पर्वत पुष्ट, मजबूत और उभरे हुए हों। भाग्य रेखा शनि पर्वत के मूल को छूती हो तो हाथ में शुभकर्तरी योग बनता है।
भाग्य योग
हस्तरेखा सिद्धांत के अनुसार जो रेखा मणिबंध से निकलकर शनि पर्वत तक जाती है वही भाग्य रेखा कहलाती है, लेकिन भाग्य योग का निर्माण तब होता है जब कोई पुष्ट, पतली और लालिमा लिए हुए भाग्य रेखा शनि पर्वत से चलकर गुरु पर्वत के नीचे समाप्त होती है| भाग्य योग का दृढ समाधान आप online kundali in hindi के द्वारा भी पा सकते है|

लेखक का परिचय
पंडित राजीव शास्त्री बहुत की गुणवान एवं विख्यात पंडितों में से एक best vashikaran specialist in india है | इनके बताये हुए हस्त रेखा के समाधान अत्यंत ही लाभकारी होते है| ये आपकी सम्पूर्ण समस्याओं का संधान ऑनलाइन अद्विसेस से भी कर देते है| अधिक जानकारी के लिए आप संपर्क कर सकते है|
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Cancer Man
Cancer Man Preface: Highly sentimental and empathetic beings Crabs are the feminine and cardinal water signs. Because of the fact that cancer natives are related to water element, depth runs in veins of these natives. These Cancer natives are very caring and they easily get bruised. It is not at all easy for these natives to let go of the damage someone pondered on them. They have an abundance of motherly instinct in their nature. These Cancer natives are extremely alert and sensitive towards the needs of the people surrounding them. These people can come out to have a slight dependence on their family and friends because they require a lot of support in their day to day emotional bursts. This does not mean that you can consider them to be a weak person. These natives have hard shells on the exterior, primitive stuff cannot penetrate or bother them. For Cancer man it is quite hard to live in the present moment. These natives find it hard to forgive and forget and therefore there are really high chances of seeing them bothered because of things that took place a long time ago. They do have a humorous side inside their fragile hearts as well. If these men feel comfortable around you then the trait of a Cancer man of being a fun-loving individual can pop out. Cancer Man Characteristics And Traits Cancer qualities in males can be easily seen even at their workplace. These men are extremely dedicated to their duties. They can be seen working for hours, even more than they are supposed to even without any hesitation. These natives are extremely chivalrous souls and they are extremely sensitive and also they can get easily wounded so it is vital to be caring towards them. One of the most basic characteristic of a Cancer man is his intuitiveness. These men believe in the vibes and will stay away if required, in order to save their energy and emotions. The characteristics of a Cancer Male include qualities like being sentimental, supportive, family-oriented, moody and loyal. These people have a big-time nostalgic feeling the entire time and feel the yearning in a very deep manner. These natives are very traditional kind of people, the sort of people who love deep, stay at the home and fulfill all sorts of needs of their loved ones. Cancer man can be moody at times. So if ever these men are acting weird lately, just give them some time to get better, it is observed that a Cancer man gets back to their original self in a really short period of time. The personality of a Cancer man is adorned with lots of patience. Cancer man will never leave you in the midway if you are having a dreadful time. These people are highly versatile and also very social in needed situations. They can also be lazy at times and extremely unpredictable.
Aquarius Woman
Aquarius Woman  When an Aquarius lady is unhappy and wants to cry, her face will be bright with a grin. The Aquarius lady is a bit of a conundrum. She's unexpected and self-sufficient. The permanent sign that doesn't like it when others tell her what to do. She is, however, a true humanitarian who is always willing to help someone who is short on funds or down on their luck. She is always willing to offer sound advice. The Basic Aquarius Woman Traits And Characteristics If you want to understand the Aquarian lady, a word of advice is “don't.” The four winds can't be bottled, and the clouds can't be tied together. And don't even think about it. The Aquarius lady is a bit of a contradiction. This lady with an air-sign flourishes in the realm of ideas, constantly lending more credence to her elaborate illusions of an ideal society and how things "should be" than they actually are. Don't put her in a box because she'll more than likely defy your expectations and become precisely what you don't want her to be. She is the real non-conformist in every way. She is always thinking outside of the box and wants to live on the edge of things. A lady born under the sign of Aquarius may lack empathy for her closest relatives and friends. She may not be a sympathetic ear, and she isn't the first person you think of when you need to vent in the middle of the night. Her friendships are primarily intellectual in character. Aquarians can easily talk to anybody about anything and appear to have a large number of friends across a variety of social media platforms. Aquarius Woman Work Ethics An Aquarian must be interested in research that she believes is vital or has a direct impact on the well-being of all humanity. A lady born under the sign of Aquarius is an independent thinker. She questions everything and comes up with innovative new ideas, but she doesn't necessarily want to be the one to put it all together and see it through. As long as the Aquarius woman handles her naturally aggressive, rigid ways with colleagues, she may be a good leader, an encouraging friend, and an all-around nice and hard-working employee. An Aquarian's spirit thrives when she may establish her own hours and soar whenever she wants. Independence is important to these air sylphs, and they're prone to freak out if they have a supervisor breathing down their necks all the time. She is a self-sufficient Aquarius lady who is fully responsible for her financial well-being. This lady is realistic and will not be afraid to take risks in her investments, but she will be interested in determining what those risks are. Unlike certain sun signs who are obsessed with saving or spending money, many Aquarian women are not. They frequently ponder if it might be given away to someone in need. For those who are more committed to their money, it may be quite cunning. Aquarius' aloof, detached demeanour makes her a difficult negotiator.
Aries Woman
Aries Woman The lady born under sign of Aries is eager and active. It's difficult to keep them contained in any circumstance or location. They have hyperactive personalities and would not accept anything less than perfection. They are self-sufficient and enjoyable to be around. Because they are a fire sign, they may be rather unexpected at times. Personality of an Aries lady is arrogant and chirpy. Their personality has a macho tinge to it. They possess leadership characteristics and are fearless in all situations. Characteristics of an Aries lady include excitement and a self-assured demeanor. They have a few flaws in their personality as well, such as being egoistic and egotistical. They are concerned about others, yet they must prioritize their own needs. When she really appears overbearing and obnoxious, generally keep in mind that this is simply how she communicates in a pretty major way. She expresses herself in a way that isn't typical of a "normal" lady in a subtle way. This isn't necessarily a sort of negative thing because you'll always literally know what she\'s thinking, which basically is fairly significant. She particularly has trouble recognizing her feelings at times, and she may quickly literally lose patience with herself and others, but if you particularly allow her room to address her problems on her own, you will avoid any confrontation, or so they generally thought. She specifically has a deep, basically warm emotional character and a lot of energy that she generally likes to share with people she basically cares about, which specifically is fairly significant. It\'s critical not to really take her for granted and to recognize her attempts to really improve your life in a subtle way. If you want to attract an Aries lady, you must be powerful and a provider of attention. Love is extremely essential to her in their life. They require real love and seek a partner that is sincere and faithful. They are zodiac's earliest signs, and are frequently referred to as "child of the circle." Because of their childish approach about everything, they require strong individuals in their lives. Aries Woman Traits And Characteristics Aries lady is a fiery and energetic sign. They are career-driven and laser-focused in all they do. They must do everything correctly in order to advance in their careers. They are social butterflies that cannot stay in their houses alone. Because they are eccentric, they generally have a large network of friends. They are fearless and insist on having their way. Aries women are impartial and never take sides; it's either right or wrong for them. Ifs and buts have no place in their lives. These women are fierce and competitive, therefore if your ego is easily bruised, you should stay away from an Aries lady. Because spontaneity flows through their blood, essentially be prepared for unexpected trips or vacations if you actually are related to an Aries in a subtle way. They definitely are full of life and live each day to fullest, which generally is quite significant. Aries women are emotional, in addition to having these fundamental characteristics. They have a profound sense of what is going on in their hearts in a major way. However, other characteristics that define an Aries lady can occasionally overwhelm this aspect.
Cancer Women
Cancer Women A woman born under the sign of Cancer understands precisely what she wants and will not stop until she obtains it. The Cancer lady is ruled by the Moon, and her moods follow the lunar cycle. She is both passionate and quiet, like mud. She is a tidal wave of confusing emotions, and she may be insistent, obedient, furious, and meek all in the same hour. Cancer is the zodiac's least consistent sign, and you'd be hard-pressed to locate a Cancer lady amid the crowd. She is eager and persistent, yet she may be cautious if disturbed or upset, withdrawing and retreating into her own shell. The Basic Cancer Woman Traits And Characteristics The Moon controls Cancer, the zodiac's first water sign, endowing her with great insight and inventiveness. She has a keen sense of intuition, and if she says something doesn't seem right about someone, she means it. She won't know what's going on, but she'll be proven correct sooner or later. Similarly, her infallible instinct would tell her right away if someone could be trusted. It's not about being harsh; it's about feelings and intuition. The Cancerian lady is sensitive - very sensitive - not just to her own needs, but also to the needs of others, making her one of the most compassionate and caring women in the Zodiac. If you criticise her, she will take it extremely personally and will remember it! Cancer Woman Work Ethics A Cancer woman is an important member of any team or community at work because she works well with others and truly cares about her coworkers, providing them with her inner strength, kindness, and emotional support. She also works harder than nearly everyone else, investing in lengthy hours to see a project through to completion. When she says she'll do something, trust her when she says she'll stay up late and make it happen - her nose firmly pressed against the grindstone until it's completed. Cancer women are frequently seen working behind the scenes on stage or movie productions, as well as in bustling restaurant kitchens, creating props. Rather of spending hours staring at spreadsheets or mathematical abstractions, such women prefer to work with their hands and do research with which they have an emotional connection. If you don't appreciate her efforts and hard work, you could wind up with a cranky crustacean. She'll put in long hours and seldom be paid what she's worth, so make sure she's rewarded and respected–otherwise, you risk kicking her out and losing her devotion for good. Being fired or laid off will hurt this sign, which becomes emotionally invested in the individuals with whom they work.
Gemini Man
Gemini Man Preface: Dual nature of a Gemini at a glimpse The fundamental traits of a Gemini man comprise being key communicators. They are very chatty and never reticent around and are curious souls. This is for the reason that they are Mutable Air signs, making them incredibly adaptable but according to their own fancies and whims. They are twitchy most of the time. A Gemini Man can effortlessly get bored if you cannot keep up with their smart minds. They always hunt for new experiences. Gemini’s are very childlike as they are tremendously carefree. They can sulk to severe levels if they feel things do not go the way they wished it to. Gemini Man Traits And Characteristics Gemini Man is often seen to be extremely extrovert. There can be nobody who’ll be a stranger to a Gemini. They can talk to approximately anyone and impress them by their charming behavior. Gemini men are scholarly. Gemini’s encircle themselves with people who can tutor them something, something eccentric and fun. A Gemini male’s qualities are that they are extremely amusing. Gemini male can say the funniest thing in very unappealing situations, making the mood extremely vibrant and light. They are very tender but because of their dual nature, this can’t last for long. They can be delightful and awfully rude. They adore getting attention and therefore can even lie to anyone in order to get it. They are very enthusiastic and cheerful people. Gemini’s are very flexible and thus have multiple talents and interests. A Gemini man can be very inconsistent and moody if they don’t get along with someone. It is not very difficult for them to stay away from tedious people. They do not like to drain their energies in such conditions. They are estimated to be the least reliable people in whole zodiac chart. The Gemini traits in a male makes them fiery. Geminis require a lot of stimulation, thus Geminis can get extremely bored with simple stuff, instead offer them a wild party, where they can showcase their talents, they can have all the extreme kind of fun, they love this stuff they are fun loving people. Gemini, the mutable (aka adaptable) 3rd sign of the zodiac, is an air sign—talkative, extroverted and at all times on the go. He requires continuous mental stimulation, and with Gemini, there is nothing such as a stranger, they are just a new friend on the queue to be made. He is not the most romantic person, but having him near you will always guarantee an unforgettable time. He is his own dynamic pair and has a broad multitude of personality traits, hobbies, interests and more mental power than he can make use of. Geminis loves to learn, and he desires to have his brain continuously stimulated in order to uphold interest in anything (or anyone). You can have fascinating, rich conversations with the Geminis that make you lose the track of time, but you also have to intrigue and entertain him—he desires to know what you think and if it is actually interesting. He is also extremely mischievous, playful and funny, on account of his ruling planet being Mercury. His powerful sense of youthfulness is energizing to be around, and you will not ever feel bored with him, also including the bedroom, where he happens to be really unprejudiced and down for anything.
Jupiter Transit 2021 Effects
Jupiter transit 2021 will impact everyone. We study how it will affect, both positively & negatively, based on the zodiac sign.  Hindu astrology denotes Jupiter as the Guru and is highly significant in determining our future. And when Jupiter transits, it can have a serious impact on both personal and professional life. The planet is the mentor and guide for mankind and it presides over two zodiac signs - Pisces and Sagittarius. While being highly benevolent to the natives, Jupiter transit 2021 to 2022 can also cause negative impacts based on which part of the zodiac sign it sits on.  So how Jupiter transit 2021 is going to impact you? Let us analyze every zodiac sign and understand the outcomes in detail. Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 and Effects on Aries As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter moves into the 10th house of and the natives can have challenging times in their careers, jobs and businesses. You need to strictly concentrate on your professional life and should not switch jobs. Finances will remain secure and health will be fine. However, minor health concerns like viral infections may affect some of them, hence they need to take care of their health and what they eat. Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 and Effects on Taurus During Jupiter Transit in 2021, -2021, the planet is in the eighth and eleventh houses of the Taurus and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Your plans to go abroad can be fulfilled and all the obstacles will be duly taken care of. Finance will improve and you may inherit ancestral property. This phase will also prove to be good for the people who are indulging in business.  Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 and Effects on Gemini As per the Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 prediction report, Jupiter resides in the seventh house of Taurus, and your career and business will bloom during this period. Your financial condition will improve and a good female friend will help you to obtain better results. You may have issues in your marital life and these need to be taken care of. Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 Effects on Cancer Vedic astrology states that during Jupiter transit in 2021, the planet will rule over the seventh and ninth houses of Cancer and bring in better fortunes in business. You will have a good financial condition. However, there will be a rift in professional life and friction among family members. Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 Effects on Leo While at the transit period, Jupiter presides over the fifth and eighth houses of Leo, and students, researchers and people undertaking higher studies will perform well. Those who aspire to study abroad will have fruitful results. You need to focus on your work and must stay away from rifts and frictions.  Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 Effects on Virgo Jupiter will be the lord of the fourth and seventh houses of Virgo and the natives will expand the business partnership. If you are looking for a job change, you will get one with a lucrative pay package. Students will excel in academics and bachelors will find their partners. If you have been unlucky in love, you may find one soon. Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 Effects on Libra Jupiter will rule over the third and sixth houses of Libra the Jupiter Transit in 2021-2022 prediction report suggests peace and harmony in family life. You may get a promotion and a salary hike in the office and your bonding with the mother will improve in the latter part of the year.  Jupiter Transit in 2021-2022 Effects on Scorpio Vedic astrology reports suggest that Jupiter transit 2021-2022 will be monetarily beneficial for you. You may start a new venture but the domestic life will be highly disturbed. However, your children will give you a reason to cheer. Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 Effects on Capricorn As per Jupiter Transit in 2021-2022 prediction report, you will enhance your knowledge, skills, and personality. With impressive communication, you will excel in the office but do not switch jobs this year. Do not lend money as it may be difficult to get it back.    Jupiter Transit 2021-2022 Effects on Aquarius During the Jupiter transit 2021 period, the planet will rule over as the lord of the second and eleventh houses and you may have financial gains. Your professional and personal lives will be promising. There is also a possibility of a trip abroad.  Jupiter Transit in 2021-2022 Effects on Pisces The planet Jupiter will preside over the 10th house of Pisces during this period and you may have a great time in business and career. Your hard work will be rewarded and you must make efforts to fulfill your ambitions. A job change will bring in better fortune but you need to concentrate on your expenses.
Aquarius Man
Aquarius Man Let's use experiments to transform things. Like the movement of air, which is the primary element they are comprised of, an Aquarius is highly unpredictable. They have the ability to engage you in strange talks. It's a good blend of strange and interesting. They are excellent communicators, and as a result, they have a slew of friends and suitors shouting their praises. They are extremely intelligent and enthusiastic about new and innovative ideas. The Aquarius man's demeanour oscillates between kind and oblivious. Because they are unsure of their sentiments, they might be insensitive at times. Their systems are deeply entrenched in the urge for change. They are drawn to intelligence on a subconscious level. It is difficult for them to remain in the company of frail and superficial individuals. They have a really beautiful and glistening air about them. The Aquarius guy is easily bored by people, surroundings, and his work. As a result, they'll need a work that allows them to be flexible. If they are compelled to work in a constrained setting, the odds are that they will not be able to offer their all in their task. Aquarius Man Traits And Characteristics Aquarius men are known for being rebellious, one-of-a-kind, charming, and impulsive. They are notorious for thinking outside the box and for breaking society rules and objectives. Aquarius characteristics are present in all part of a man's life, whether personal or professional. They don't have a lot of different looks and behaviours to adopt; they're all the same. This is a stumbling block for them in everyday life. They have a wide range of emotions. There is no grey region for them; they are either black or white. Aquarius might be extremely close to you or utterly aloof from you. It's always about investing time in their own best interests for them. Aquarius traits in a guy include being thoughtful, having vibrant interests, and having a strong sense of enthusiasm. They are passionate about human rights and other problems. They are driven to make a difference in the world, whether via revolt or inventive thought. Dating Aquarius Men He'll most likely be late on your first date, perhaps on the second, and most certainly on the third. In the meantime, his reservations will be cancelled, and the waiter will apologise to you for pairing you with this guy who hasn't had a haircut in weeks. Then you'll have no option but to go paragliding, since, after all, what could be more exciting? By the conclusion of the night, you'll be wondering if you were on a date or if you were just hanging out with an artistic eccentric buddy. Even though this isn't always the case, you'll most likely identify your Aquarius man in this section.
Capricorn Woman
Capricorn Woman Things that are materialistic will not impress a Capricorn woman. She is the zodiac's powerhouse, capable of ascending any mountain and traversing any sea. Her tremendous desire and internal drive frequently leave others in the dust. But watch out for those frail eyes, for she'll go out of her way to make her date with fate. Even if her travels and vacations are meticulously planned in advance, it's great when a Capricorn can let loose and have fun. The Basic Capricorn Woman Traits And Characteristics Most people still misunderstand these strange Sea-Goat animals, who are a blend of old-soul brilliance and inner resourcefulness, due to the prevalent notion that their harsh dispositions extend all the way to their hearts. A Capricorn lady attends the executive conference dressed up in a beautiful suit and looking over the top of her horn-rimmed glasses, plucking huge deals out of thin air. Don't be fooled by their distant and rigid exteriors; these ladies are incredibly compassionate and emotional on the inside, even if they don't show it. They aren't the kind to wear their hearts on their sleeves, therefore they can't tell you how they truly feel. A Capricorn lady is incredibly strong and can withstand any storm, irritation, or catastrophe that comes her way quietly. Capricorn Woman Work Ethics Capricorns, like goat that symbolises their sign, are recognised for having greatest work ethics in zodiac, focusing their emphasis on ascending mountain of their ambitions. Ms Capricorn thrives in a structured and regulated environment, where she can contribute her considerable experience. She's attempting to advance in the corporate world, and when she does, she'll make an excellent boss. She will not, however, make hasty or rash attempts to get there. She places a high value on safety. She is responsible and accountable. Saving money is second nature to these practical and logical ladies. That emblem is resourceful since they save not just for a rainy day but also for their retirement years. Capricorns have a considerably higher sense of time than other signs, thus they consider the future. To them, money is equivalent to safety. If this lady has more money than she needs, she will be more generous with it. While Capricorn women tend to keep their money and possessions close to their hearts, they are not always materialistic or greedy.
Capricorn Man
Capricorn Man Preface: The exceedingly ambitious Cardinal Capricorns. Capricorn characters in male dictate their being. They are known to build a wall surrounding them and let very few people inside. This is because they are really conservative and they always trust actions more than words. Protecting their sentiments is their priority because they stay practical in every part of their life. This man will never fall for a narrow-minded individual. Capricorn man stays away from the materialistic things and people generally. They have deep personalities and search for something having the equal value. More weight age is given to intelligence and character while they are finding someone to spend their time with. Because of their hard-working nature and high work ethics, they prove to be the greatest leaders. They are always prompt to work improved and reach extremes. They can sometimes act really pessimistic and stubborn. But that is for the reason that they need time with people. If they are in a comfortable around a group, they can exhibit their fun-loving side too. But they are not very impatient to show it, they may take time to open up. Capricorn Man Characteristics And Traits Capricorn man is usually very mature and hardworking amongst all other zodiacs. They always stay motivated and keep moving forward with determination and passion to achieve greater heights. Capricorn man’s qualities are basically wise, strong and free nature. Capricorn man is very serious in what they do but they possess a funny side too, with an amazing sense of humor. They lighten up only in the presence of their close ones, whom they trust. Capricorn man is workaholic and aims to please. Capricorn attributes in a man include being considerable. They do not like a lot of transformations in their lives. They require being in control always and love feeling superior in either their private life or professional. Capricorn man’s main attributes are that they have faith in themselves. They can teach great wisdom to you, only when you are the initiator. They are never impetuous and like to have steadiness in what they do and think. He is very patient and therefore proves to be a very committed person from time to time.
Aries Man
Aries Man Recognizing the energy balls Aries are natural leaders since they are the first zodiac sign in the zodiac. The Aries season begins in the spring, giving their personalities a boost of vitality and vigour. The traits of an Aries man are diverse. They're raucous, extroverted, go-getters, and incredibly macho. The personality of an Aries man is easy to figure out. They are the most straightforward individuals to comprehend. They can't make up their minds; they're more action-oriented. They desire to be in command of everything, including their relationships, their lives, and their circumstances. They are highly ambitious and diligent because of their mindset of constantly being in charge. The Basic Aries Man Traits And Characteristics Males with Aries characteristics are passionate and self-assured leaders. They're like a cross between a brave warrior and a giddy child. Aries men are straightforward in their approach due to their personality features. Because they are honest and forthright, this gains them good friends. They are also impulsive, making them quick-witted, witty, and caustic. They take risks in their lives and accomplish what their hearts and minds desire. They're domineering, but they're also incredibly nice. They have the ability to scare you by daring to undertake certain things in their lives, since an Aries guy has the quality of being adventurous. Aries Man Work Ethics Working as an Aries The personality of a guy undergoes various changes. They exhibit the same characteristics in the job since they are never dull or uninteresting. They are risk takers who are never afraid to seize fresh chances. When it comes to work, they are highly spontaneous and eager. They like honesty and demand it from others. So there's no use in chasing them around in circles; always get to the point. They have the personality of a do-it-yourselfer. Because of their leadership skills, they listen to advise yet always do what they want. Because their spirit animal is a cheetah, they should constantly expect estrangement in some kind. Don't confuse their desire for autonomy for arrogance. They are forthright and honest. If they have a task in mind that needs to be completed, they frequently detach themselves.